Hey!! Is anyone heeere? I'm baaaack!

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Hi everyone! Are you all still here? I've been gone for so many years since I posted last....I was going over my old thread and was missing everyone so much...I might be talking to myself but just wanted to say hello to all the talented people on this board...thank you for all the wonderful times we had here and to Josh for having this board.  I've never stopped loving you guys and have never really let go of our friendships....Annie got married and moved on...It was so hard for me to accept it and I lost interest in art and life and most everything for quite a while. I'm ok now I think.... If anyone who remembers me reads this...I love you! Blessings to everyone on the board...


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Hi, Robin! :)

Well, I'm back to say 'Hello'.... 4 years later.

Glad to see the Grobies again!

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