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Josh Birthday Project 2014

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Birthday Project details are now available in spanish and portuguese! We want to make sure everyone will (cont)


This looks like a great project to be a part of.  It includes a short video if you want to make one.  




For the first time, is compiling a special birthday video! A link to the final video will then be sent to Josh for his viewing pleasure. Please make note of the deadlines. Absolutely noentries will be accepted after the submission time-frame.

1. Josh’s “33th Birthday Project” starts on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013.
2. Josh’s “33th Birthday Project” ends on Monday, February 10th, 2014.
3. All fans have the opportunity to record a video of themselves wishing Josh a “Happy Birthday”.
4. Video recordings may not exceed 30 seconds in length.
5. If video recording exceeds time limit, the staff will use discretion on whether to use the video or cut it in length.
6. Videos should not contain any background audio.
7. As an additional thing for something funny, Fans can mime their favorite part of a special song we’ll use as the audio for the video. We’ve chosen Brave! smile.png In addition to a video of you wishing Josh a Happy Birthday, please send a second video miming some parts of 
BRAVE. Tip: perform while you mime the song, like clapping hands, having fun with friends, celebrating, jumping, playing an instrument, etc. Feel inspired by his official music video.
8. All videos must be uploaded and sent through to Don’t forget to add your name and country. (If you have questions on how to use or any other problem, let us know!)
9. No plugs for personal blogs, sites, Twitter, Tumblr, livejournal, Facebook, phone number, address, etc are permitted. Off-topic content will be omitted if included.
10. No profanity, nudity, or obscenity of any kind.
11. Fans may also submit images or videos of their fan-art. This could be a visual birthday message to Josh or your own Josh-related artwork.


Thank you for being part of this big project! See you soon!



MINIMUM requirements are decent lighting and sound quality – if videos are not at least MQ, we won’t be able to accommodate the footage into the final video. Although we will do our best to let people know prior, we simply cannot guarantee that submissions automatically means being part of the final video if there are technical or unforeseeable problems with conversion, etc.

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