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  1. I'm looking forward to a tour as well. There are usually one or two locations within driving distance for me, which makes attending possible. I have a cat, too. She was a grand-cat that I ended up with somehow. She has had recent health issues and I'm not sure how old she is, but I've gotten used to her so I hope she's around for a while. It does get expensive maintaining her health, though. My son and d-i-l would never take her back now so it's up to me.
  2. I haven't posted here for a long time. A few thing have changed for me. I was renting a house and my landlady/neighbor died suddenly, so I chose to buy the house so I wouldn't have to move. I still drive to St Louis to see my granddaughter, but less often than I had been. My oldest grandchild and only grandson is about to join the Navy. I have been a little more active, but am also having some health issues. Nothing serious, just annoying things I have to stay on top of. I am much less depressed, which makes dealing with it all easier. I hope you and all the grannies are well. I still read some of the threads here and on fojg, but I never post anymore. I don't feel like anyone knows me, but that's okay. Maybe we will have new music one of these days! I hope...
  3. I haven't met the gastro doctor yet. My internist is new to me, as my previous doctor retired. So far I am not impressed. After I see the GI guy, I may look for another primary. I loved my former doctor, so it is hard to trust someone new. Once I get a sense of what I am dealing with, it may be easier to make a choice about treatment. The internist said my bone density was normal, but when I read the report myself it doesn't add up. No osteoporosis, but osteopenia. I would rather not wait until it progresses. Sometimes I think the doctors assume I am stupid when I am not. My symptoms are actually a little better, but I have had problems for such a long time I want to go ahead and get checked out.
  4. I'm in Springfield Illinois. It's about 95 miles from St Louis. I just got home tonight, as I have been watching Sam so Amber can work on the moving process. I don't eat spicy at all. Same issue. I'm actually going to see a gastro doctor in about 6 weeks. I don't expect much, but I got worried when I had a flare-up recently.
  5. It's great that Charlotte will talk on the phone. At 3, Sam was way too distracted with whatever she was playing with to talk to me. I love how the little ones can pop up with topics out of thin air, though. Letting them take the lead instead of asking them a lot of questions is more fun,I think. Matt and Angie live about 15 miles west of Springfield in a little town called Pleasant Plains. Matt works in Springfield as a firefighter so he is in town a lot. Alex works in Springfield, at a nursing home and goes to community college here as well. That said, I don't see them too often. Their schedules are so busy, and I work and sleep days on the weekends. I used to go to Alex's football games and band concerts, but high school is over now. I admit, I don't make the effort I probably should to invite them over for dinner and such. I want to motivate myself to be better about that.
  6. Yes, Sam will be moving. The home they are moving to belonged to my daughter-in-law's grandparents. They are remodeling and adding on a new living room and master bathroom.Sam didn't know that house before, though,because the grandparents lived with her parents by the time Sam was born. I have two sons: Matt is the eldest--his wife is Angie and their kids are Alex (19) and Emily (14), and Chris is the one who lives in St. Louis--his wife is Amber and Sam is 4. Sorry about all your snow. We got nowhere near that amount. We were very fortunate.
  7. I want to post again since I am not in such a dour mood. My kids have sold their house and Amber is scrambling to pack for the move. I will be going down to help for the next couple of weeks, a few days per week. I started working on addressing some health issues, including making an appointment with the counselor I have seen in the past. She is no longer at the cancer center, but she can still see me. I suspect many of my complaints originate from some depression. I have agreed to see a GI doc. Will reserve judgement on that until after I see him. I need to build up some trust in the medical community. Strange, I know, coming from a person who has worked in hospitals since 1968. My internet stays connected now, although it still is very slow. I have reconsidered getting a better internet/TV package since they don't deliver well on the low end of the service contract. Unfortunately my location limits my options. I could live without TV easier than without internet. I hope all are faring well in the wake of the storms. We were not hit too hard, compared to the East Coast. I am wondering about Rachel and her husband, since we haven't heard from her in a while. I say a little prayer whenever I think about her.
  8. You sure have your hands full, Brenda. I pray your father has a significant recovery from his stroke. I have read the posts of others while you were there dealing with him, so know you have both been held in prayer. So good that Colin is healing nicely. It is such fun watching the little ones learn and grow. Three is a fun age. Personality traits really exhibit themselves and we get a glimpse of who the grandchildren are becoming. I hope you got to spend some quality time with both kids. I didn't work this weekend and stayed home from church as well. Except from pulling a muscle in my abdomen from coughing, I think I'm feeling the beginnings of the end of this crud. Tomorrow I get my internet checked. I paid an extra fee so I won't get a big charge for having them come out. Being home so long with spotty internet has been a challenge. I refuse to upgrade if they can't provide what I'm already paying for. I think I should get a discount for putting up with it for so long. Hope the new year gets better for you soon.
  9. The year did not end well for me and this new one is starting out poorly as well. I have had a sore throat, cough, and fever all week. The new Dr won't see me until next Friday, so i got swabbed for strep at the prompt care Tuesday. That was negative at least but the symptoms got worse. I don't feel like I have a doctor that knows me anymore. I have vivid memories of the lingering cough and recurring cold that preceded my leukemia diagnosis three years ago. It seems like a minor issue to everyone but me. Next month I will have blood tests at the oncologist's office but I won't see him. By next May when I see him it will have been a year, since he was unavailable for my last appointment and I saw the NP instead. I read everyone's posts but I don't post anymore. Nothing fun to add, I guess. Sorry.
  10. Now I have Shingles again. I had it 15 years ago and got the shot two years ago. Bummed out. Amber insisted I call the oncologist to let him know. I just had good blood tests at the hospital a couple weeks ago, though. My immunity shouldn't be low. They will let me know whether to go in before Feb, when my next set of labs is due. I am contagious for a couple of days. Sam hasn't had her chicken pox vaccination yet, so they don't want me around for a while. That's okay, I feel crummy anyway. I still can work this weekend if all the blisters can be covered. It's only on my back. Sorry I only have bad news to share. Maybe I need to plan for another concert after I get healthy.
  11. I'm spending the night in the hospital. I had numerous tests today in the emergency room and expect to be discharged tomorrow. It doesn't seem to be serious. Probably something called "transient global amnesia." I kind of lost my memory during a meeting this morning. The doctors don't seem too concerned, just being cautious. Ah...the joys of aging!
  12. I am now two concerts richer in experience. I had two pictures taken with Josh. I can't post them here, but I did put them on Facebook. Now I believe he is real and not just a figment of my imagination. What I want to know is, how can he keep getting better and better? I mean, his voice was perfection, right? How does one improve on that?
  13. Yep, Sam is officially 4. She had a couple of parties. I went to the short notice party at their house they used left over party favors from her other party at Amber's mom's. Lots of other kids and noise. She has been going 2 days a week to 4 hours of preschool and beginning dance class. I got to watch the dance class last week from behind a mirrored wall. Hilarious. But cute, too. She won't talk at all about school. If you want to come to St. Louis, I have an extra ticket. The friend I invited never go back to me but I think she may be ill or injured. She alluded to that on Facebook, but she doesn't post much. I can't take you with me to the meet & greet, though. The e-mail specified it was only for one.
  14. Hi, grannies. I haven't been posting but I do read other threads to keep up. My grandkids are all fine. Sam will be 4 in September. Today is her first day of preschool. She only goes 2 half days a week for now. They sent a pic of her in her uniform, in front of the welcome to Holy Cross Academy sign in their front yard. Amber posted she had to bolt to keep from crying in front of her. Sam, on the other hand, was excited to be there. Waiting to hear how it went.
  15. Finally getting over the cough and sore throat I've been fighting. I agreed to see the financial advisor my brother & sister both use after he called me last night. I had been his guest at a cancer fundraiser a few weeks ago. I guess that's his way of roping in new clients. It's not supposed to cost me anything, but I have to locate my investment statements to take to him. Not sure why I said yes. I don't have much to work with. I haven't been to the tai chi class in a while. Kind of embarrassed to go back. I'm a slow learner. I feel like I slow everyone else down. Whatever benefit I was feeling from it is gone already. My two graduate grandkids are such great kids. They are 14 and 18.