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  1. Wow, quiet in here. I have a few fast minutes of quiet at work so I thought I'd drop in. Brenda, sorry to hear all the drama with your dad's church. It sadly happens, especially when there's not enough people on any given Sunday to make it worth it. Hope they're able to straighten out the separation of the cemetery to the church. Glad your chiropractic appointments are letting you fall into a maintenance schedule. My dad swears by his - I've never been to one before. Is it covered under your insurance or no? It's raining here today and tomorrow, which is great since we could use it. We just put down some grass seed in our front yard yesterday (well, Shawn did). We spent Sunday afternoon raking out the beds and the yard. It was a gorgeous day. The last few weeks have been crazy in our world and it's just going to continue into Summer. We're pretty sure that Shawn will need surgery again on his shoulder once we return from London. We'll know for sure after he sees the doctor after Memorial Day but either way it's going to throw a wrench in things. He's in a lot of pain still from when he fell at work back in February.
  2. Brenda, I'm glad you're having a nice visit with your Dad. We've had a nice weekend here - today the sun has finally come out after it being gloomy and drizzly and raining for 2 days. Shawn and I have spent some good one on one time together his weekend which has been much needed. Did some shopping, bought a new microwave after I smoked our other one (long story), and went to the movies. Today, I hope to get out into the yard for a little bit and then I am having dinner with a friend later on. Things are seeming starting to return to normal after a crazy few weeks, which I'm thankful for.
  3. Hi Brenda, glad you had a nice time on Easter. Oliver was here with us on Easter as well - that kid is just a ball of energy. I'm tired just watching him. It's cool and rainy here today and I'm working from home, as is our entire team. It just sort of worked out that way, but on a rainy day, going out is the last thing I want to do! Things have been busy here, and I think Shawn and I are going to go to a movie this weekend and just chill. I need to relax after being on the go quite a bit for the last few weeks. I've been going to the gym on a fairly regular basis and I think I'm better for it - I always feel good after I'm done, no matter how tired I am. I got home last night and Shawn was grilling dinner, which was awesome. Was nice to only have to put plates and silverware in the dishwasher! I'm so ready for the weekend!
  4. Carol, so glad you had a nice Easter. My house is mostly back together. I need to wash tablecloths and napkins, and put the other table away but other than that, its all together. I'm working from home today which is nice - its chilly and everyone is at work or elsewhere so I'm getting some quiet time and getting some work done. Has anyone heard from Brenda lately? I hope everything's ok with her dad!
  5. Wow, quiet in here. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. It was very nice to have my whole family over, and we had such gorgeous weather too that people could eat outside on the deck and we had dessert outside. Was a bit windy, but not bad. Today's the last nice day for awhile, then we're going to get some rain and cool-ish weather. (ugh). Irene, how are you feeling? Brenda, how did your shoe shopping go? Did you find anything? I'm going back to the gym tonight after being away for a week and some change - I sliced my finger last Sunday with a piece of glass and was in a splint most of the week. I didn't want to push it while it was healing (I couldn't even go to yoga because I couldn't put my hand down in poses that required it). I think it'll be good to get back!
  6. Brenda, actually yesterday Shawn and I did a lot of errands and some retail therapy. It was gorgeous weather here! We also put together a small easter basket for Oliver. It'll be fun to see him tomorrow. Today we'll finish the prep for Easter. We do have DSW in my area - I shop there for shoes almost exclusively because I really enjoy their selection. I also like if they don't have a size they can order it for you and have it drop shipped to your house. Irene, sorry you're still dealing with that cough. I hope you feel better soon!
  7. Carol, its just a way of referring to a day you're taking off when you have no plans. I just need a day off from work since I haven't had one since like, New Years and I figured since I had the time, I was going to use a day and having people here for Easter is a good excuse. Brenda, glad that Sara makes other plans when Bobby works but yes, they should put some new deadbolts on their doors. And use the alarm all the time. Even if she's home during the day she can put it on and just not open doors to set it off. Lovely day here today, We have some errands to run today but other than that and doing a bit of Easter prep, its nice.
  8. Brenda, I get that Sara doesn't like to be in the house alone when Bobby works on the weekend but does she not make plans with friends or other families she knows or goes and does things just her and Colin? I can imagine her coming to your house all the time when you're home can be exhausting! Glad that you will have a nice visit for Easter. I'd recommend trying to make reservations somewhere if you can - I'm sure the restaurants will be crowded. We're supposed to get some nice weather here Sunday so people can go outside if they want. Today we're going to get to see my nephew which will be fun. We have to pick up a few things from my mom that I need for Easter and she watches my nephew at my brother's house on Wednesdays. So we'll go over there at lunchtime for a bit. All the schools have Good Friday off and next week is April Vacation and the Marathon. I took Friday off as a 'prep day' for having people at my house on Sunday. My unofficial reason is that I need a mental health day.
  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia

  10. Brenda, yes. I am a big fan of handing out assignments to others for larger events. People are generally happy to help! Glad you had a nice visit with your dad over the weekend! We're having some gorgeous weather up here today and tomorrow too. I might try to eat lunch outside and get some fresh air today. That'll be nice!
  11. Josh is showing up at the top of the page for me, so maybe it was just a fluke? I don't always see him when I'm on my phone or tablet though. We will have 13 for Easter Sunday and I am a bit stressed, but excited to host my family. I think we're going to make a beef tenderloin for Easter, and we're also making potatoes. I have assigned out green bean casserole, a green salad, and fruit salad, as well as dessert. I believe Shawn is also making whipped cream I believe. I managed to slice my finger this morning while I was washing champagne flutes. Not really the way I wanted to start my morning off! It's been a busy weekend so far - I'm happy to not do a lot today. I hope to get outside this afternoon and start raking out my gardens. We're going to have some gorgeous weather and I'm excited because it's NEVER this warm on my birthday, which is tomorrow. It usually is cold. Or rainy. Or sunny, but chilly. I'll take my 70 degrees, thanks. Carol, how scary of an experience! I am glad to hear that everyone got out of the house ok --- things can be replaced but people can't!
  12. We're getting some nice weather here starting tomorrow. Perhaps I'll do some raking out of my gardens to at least see what (if anything) is starting to come up. We'll have 13 here for Easter next weekend. I'm looking forward to it, but a little stressed too! The symphony was super fun last night. The hall is just gorgeous and the acoustics are incredible - we had a lovely time. This morning I went to yoga, tonight I'll go to Barre. Shawn is out with another friend for the evening, and said friend thanked me for loaning him out. I told her the loan price is very reasonable.
  13. Brenda, hope Alan was able to get home from Houston alright. We've gotten a lot of rain and some thunderstorms last night but nothing major. We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Tonight, we're going into Boston to the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall. I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow, Shawn and I each have separate plans with people, then Sunday we aren't doing anything. This week has been exceptionally busy as well with various plans that we've had. Next week should be much quieter. It's also supposed to get warm next week. I'm kind of looking forward to it.
  14. Brenda, glad you found some people to walk with. Don't feel like you have to keep up with people who walk faster than you! Glad the weather is finally cooperating for you to be able to do that. It seems like it may start to cooperate up here too, after this weekend. We've gotten a lot of rain (which is great for the drought) and then I think that we're going to get up into the 60s starting next week. I'm ready for spring! Things have been really busy and this week is no exception - Friday night we're going into Boston to see the Boston Pops at Symphony Hall. Its a special tribute to John Williams's music (who turned 85 this year!) so I'm really looking forward to it. Saturday, Shawn has plans with a friend and I have made some other plans myself and Sunday we're not doing anything. Always good to have a down day!
  15. Brenda, yes. I need to start harassing people this week to find out what the plan is so I can finalize things on our end. Glad you had a nice visit with your dad and he's doing so well! 95 is nothing to slouch at! He seems much different from my grandmother who is 90 this year - she doesn't really do much because her arthritis in her knees is so bad and she refuses to use any kind of support (walker, cane, etc.) to help her. So instead of taking advantage of the activities the assisted living facility has to offer, she sits in the apartment and complains about how she's so far away from things. I do think my grandfather does take advantage of activities because he's tired of her feeling sorry for herself.