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  1. Brenda, ice cream on a hot day is the best! It's been so hot here too. Our AC In the living room almost can't keep up, although its keeping the house around a comfortable 70 degrees which is a hair warmer than Shawn likes it but its comfortable for me. Good luck moving your dad on Saturday - I hope it goes well - stay hydrated! That set up for the facility sounds odd, that the dining room is essentially in the middle of the hallway. This weekend we'll be finally tearing out the old retaining wall on our hill and building a new one. Our plan is to build this on Sunday when its not as hot and somewhat overcast. I hope that we'll have a bunch of help. Many hands make light work. I'm excited about the stone that we chose, it was delivered early this morning. We're going to put a fire pit in that area too. I am really excited to see it all done!
  2. Brenda, I think that's wise to set expectations with your dad that you will not be visiting every other weekend, but perhaps once a month. If you have Donna and Francia there all the time, I think you could visit less often. Perhaps seeing a therapist will help. Check your benefits at work, many have an employee referral program that will cover a number of visits. I hope you're able to take some time for yourself and starting to do things you want to do, for fun! I ended up booking our mini-getaway yesterday, even though my boss hasn't yet approved my time off that I requested. I don't see a problem with it and I can always cancel if I have to, with no penalty, so that's helpful. It's hot and humid here today. I cranked the AC down to low before I left for work this morning to cool the house down before it gets really hot this afternoon. I'll ask Shawn to turn it back up to about 68 or so around lunchtime.
  3. Brenda, I'm so sorry that your dad is so upset being where he is. I am glad that Donna and Franica will be able to devote their time caring for him, in his home. Glad that you were able to work it out. I agree with Donna though, I hope knowing that your father has excellent care at his home, you can cut your visits down to once a month or so, to give yourself a break and to do some things that you enjoy doing. You have to give yourself a break, otherwise, I agree with Carol you're going to make yourself sick. Between working full time and how much you do for your girls and grandkids and your dad, you need to have some time for you too in order to relax. But do be kind to yourself, this has been hard for you. We had such fun at the drag show brunch on Sunday. I can't wait to go to the next one. Shawn and I are now looking to book a mini getaway in September up to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. It's so gorgeous up there in the fall and I could use a few days of R&R, playing lawn games, sitting on the porch with a book and a cocktail and just enjoying the quiet. We've found a resort that I've been wanting to go to for awhile, so I'm just waiting for my boss to approve my days off and then will book. I really am looking forward to it.
  4. Brenda, when you get to the good stuff at your dad's house, definitely make sure to ask your girls or your niece if they want anything, especially furniture. Anything that you think isn't their taste, they might find space for. I'll be interested to hear how your dad is doing when you hear from your sister. I hope you have a nice day with your friend Pat tomorrow. Glad you got the fridge and freezer cleaned today. Nice that you're able to catch up on things now that your dad is in a place where he is safe and you have peace of mind. Carol, yes, we are busy a lot of the time, but it's just the way our life is. We can only sit home and do nothing for so long. The weekend we got home from England, we had planned to do nothing but ended up doing some errands and seeing a movie. We had plans to start cleaning my office today, and that didn't happen. When I got home from my tire appointment, we decided to move around the air conditioners so the bigger one that's been upstairs is now downstairs, and we got a smaller one for the bedroom upstairs. Then we did a couple of more errands and ended up going for a late lunch and were going to go fishing but it's been so rainy here, there's not much shoreline to stand on. Oh well, we had a nice ride at least. Tomorrow, we are going to a drag brunch (like, a brunch with a drag show) and we're really looking forward to it.
  5. Brenda, get some of the traps that have peanut butter poison in them.we get sugar ants in our kitchen every year and these work pretty well keeping them at bay. You see a lot for a few days but then they take the poison back to their nest and it kills them. I'm getting new tires on my car today and doing a few errands but then we're finally starting to clean out my office.
  6. Brenda, sure I remember Malin. The talk with Neil was definitely interesting. It was like a fireside chat type of deal and it was really interesting. Plus he read from some of his pieces, so that was also fun. Sorry to hear you found ants coming out of the walls in the office, hopefully you don't find anything else! I'd have probably lost it. It's really cool and gross here today. High around 60 or so and rainy. While I don't love this weather in the middle of summer I do like being able to give the AC's a break for a few days. I'm afraid they're going to burn out since they've been running so constantly. But I'm working from home and it's a lazy, cool, PJ day.
  7. Brenda, yes! It was like a fireside chat type of deal, and then he did some readings from some of his books. It was fantastic. Glad that you got home OK and your dad settles in better without you guys around and starts to get used to the facility where he is living, and meets new people, so he's not just waiting for you to come visit. I hope you do something fun, for you this weekend and get some rest and downtime. I was exhausted yesterday after our weekend of crazy - got home from work/drinks with coworkers and ended up falling asleep on the couch watching tv with Shawn. I think it finally caught up with me! We have a few things going on the remainder of the summer but not like the on the go for days at a time like we have been, so that's good.
  8. Brenda, glad to hear that the director is making some modifications for your dad and am glad you and your sister had a nice visit. I hope you're able to return home and have some down time to get some things done you want/need to do - you've been very busy taking care of your dad and I hope now he's in a safe place, you're able to have more peace of mind and not go see him as often as you have been. Last night was super fun and even though we got home late and I'm tired this morning, it was totally worth it. We had a great time and it was a nice way to end Shawn's birthday week. There's still a fair amount of things I've ordered for him arriving this week so he still has goodies arriving.
  9. Brenda, that's so awful. I hope you were able to talk to the director to get your dad moved over to the regular building. It sucks that he's so sad - i'm sure that doesn't help with the adjustment. We've had a good weekend. We ended up going into Boston impromptu on Saturday as our friend who lives there but has been out visiting forgot the tickets for the event we were going to tonight! So instead of her driving back alone, we all jumped into the car and had dinner out and then went to see Spiderman. We also got caught in a downpour walking from our first stop for drinks to dinner and arrived looking like drowned rats, lol. Luckily no one was wearing white! Yesterday we went to the beach all day and the weather was just perfect. The wind picked up in the afternoon but we have a canopy tent that gets staked down, as well as a large umbrella that gets staked down so we were fine. We had dinner up there as well and just enjoyed the day. We got home late-ish last night. Today I am working at home, and we are heading to Hartford, CT this evening to see Neil Gaiman speak. We've had these tickets for months so we're really looking forward to it. Then the summer calms down a bit! The only other things on the calendar are Comic Con (for Shawn) and Oliver's birthday in August, and then my cousin's wedding Labor Day weekend in September.
  10. Just flying by. We had fun at the concert last night, but due to the concert getting out late (midnight), and then construction on the highway on our way home, we didn't get home until 1:30am! I had an appointment at the gym at 8am this morning so that was a bit rough getting up for. It's raining here today and humid, which tends to make a good nap day, but I have work to do unfortunately so that means no nap! Maybe just an early bedtime tonight. We'll go to the beach on Sunday and are seeing Neil Gaiman on Monday, but after that, life quiets down for awhile and we can do some things around the house and not be on the go!
  11. Brenda, hope the move goes smoothly! And your dad shouldn't expect you and Marie to spend all day visiting him - I'm sure he'll make friends in time. Even if you did live in town, he shouldn't expect you to go visit every day. My grandparents are 15 minutes away from us and my dad doesn't go every day. He usually will go for 30 minutes to an hour once a week/every 10 days or so. And when people are in the area, they drop by too. My grandmother has stopped expecting that we will come and stay for the whole afternoon/day, etc. Shawn and I are really busy this week, but after Monday it sort of fizzles out. This is just a crazy time of year for us. Gorgeous weather here this week - we'll have a nice time at the beach this weekend!
  12. Thanks Irene! We really had a lovely trip and would love to go back to London someday. Everyone was really friendly and we just had an enjoyable trip - but are glad to be home. I go back to work on Wednesday, as I took today off to extend my vacation a couple of days. Had tomorrow not been a holiday, I'd have gone back to work today. Things at work have been really quiet - I checked into my email on Friday as well as today, and there's not much going on in there. Nothing on fire, that's for sure, which is nice to not have to come back to. This week will be busy - tonight we're going to see a friend's band play. Tomorrow we're going to my dad's for a cookout, Wednesday I go back to work, Thursday is Shawn's birthday and Saturday we're going to the beach. Then next Monday we're going to see Neil Gaiman speak in CT (he's an author). It's a full week for sure. Brenda, I hope your dad's move goes smoothly. I hope him moving into an assisted living facility gives you peace of mind that he is safe and well cared for, and you can start enjoying time for you again. You do so much for your dad and your girls, I hope you and Alan are able to take a long weekend away or something to just relax and unwind. You deserve it.
  13. We are officially home from London. We got home around 8pm last night after a LONG day of travel, and all I could muster was about 3 bites of pasta before I took a shower and passed out and slept for about 12 hours. I'm back on US EST time and have unpacked, been to the grocery store and started a load of laundry. Shawn's downstairs playing video games and we just plan to do nothing this weekend. I go back to work on Wednesday, since Tuesday is the holiday, I just took today and Monday off too. I'll probably log into my work email later to delete the junk mail and make sure nothing is actually burning out of control. We had a great time - we spent 4 days in London itself, did a murder mystery dinner, went to the Icebar, did the all day on-off bus tour (which was totally worth the price), went to Buckingham Palace for changing of the guards (happened upon it by accident really) and went up in the London eye and did some errands on Monday. Monday was the only truly clear day all day, the other days had gotten overcast around lunchtime and stayed as such the whole day. It wasn't super hot, Monday was the warmest with the sun all day, but I was happy that we waited to go up that day - you could see for miles, and it was such an interesting experience. I loved it. Tuesday we drove out to the country (in the pouring rain, I might add) and Shawn was very nervous driving until we got out of London, but once we were on the highway, it was ok. It poured and was cold Tuesday and Wednesay (the wedding day) and we just made the best of it. The ceremony was sill held outside in a drizzle (but that's what umbrellas were invented for) and it was so them. We left the country around 12:30 am to drive back to Gatwick, and dropped off the car around 4am yesterday. The wedding was such a blast and we met so many wonderful people and had such a fun time celebrating out friends. It was so worth the trip, especially since we'd never been. We look forward to going back someday, maybe as part of a multi-city trip - without renting a car this time! Keep one eye on my facebook page, photos are coming in the coming days. Brenda, I'm glad you had a nice time with your dad at the family reunion. I hope his move to assisted living goes smoothly. When does your sister fly in? I started to watch Hidden Figures on the plane to Ireland on the way over, but I got distracted and didn't finish. I'll have to watch it because I was really enjoying it!
  14. Hello from London! We arrived this morning but after some downtime this afternoon (and a nap omg) we headed out for dinner, meeting up with a couple of the other people who are hear as well, then met everyone for some drinks at a glow bar and grown up ball pit. Then we moved to a different pub and had another drink, then went back to the hotel. Tomorrow is another busy day!
  15. Brenda, I think asking on FB to see if anyone has a tall chest that they're not using that would work for your dad is a good idea. As is checking the thrift shops, etc. I hope you find something! After the heat we've had here (although the humidity has dropped today considerably), we're going to be freezing in London next week as they're calling for temps in the 70s or so and cloudy. I have no idea what to pack and will probably over pack, as I do. I'm a little stressed trying to get everything finalized at work before I leave. I'm looking forward to it though. I think aside from packing, everything is done for our trip. We'll check in at the airport to ensure that we can sit together because our tickets got booked separately (long story), instead of checking in online. It's a bit more of a pain in the ass but hopefully, it'll be fine. We bought a new bed frame for our bed, and it's supposed to be delivered sometime between 11am-2pm today and it's not here yet. Hopefully, soon!