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  1. We've had a busy weekend. Saturday we had a number of people here and then yesterday, we helped a friend move. Her move went pretty well, but am glad it's over. Later today, I'll go over to our friends house and bring her some leftovers that we ended up not cooking on Saturday, as I figure at least I can put some things in her fridge until she can get to the store. I'm exhausted but its a been a full weekend - I'm glad I have today off to do nothing. It's raining and gross here today so it's a nice day to catch up on some laundry and relax.
  2. Brenda, so glad the chicken casserole turned out good! Would love to see the recipe when you have a chance! We avoided the RSVP problem for our wedding since Shawn made it pretty clear that if we didn't hear one way or the other by a reasonable time after the RSVP date then we'd assume they weren't coming and would miss them. That certainly lit a fire! I do feel bad for our friends who are getting married in England next month - as of a couple of weeks ago, they were still missing HALF of their RSVPs and the date was I think back in April. We sent ours back as soon as we got it but it's not like it's a local wedding - its a destination wedding and you either can afford to go or you can't. The end. I think that they should just tell people they're assuming they can't go but a lot of the offenders are family so...I have no idea how it's going to go, lol. Cloudy and gray and rainy here today. It's also very quiet at work - the Netherlands are off today and tomorrow (holidays) and I suspect a lot of people have taken today off in addition to tomorrow to make it an extra long weekend. There wasn't much traffic. I suspect my drive home is going to not be as easy as my drive in was this morning, as folks will be on the road early either leaving work or on their way to their weekend destination. I'm going to try to leave early today since I was here late last night, plus we have a lot of errands to do tonight. I'll work at home tomorrow. We're having a good crowd at our house on Saturday, so that'll be nice to see everyone. Even though we threw together a last minute party, we'll have probably 15 or so. Plans are slowly starting to come together for the summer - we leave for London in about a month, we have my grandmother's birthday party a week prior to that, then when we come back from London it's the 4th of July and Shawn's birthday - so we're going to a concert and the beach that weekend. August brings my nephew's birthday and Comic Con for Shawn - then Labor Day weekend is my cousins' wedding, up in Rockport, MA. We were originally only going to go up on the Saturday and stay over one night, but after discussing the fact the traffic will suck heading up there, we amended our hotel reservation so we'll go up late Friday night after dinner, and avoid most of the traffic. Ugh, I'm tired just thinking about all of that, lol.
  3. Brenda, I hope your casserole turns out good. do you mind sharing the recipe? I am always on the lookout for some new things to make. I love the photos from Colin's visit that you've put up on FB - they're wonderful and I'm so glad he's able to bond with his great grandfather. We're finalizing the plans for my grandmother's 90th birthday party. The RSVP date is next week, but I don't think we need to get back to the restaurant with a final count and menu selections until the week before. This gives me a chance to harass people - my family is not fantastic at RSVPing. It's still a couple of weeks out, but just let me know either way as soon as you can, lol! Work's been crazy the last few weeks but I'm looking forward to the long weekend - this week seems to be dragging more than usual! It always seems to when there's a vacation or long weekend or holiday upon us!
  4. Brenda, glad you had a nice time keeping Colin and had a nice visit with your dad this weekend! I did go back to work yesterday to rest up, and to yoga last night. Shawn's feeling ok - he saw the doctor yesterday and the doctor is really concerned with the fact he's still got pain in his shoulder (to the level of needing to take one of his pain meds once or twice a week) in addition to numbness and tingling in his arm and hand. So he's going to order an MRI and we'll see. He'll likely have the MRI before we go to London, but won't go for a follow up appointment until after we get back. I'm looking forward to having a long weekend this weekend, as we've got another full one planned. Saturday, we're having people to the house. Sunday, we're helping a friend move. Monday, I hope we're doing nothing. It's not supposed to be great weather Monday anyway, and iffy for the rest of the weekend. I am horrified and disgusted at what happened in Manchester last night - at a concert no less. We go to concerts or theaters to escape the real world for a couple of hours and for someone to selfishly see that as an opportunity for carnage is just awful. Not going to lie, as much as I'm looking forward to our trip, I'm a little terrified. This is the second attack in the UK in about 6 months. I know we can't let terror rule our lives, and we need to live them anyway but still. It doesn't make it any better.
  5. What beautiful weather we're having here this weekend! It's totally calling for taking my coffee outside onto the front porch, which I may do when I'm done typing this. Sunny, 70s, and not a cloud in the sky. This is spring in New England. Of course, its now going to be cool and rainy this week but whatever. If it means we get nice weekends, that'll do. Next weekend is a long weekend here - I'm looking forward to the extra day off. We've had quite a busy weekend. Friday night, Shawn and I saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and went out for sushi after. Yesterday, I had a long-overdue hair appointment and then went to Boston with the girls, where we had dinner and saw a show. I got home around 1230 or so. Today, I have laundry going, need to hit the grocery store, then Shawn and I are headed back in towards Boston, as I won tickets from one of the local radio stations for a storytellers event with the band Bush. I'm looking forward to it! It's early, so we should be home relatively early. I think I need to go back to work to recover from my weekend.
  6. Brenda, you're correct - most homes don't have central AC just because its generally never gotten so consistently hot and humid over the summer. It's beautiful today here - I have all of the windows in the house open and it'll be lovely all weekend. I have plans with the girls in Boston tomorrow night so I'm looking forward to that. The recognition banquet sounds nice! Glad there was good food that you were able to enjoy! I won't be able to get down to NYC to see Josh in the Comet. And I'm not sure I have interest in going. I'm really thrilled for him though for the recognition he's been getting from the Broadway community.
  7. Brenda, yes. Most houses up in New England have window units or room units because there's generally only a handful of days every summer that it's really hot and/or humid. Some newer construction have central air built in, and my friend just got it in her house last year as well. But it's not super common. Just stepped outside to have a brief meeting at work. It's warm here, probably 85 or so but there's a nice breeze. It was nice to get some fresh air. I got into work early today so I think I'm going to try to leave early -- I've worked late the last couple of nights.
  8. Brenda, I am glad you had a nice day on Sunday. I think I'm finally mostly over my cold that plagued me over the weekend - I went to yoga last night and I think I sweated most of it out of me, so that's helpful. We're finally getting some lovely spring/early summer weather! It's going to be 70s today, 80s tomorrow and 90 on Thursday! I'm not ready to jump straight into summer, but thankfully the hot weather is only a one day stand - its a bit too early for that! We did put the ACs in today though so, they're now in for the season. I think I might talk to Shawn and see if he wants to have people over Memorial Day weekend, if the weather's going to be good. Kind of late notice because it's just 2 weeks away, but it might be nice if people are going to be around.
  9. Happy Mother's Day, Brenda! I hope you have a nice day - I'm glad that you had a nice day babysitting Charlotte and Rosalie yesterday. Hope you're able to enjoy your day today after breakfast and take it easy! We had grand plans this weekend to go to the movies and for me to get my hair done, but those plans went out the window as I managed to come down with an awful head cold. I've been in bed pretty much since Friday afternoon, but I am feeling better today. Shawn's been amazing and attentive, taking care of me, making sure I take my medicine when I'm supposed to, etc. Today I feel well enough that I can go to the grocery store and maybe do some cleaning that I've slacked off from.
  10. Brenda, I got a manicure when I got married, as did Shawn actually. I'm glad we both did! Sounds like you had a busy Sunday - I hope your managers surgery goes over well! Well, it appears we've moved into Seattle weather-wise for the next week -- its going to be cool and off and on rain all week. Ugh. This is like, early April weather, NOT early May weather. I have my heat on in my house!! Its kind of crazy.
  11. Brenda, yes, my pedicure is fantastic. I loved the place we went and would be happy to go back. I splurged and got a gel manicure instead of a regular manicure - it lasts longer but I love it. Lazy day today - really the only thing I have to do today is go grocery shopping. And do some laundry - but I hope to take it a bit easy. We may do a few errands too, but we'll have to see how it goes.
  12. Brenda, my brother in law is good. He works at one of the colleges but since the colleges are pretty well closed for the summer, he's been laid off until August. He can collect unemployment but has been a great help lately with the yard since Shawn is still pretty sore. Good news though, it appears that Shawn's shoulder blade had just been locked since he fell - the physical therapist was able to unlock it and he's been feeling much better. He's still feeling pain in his neck though so we'll have to see what his doctor says on the 22nd. It's possible he won't need surgery, so that'd be awesome. I had a nice day with my friend today. First, we went to get pedicures, then stopped at my sister in laws to drop off her dish from Easter, and spend a few minutes with my nephew, who is getting awfully big! Then we went to lunch, and went shoe shopping - I was able to get 2 new pairs, including a dressier pair of sandals for work. Now I'm home, doing some laundry and just relaxing for the rest of the night.
  13. Brenda, sorry that no one at your office seems to care that work is for work, not social hour. Glad that the guy behind you obliges when you ask him to tone it down. I do get requests from people on facebook who I don't care about being friends with - I either delete the requests or ignore them. I try to only be friends with people who I truly care about seeing their stuff. Work has been busy this week - I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.
  14. Brenda, so glad you had a nice time picking strawberries and making jam! Shawn wasn't too upset that I vetoed the dinner party, I was just of the sense of omg I need alone time. This weekend should be much quieter. Shawn's visiting friends in the city and I'm doing nothing. I might get a pedicure. It's going to be crappy and rainy this weekend so I'm looking forward to being inside and not really doing much. The Tony nominations came out today - Josh got nominated for Best actor in a musical and Great comet got nominated for best musical. It's so exciting!!
  15. Well, my quiet weekend turned into a not so quiet weekend. Friday night, we had friends over to grill out, and we laid down some mulch in the front yard. Yesterday, I went to the gym, came home, went to a bridal shower (that was a surprise, and the bride had NO CLUE and it was awesome and fun) and then went to a going away party for a drink with some friends and we got home kind of late. Today, we got up early and did errands, then worked in the yard for awhile. We finished just in time too as it started to rain. So we had some lunch, then ran to Home Depot and got a few things. We got home and Shawn wanted to have friends over for dinner and I totally vetoed him. I need some alone time! It's been an exhausting weekend and I'm beyond tired. I have some laundry going (last load in the dryer) and I just want to do nothing for the rest of the night!