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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia

  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia

  3. happy birthday girl! i know you probably wont read this for quite awhile. i know you are busy. i saw you post before and i replied saying i have a facebook or something. but take care, lovely!

  4. Hi, have a blessed funfilled BIRTHDAY!!!

    grobiehugs from miami ;-)) Patricia

  5. Hi, have a blessed funfilled BIRTHDAY!!!

    grobiehugs from miami ;-)) Patricia

  6. I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it! I am sitting here freezing in my car because I don't have internet at home! Here are some baby pictures! This is the baby at 2 months old: Here is are pictures I took two weeks ago: Halloween, she was an Ewok:
  7. Wtf. My post didn't go through. Let's try this again. Well! I missed you guys. I saw a commercial for Josh's new CD. I had no idea! I haven't heard any of it yet. Anyway, when I saw the commercial I thought of you guys and wanted to pop in and see hnow everyone was doing. Especially eb, malin, becca and mel! Do you guys have facebook? I would love to keep in contact! Being a mom is both taxing and great. About 20min ago she woke up crying. Nothing was comforting to her. I don't know what disrupted her sleep. She is a great baby, so fun and relaxed. Her name is Emelia and is 7 months old. I wish my phone could post pictures so I could show you all how darling she is. She army crawls everywhere and looks like a baby sea turtle when she does it, lol. I turned 21 back in August. I can't believe I was 13 when I started coming to the boards! I do have a vent. For a month now the baby has been on a nursing strike with no end in sight. It saddens me that bonding time is over. I wanted to breastfeed for a year or more but at least I did my best. I am still mega bummed, though. Well I hope you all have an enjoyable holiday season! I hope I remember to come here more often! -JES
  8. Have a wonderful birthday over there! :D Gaby from Germany

  9. Happy 21st birthday! Nancy

  10. "Vent: knife plus finger don't mix. It went partway through the nail." I think that happened to someone else on the board not too long ago! Jen, was it? Anyway, she posted a picture and oh my goodness. I hope you feel better. Becca, hello. I'd ignore bad reputations. If people know who you are and how genuine you are, I really wouldn't pay any attention to it. If I did, I wouldn't be on the board at the moment. Well, I've been debating telling anyone my "news", since it may be too soon, but here goes because I am excited and frightened and think a lot of people on the board are definitely wise on this particular subject. I've been keeping this to myself for awhile, I need to let SOMEONE know! I am bracing myself for some harsh reality and opinions, but overall I just want to share what's been really going on in my life. I am about 15 weeks pregnant at the moment. I know a few people on here had children at a young age (I'm 20, yikes). I found out in September and have been an emotional roller coaster ever since. No one in my family knows yet. I'm waiting for the right moment to tell them all. I have a lot of planning and preparation to do, a lot of paperwork to fill out so I can get to the doctor. I haven't been to the doctor yet, but I have been taking care of myself and paying attention to my body and reading everything I can get find. I'm planning on getting to the doctor ASAP. I'm going to Human Resources tomorrow with my paperwork filled out. I read most women don't go until about this time anyway, so I'm certainly not worried. I know problems can happen and we may not notice them, so I'm doing my best. My jeans are starting to fit tighter which is making me "ahh!" and you can kind of see through my shirts, but it is still at the stage where it just looks like I gained some weight, hah. I'm anticipating the difficulty of it all, but can't imagine how much. I can only guess and see from other people who have newborns how everything goes. I know I should tell my family sometime, but I just don't feel the time is right at the moment. I'm also scared of the response, but if I project that, I'll receive a negative response. I've been thinking a lot, and though the timing is obviously wrong, I feel God puts us in situations we can handle and grow in, and this is definitely one of them. My boyfriend is definitely being supportive as well, so that really helps with the emotional part of the process. Yep. There's my bombshell. Thanks for listening.
  11. Hello, everyone, Jessica here. Hope I'm still slightly remembered! Interesting new board, not the best color scheme possible, but I'm sure that will be resolved if we all march together with torches and pitchforks..ha. Just wanted to pop in and say hello, I hope everyone is doing well and has a safe holiday weekend.