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  1. Happy Birthday Peggy!!!!!!

     grobiehugs :) Patricia

  2. Wow! Now I am getting your posts on my phone under emails! I love it. I am on my phone more than any other place. This will help me keep up with you all better!
  3. Hi ladies, So they are working on this site. It looks better already. Today I am going to eat lunch with my friend Joyce who went to the concert with me. She's really nice and is a relatively new friend. I met her through the Civic Club that I joined. Irene, I hope your skin gets better. That has to be annoying to put the cream on your feet. I got a pedicure yesterday and I hate that hard skin on the back and under my heel. It gets hard to deal with sometimes. I guess a good foot soak now and then would help. Sarah, the beach outing sounded like fun. I like impromptu outings. We did that a lot when we first got married. The beach is about 15 minutes from our house but Lenny doesn't like the sand so we do go when the weather is cooler and walk on the cement walkway. Brenda, Colin just needs to be watched more closely at the nursery and corrected immediately. I remember one day my son Len came home from a nursery when he was about 2 years old and had bite marks on both of his arms. I asked "What happened here?" They told me twin girls got him and did that. They got a warning. It didn't happen again. As far as Josh I will continue to try for m&g's. Meeting him, even though just for 60 seconds or so, is just really exillerating to me. It's hard to explain by a woman who will soon be 68 years old. I have news. I will be flying to Detroit for a couple of days and see Josh for an m&g on August 13. A friend sold me her ticket and it was reasonable for an m&g through PBS. So I will meet him afterall. Very excited. Another Josh adventure. Have a great day everyone!
  4. Hi everyone, Josh was great but my m&g did not happen. I was so disappointed because I bought him a gift and a new outfit and when I didn't hear back from the moderator I didn't bother to wear the outfit! I drove to NOLA with my friend Joyce and then met Colleen at the Hampton Inn which turned out to be a great hotel about a mile from the venue. Colleen flew in from Washington and I will be going with her to NYC in October to see Josh on Broadway. She's turned out to be a good friend. Josh's voice was so beautiful and his new song "Run" is gorgeous! I enjoyed my friends and being in New Orleans. Made me very nostalgic! We ate a restaurant called Mother's and the food is always superb. Also had the chance to have coffee and beignets at Cafe du Monde in the Quarter! The fan club is really going down the tubes! Very sad! Talk to you all again soon!
  5. Hi everyone, I have been so busy lately with my mother and the girls. I brought my mother to the doctor on Tuesday because she said she was waking up weak and shaky. She blamed it on Zoloft, a depression pill that the doctor ordered for her. Also her BP was spiking. I went in with her to see the doctor and he asked her how long she has had the depression. She told him, very beligerently and adamantly in front of me, "since I moved here 2 1/2 years ago." I was ready to cry. He doubled her BP medicine and told her to stop taking the Zoloft to see if that caused a reaction. I told her later how much that hurt me by what she said to the doctor. I told her I cannot make her happy and she needs to make her own happiness. She said to me that she can't help what comes out of her mouth sometimes. Believe me, it is nothing new. I went and got her groceries for her yesterday, then picked up the girls for softball practice for Nadia. It started lightning and the coaches did not want to leave the field. I told them that the girls needed to get off the field and when I saw a huge crack of lightning hit and it started pouring down raining. I was very disappointed with the coaching staff. Sherri and Len agreed with me. Then I brought them home and I went home. By then it was 8 pm and I wanted to print out my tickets for the concert. I had everything set up and my ink cartridges needed to be replaced. I was so outdone. I ran to Walmart to get the ink and when I got home it was almost 9 pm. Lenny was running late from being at court and he picked up Chinese food on the way home. I was totally exhausted yesterday. Today I am taking it easy but so frustrated about now hearing about the m&g tomorrow. Sorry for the ranting. I will tell you all about the concert and read your posts probably on Monday. I have a friend coming from out of State to go to the concert and a local friend driving up with me. Very excited for the concert and please pray everyone that it doesn't rain. It is an outside venue! Have a great evening my friends!
  6. Brenda, the Flying Pig sounds interesting. I have never heard of Liberty University. It sounds nice sitting on top of a mountain. We thought about going to see fireworks but I just didn't feel up to going so we just stayed home. Good luck with your endoscopy. I am overdue for my colonoscopy but I keep putting it off. I hate the pre part. Sarah, I am so upset about FOJG. All of us over there are sending pm's and lots are tweeting WBR and Josh but no one is answering. I just can't believe his manager isn't all over this. I won't know anything more about my mother's insurance until next week when everything is settled. Right now though she is on the road again with a rental car that they gave her. She has it for a month. The bad part about her not driving is that I will have to bring her to the doctors and to grocery shop. It won't be fun.
  7. Hi everyone, Brenda, seems like you had a wonderful time visiting with your sister. So happy for you two and she seems to be doing so well in light of her illness. I know she has gone through a lot. Carol and Irene, I have been following Brexit. I know I am on the outside looking in but I think it was for the best and I do think things will start to settle down now. The UK should not be run by other countries. I know I would hate that for the US. Sarah, I love that piece of furniture for your kitchen. What a cute idea for an "island". Extra storage space is always needed and wanted. You and Shawn are doing amazing after only one week. You all must be working hard. Celebrated the Fourth with Len, Sherri and the girls. Oh and my mother also. Len BBQ'd and it was rather quiet. Sherri had bought a watermelon from Walmart and it was super sweet. It was a smaller, rounder one. I think I will have to buy one now! As far as my mother's car, the body shop will analyze the total cost and also see what the internal damages are on Monday. There is the possibility it may be "totaled" and it is 11 years old so I don't think she would get much for it. The agent told me and Lenny personally that they may drop her coverage. If they do that I don't think she could find anyone else to insure her without paying a fortune. We will have to wait and see. I am so frustrated with FOJG. No moderators seem to be on duty and my m&g is up in the air again for July 15th. I do hope Josh sees what is going on and gives a command for help for the site. It's really pitiful.
  8. Well today my mother is getting a rental car from Enterprise to use until her car is fixed. They were picking her up at 1 pm and it is 2:30 now. I know she will call me when she gets home. I just don't know how this will work out. She won't listen to me at all or anybody else. I don't think I can call the driver's license bureau to do anything. I am very concerned because she is out on the street. I can watch her at exercise class and see how her coordination is way off. She told the lady at the apartment complex where she lives that she needed a closer parking space and the lady said if she can't walk to her space then she shouldn't be driving. A very wise woman! I went to the site where she had the accident to see what she did. How she did it I just don't know. She jumped a big curb on the corner and then took a left and ran straight into the building. They have it boarded up pretty good now. Have a good weekend all.
  9. Hi everyone, I contacted the claims adjustor today and he was very nice. He said he would get back with me on Monday for an estimate on the car damage and the building damage. Something needs to be done about the building because anyone can just walk in their now. She doesn't want to give up driving. She is brooding over this and her insurance company will give her a rental car. She said she wanted to wait until Friday to get it. I can't make her do anything. I can advise her but she will not listen. She would never move to an Assisted Living Center unless she hurts herself some kind of way. She already told me she will die in her apartment. I told you all I had a major problem with her. Carol, jgGabrielle may return your message but it may take a day or two. She finally answered me regarding my m&g. Just took awhile. I miss jgsarah. She was so nice and quick about things.
  10. Hi everyone, Congrats on your new house. What great people to even give you all a voucher for a restaurant. How sweet is that? Irene, I hope the cream works. Let us know! Brenda, so sorry your day was so bad. I know how it feels to be annoyed at work. Not now, but in the past. My morning was disastrous. I got a call from my son Len, the detective. He was at one of the local hospitals with my mother. She is ok, It was her BP that shot up sky high after she drove her car into a brick wall of an Investment Company. Her reflexes are just not that good anymore and I told her that. She was coming up with excuses about having new shoes and maybe the gas pedal got stuck. I told her if the gas pedal got stuck why didn't she try and put on the brakes. She went up a curb, through the garden in front the building and right into the building. The owner was very nice and called the police. She told them her grandson and sil worked for the police department and that's when they called my son. What next? I have to deal with the insurance adjustor probably tomorrow because he didn't contact me today. Thank goodness no one was in the area that she hit. The owner said it is where they eat their lunch and also she came so close to hitting a post that could have caused the roof to collapse.
  11. Hi ladies, Sarah, I hate packing and unpacking but it can't be helped The joy of a new home though makes all of that seem trite. The previous owners really sound like very nice people. I am sure they took great care of that house. Brenda, your company sounds great even though I know you do get a lot of stress at your job. Those outings are wonderful! We had to buy new tires about 6 months ago and I hate that. They're expensive and nobody really notices them. Of course now they do keep you safe! Irene, Freida is doing great! She pretends every evening around 7 pm that she needs to go outside and when I get up to let her out she moves away from the door and starts staring at me and barks. That means it's snack time. She is so funny and Lenny and I enjoy her little game. Carol I know you must have enjoyed Barry! But I know you love Josh more!!!! He's going to be on Live with Kelly tomorrow morning and I can't wait to see him co-host. You probably will get to see it on FOJG or youtube. I hope so anyway. It's been so hot here lately. I bought a portable, light-weight fan to bring to Josh's concert on July 15th. Even in the evening time it is hot here so I wanted to be prepared. I will put it in my tote bag. I just can't take the heat anymore.
  12. Carol, your anniversary was just so nice! You couldn't have asked for a better 50th! I enjoyed the pictures on FB. They were all so nice and I loved your dress. Sarah, loved looking at your photos. They were very nice. Always good to look at people that we communicate with. Hope the weather is very pleasant for your big move. I remember also the first house we bought. It's an exciting time in your life. Enjoy!!! Brenda, my dil had the same problem yesterday that you had on Outlook. Must have been a huge messup everywhere. She wasn't feeling up to par and that didn't help matters much. Irene, I put on five pounds when we went to Williamsburg but thankfully I have lost them. I was just eating too much garbage even though we were walking so much everywhere. I quit the Cokes and other trash and it came off. Now to lose some more. I took my mother to New Orleans on Monday, 2 hours going and then 2 hours coming home. An apartment was supposed to be available but when we got there the supervisor told us the lady changed her mind about moving. She knew that over the weekend but did not tell us anything. She said she just wanted my mother to see the apartment. Just couldn't believe it. So my mother filled out all of the paperwork and told the lady how much she loved the place. On Tuesday my mother called and said she is not moving because she did not like the place at all. I asked her if she took her name off the list and told her friends about her change of mind and she said no. I could scream! Malia's play is tomorrow and her costume is just so cute. Sherri went to a couple of thrift stores to put it together. She is the "heralder" in the play, which is Cinderella. She loves the part with the trumpet and bending over to welcome the King and the Prince, etc. I think she has found her niche". Either Sherri or I will post the pics on FB later. Sherri and I at at Sicility's pizza yesterday for supper. It was just her and I and it was very nice. We got to catch up on so many things. Their lives are so hectic with the girls doing so many things and their work. I really enjoyed it. 15% of the check went to support the All Star Team that Nadia is a part of. The first games start on Saturday. Can't wait. It will be hot though but I bought a hat, finally.
  13. Today, we signed up for Direct TV and are getting rid of Cable. It will be much cheaper and a lot more channels. It will also include the internet. They wanted to install it on June 21st in the morning and I said no that Thursday, the 23 would be better because Josh Groban will be on Live with Kelly on the 21st. The guy that signed us up said he never heard of Josh Groban. How rude! I will be having my M&G with Josh on July 15th in New Orleans. I finally contacted the new mod jggabrielle. I think I sent 5 pm's before she answered me. Lots of people have been trying to get in touch with her regarding m&g's and renewals for membership. I feel relieved about this now. My friend in Washington has decided to go because I had a ticket to get rid of so I am happy about this. She's a lot of fun. Happy 50th Anniversary Carol! I hope you have tons of fun! Sarah, I have tried yoga but was not good at it. I do go to an exercise class 3 times a week at the Y however. I keep thinking about trying a beginner's class again though with the yoga. Brenda, glad you got things straightened out at work. Enjoy your visit with your sister. Just a few weeks away! Irene, I have decided to completely redo my garden, mostly weeds, out front, with a covering of rocks and then putting big flower pots out front with flowers. There are some small rose bushes that bloom continuously that I am considering. At this time, I am ashamed of the front of my house. I will take a stand now and do something about it. Have a great weekend ladies!
  14. Hi ladies, Brenda, I worked at a State hospital in Louisiana for 6 and 1/2 years and being that we were State employees we got lots of leave. It would accumulate over time and rise as the years went on. The only problem is that the Director of Nursing would only let us take one week off at a time during the year. No two or three week vacations. That just blew my mind. Call in, like you said, and enjoy yourself. Sarah, so excited for you about your new house. I know you can't wait to move in and start decorating. I am so looking forward to NY. And like you said, the end of October should be beautiful weather. Irene, how are your dogs doing? I had to put Freida in the kennel for the first time this trip but she did extremely well. The Vet's helper told me she was running the place. I could tell when I went to pick her up. Her yiping was louder than the other dogs to get to go outside in the evening. She knows how to command attention with her different bark styles. She was so happy to see me, thank goodness. Carol, before I went on vacation my mother said she almost fell in the bathroom and realized for the first time that she should stay here in Biloxi in case of an accident. Then when we came back from our vacation she tells me she is moving back to Louisiana because she hates it so much here. I am driving her on Monday for an interview for an apartment that became available in the Westminster apartment complex for seniors and wishing her well. I am done! She should move in about two weeks. But with my mother you never know. It's a 2 hour ride each way. I dread it. Today, the weather is cloudy. We really need to do some yardwork today. Maybe this evening. Lenny's police car started running hot yesterday so he brought it in to the police barn to have it worked on. I will pick him up later and we will have some lunch. That is, after I drop Malia off at Jr. Broadway Boot Camp. She auditioned for a part on Tuesday and got the role. It's not a big role but to her it is everything. She loves it. My future star.