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  1. Gosh she's got a good grip of him ... can't say I blame her ! Thanks Gaby !
  2. A lovely smile and no beard to cover his handsome face . Thanks Gaby !
  3. Another cracker Gaby , thanks !
  4. Probably wishing he'd worn his glasses !
  5. What a lovely smile !
  6. How great to see you back Gaby ! Great pictures too
  7. I still am locked out and the update as you say was supposed to be complete by today . What the heck is going on ? I'm due to renew at the end of next month but not if I can't access the boards ! Fast losing patience .
  8. I don't know . Night Owl says she's locked out too . I had an e-mail reminding me that my membership renewal was due next month . You couldn't make it up !
  9. This is my third day locked out of FOJG . That makes 3 times in as many weeks with no real explanation given . I've only once had a response to e - mails sent and it just said there was a problem and they were trying to fix it . It just isn't good enough .
  10. Same thing has happened to me !
  11. Presumably it's also ok for me not to agree with everything that's said here?
  12. Calliope ,you seem to have a very negative view of Josh . One wonders why you continue to visit his website.
  13. The latest news is that that radio programme was taped and only aired after management approved it. They broadcasted information about Kate's medical condition which is surely very wrong. What a terrible invasion of her privacy.Even if the nurse had other problems this probably tipped her over the edge. It must surely cast a shadow over Kate and William's happiness.The radio station and the DJ's deserve all the flak they're getting and then some.
  14. So you are the guardian angel Siena had while I was away. Hmmm Interesting LOL. I am glad someone was there for her!

    On a totally different matter, I think I know you, but I can't put my finger on it.... Care to help me out here, bud? :-p

  15. Hi Scotty! I'll post some pics to u in a pm of my new smile, the hurt is still there, but it's getting a bit easier, it's only been a week and one day, so I expect to be a little laid-up yet. I do some things but I get tired easily, uust wanted to say hey! (((HUG)))