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  1. Gosh she's got a good grip of him ... can't say I blame her ! Thanks Gaby !
  2. A lovely smile and no beard to cover his handsome face . Thanks Gaby !
  3. Another cracker Gaby , thanks !
  4. Probably wishing he'd worn his glasses !
  5. What a lovely smile !
  6. How great to see you back Gaby ! Great pictures too
  7. I still am locked out and the update as you say was supposed to be complete by today . What the heck is going on ? I'm due to renew at the end of next month but not if I can't access the boards ! Fast losing patience .
  8. I don't know . Night Owl says she's locked out too . I had an e-mail reminding me that my membership renewal was due next month . You couldn't make it up !
  9. This is my third day locked out of FOJG . That makes 3 times in as many weeks with no real explanation given . I've only once had a response to e - mails sent and it just said there was a problem and they were trying to fix it . It just isn't good enough .
  10. Same thing has happened to me !
  11. I reported it yesterday . We've only just got rid of the last lot .
  12. I hope they do .
  13. No , you're quite right . I reported them last night .
  14. Presumably it's also ok for me not to agree with everything that's said here?
  15. Calliope ,you seem to have a very negative view of Josh . One wonders why you continue to visit his website.