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  1. buck
  2. banks My grandma has the best memory of anyone I know. Ironic, since she can't remember things from last week but can remember things from her childhood 50-60 years ago!
  3. space I remember bits and pieces but I have a hard time remembering every detail. I guess I may have been a little harsh on myself. I can probably remember things more accurately from the last 5 years
  4. (that's) Life How in the world can you remember that? I can hardly remember what I did 2 years ago, let alone when I did in elementary school!
  5. Good job Ginny!
  6. nick
  7. enough
  8. That part of Jason's program makes much more sense now after watching that video. And yeah, why did they have to haul their luggage across the ice? Surely there was a way around. What a lovable diva Adam is Those pictures are hilarious. That's an interesting move to Frank. I thought Frank Carroll said he was going to stop travelling to competitions but I guess he didn't mean he would stop coaching completely.
  9. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia 

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    2. thevoicefan


      U r very welcome my dear, hope u had FUN :)

    3. Space Cadet Mary

      Space Cadet Mary

      I did.  I had lunch with my mom and sister and I went out with my friends for dinner.

    4. thevoicefan


      great my dear, God bless you :)


  10. 8 L's and 2 U's "IN/LI_E,/ALL/GOOD/THINGS/_OME/HARD,/ _UT/_ISDOM/IS/THE/HARDEST/TO/_OME/_ _." --LU_ILLE/_ALL _BC_ _F_ _ _JK_ _ _ _PQ_ _ _ _VWXYZ
  11. pink
  12. harvest
  13. Sorry I didn't respond earlier. I forgot to tell you that I was leaving for a few days to visit San Diego. I've decided to move there so I was meeting with a realtor and trying to scope out some possible areas to live in. I couldn't hear anything on the video either. Also, any skating news I've missed? I guess it's been pretty quiet now that the season's over, touring has started and a lot of skaters are taking much needed breaks.