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  1. I just finished this shawl this past Thursday. I have already donated it to a local cancer association for their prayer shawl supply. The pattern was on the ball band of the Caron Cake yarn, which Is dyed to do the stripes all by itself.
  2. Gilda, no, I did not create the pattern (usually called a chart) myself. It /was created from a photo of Josh, and was in a British cross stitching magazine that I purchased. Having attempted to import photos into special chart-creating software, I will say that good photo-editing skills are mandatory to tweak the picture before you import it into the software, and I lack them! Whomever created this chart did an EXCELLENT job. Now, for the FYL Foundation logo that I stitched, I did create that chart myself. (and the lettering font being wrong should be proof enough, LOL) That time, I had my cross stitch chart software open in one window on the desktop, and the logo image file also open on the desktop next to it, and I sort of free-handed it to create the shapes and spacing. I also didn't get the colors or corners quite right, but Josh autographed it anyway. Let me find a picture of it to post.....
  3. Only if I get him really drunk first.....
  4. Thanks, Gilda. I'm telling Josh you called him a Special Snowflake! LOL!
  5. Showing off 2 that I finished in December (2016) and
  6. Actually it was. Maybe some of the generalizations about the intelligence or ethics of people who either voted for Trump or voted against Hilary in any other way weren't intended to be applied to those of us here, but no such disclaimers appeared with the statements, and they were indeed intended to insult and/or discredit "all the people who voted for...".
  7. I have not heard even that much about Josh and Kat's breakup, but I wondered when the blonde girl from 2 Broke Girls -- Beth? -- got engaged, if Josh was getting pressure to propose to Kat (whether from Kat or other friends/family) since they are supposedly such good friends. On the other hand, I think they broke up somewhere around his Australian and European 'Stages' tours, and I wondered then if she was tired of him not being around enough for her tastes. As for Chris, I agree he is "below the radar", but I think he probably prefers that to what he sees Josh dealing with, with papps and unrealistic fans. For a while there, Chris was un-/under-employed and living on friends' couches, and I wonder if he feels like he shouldn't have a girlfriend if he can't even support himself. My son had some of that feeling before he got his current job, and was barely making his rent and utilities.
  8. Jenny, what an awesome thing for Magic to do for Flint, you to do for that family, and getting to "meet" him to boot!! yea!
  9. For some of us who seriously consider(ed) Hillary a FAR GREATER DANGER to our country, since she stated she would start repealing the amendments in the Bill of Rights, it wasn't so much a vote FOR Trump OR the party, as it was a desperate vote AGAINST Hillary. Period. SMH that people can't see that. Our country will elect a female for President only when her sex is not an issue; when she is the best CANDIDATE for President, and not the best FEMALE CANDIDATE for President. I very much look forward to that day.
  10. I happen to think Hilary is more-so the one only concerned about herself/himself, compared to Trump. Time will tell. Elaine, I didn't know that about Pierre and Fidel, that they were friends and that Fidel went to Pierre's funeral. Arrow, thanks for the link to the review. I haven't been on the computer much lately, and hadn't seen it. I have run out of several prescription meds, and the mail-order pharmacy won't refill for me in a timely fashion (husband's drug plan forces one to use mail-order for drugs you take/use more than 30 days), and the lack of one of them is literally messing with my head. I've been going to bed before 9 PM all week trying to reduce the effects. ETA: I was able to log in to Para's new site for us.
  11. I haven't seen it but, the first month has been "Previews", and that was Opening Night (which I forgot about). Kind of like when a store opens, then a few weeks later has a "Grand Opening" event. I totally missed all of the Super Moon views, because our skies have been filled with smoke from some 'nearby' (~20-30 miles away) forest fires. It's been hard to breathe in it, even just driving with the windows up.
  12. Elaine, I've held my tongue, bit my tongue, put on my big girl panties to deal with it, resolved that I would overlook the hurtful generalizations that I was taking personally, but stop. Just stop. Or resolve to be dead to me. In the first place, you don't have a dog in this fight, so while you are certainly free to have your own opinions, and state them, once we've asked you to back off, you really should. Yes, I'll admit I am not as informed about issues and candidates as I should be, because it is painful and nauseating to me, and yes, I actually voted for Trump in the election, but not because I think he's fit or right for the job. I'm going to break another resolve -- not to mention Hilary's past criminal and treasonous acts -- Benghazi anyone? Personal email server with Classified documents anyone?, HER lying and hypocritical-ness -- the Clinton Foundation? getting a child-rapist off by duping the DA and laughing about it, anyone??? Being fired from the Watergate prosecution legal team when a law student/young lawyer for non-ethical behavior anyone??? I placed my vote for Trump because I felt it the best way to assure that Hilary did not win, because SHE HAS STATED she intends to start repealing Constitutional Amendments in the Bill of Rights, that were written and passed more than 200 years ago by some very wise Founding Fathers, and have served us well. Hilary's stated goals are a DANGER to all of the United States, and *I* don't understand how those who voted for Hilary can't see that. I think that is a freaking Hell of a lot more dangerous than some old lech, making offensive statements. I don't even know whether or not he even believes what he says; he has admitted to using the media's reporting of his every move to avoid having to pay for campaign air time. How easy to just periodically spout off crap, and sit back and watch the media frenzy over it like pirrhannas, and laugh at them. Okay? I am not "completely stupid" or "total idiot" or "anti-America" or a racist or any of the other accusations -- although John was right that I AM "dickless" -- and I really, Really, REALLY would like that language to stop in this thread. **CHANGE the freaking topic!!!***
  13. Time to PM each other our email addresses I guess.
  14. Seen elsewhere on the Internet: If who you voted for won: Don't Gloat. If who you voted for lost: Don't Despair.
  15. Irene, for now anyway, keep that link! I "signed up" on the new main page (but not for FOJG), then promptly clicked on the "CONTACT US" link and asked where the link to this message board was, and when were they adding it to the main page. Can't wait to see what kind of answer I get....