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  1. Carol, you are so sweet for your concern. I am touched. I know I have too much going on, so I am contemplating going for therapy. Also, once my dad is settled, I pray I can take off some weekends so I can either rest or do something that is fun. I do hope you and Peter are doing well. I always love to see your pictures on Facebook! Sarah, have fun girl!
  2. ***crickets chirping*** I know Sarah is in London having a ball......what are the rest of you up to lately? Any plans for the weekend? Alan and I are going to my Dad's. We are taking him to a family reunion on Sunday. On Saturday, I have to look at some of his important papers and get some information so I can complete the paperwork for the assisted living facility. Once done, I will drive over to drop off the papers and also see the room he'll be moving in to. He'll have a roommate. The cost of a private room is so astronomical. Alan and I will be moving the furniture over on move-in day ourselves. I'll put my sister in charge of hanging out with our Dad while all that is happening. It's going to be an emotional day. Move-in day is July 6th. Older daughter, Sara is coming to my Dad's this weekend with Colin so they can attend the reunion with him. Sara doesn't really want to go, but she knows it means a lot to "Pop". She's a good granddaughter. Shelley has to work. His other granddaughter, Lauren, lives in Florida, so she won't be there. When she was a little girl, my sister and her husband would put Lauren on a plane and send her up to spend part of the summer with Grannie and Pop. They adored her. Well, I'm going over to Shelley's in a little while. For their anniversary, we gave them 2 Fun Pack tickets that can be used at Busch Gardens or Water Country for unlimited visits this summer. I need to carry them over to them this evening and spend some time with the children. Well, better sign off for now. Hope all of you are doing ok!
  3. Alan and I went over to my cousin's house this afternoon to pick up the bedframe that used to belong to my Dad's sister (our aunt). As we were talking before putting things on the truck, I happened to mention that my next task was to get a chest of drawers. My cousin brightened up and said that she had one that used to belong to the same aunt. So she took us upstairs to see it. I decided it would work very well, so we finally managed to get it down the stairs and into the truck. It took some doing! Once Alan had it all packed on his truck, my cousin's husband got home. We had a good laugh over that! But we managed pretty well. We got the items to our house and just brought them in through the back sliding doors and plopped everything at the back of the room until it's time to take them to my Dad's. Sarah, I'm like you in that I tend to overpack for the "what ifs" scenarios. I'd much rather have too much than not enough. I know you guys will have such a fun time. I look forward to your stories once you return. Carol, I do hope my peace of mind will become better after my Dad moves. I have been worrying about him for so long I have forgotten how to have fun in my own life. I was telling Alan earlier that I feel I've lost myself and don't even know what I like or what makes me happy any more. I am so weary of this caretaking role, but it's a necessary one and you know I would never shirk it. My Dad is looking forward to going to his heavenly home, and I will be glad for him when it happens. He will truly be where he wants to be. I think that will help me once he's gone from Earth.
  4. After work today, I hightailed it over to the local "junk" shop that sells all sorts of old furniture and household stuff----I was looking for a used chest of drawers. The ones I saw were either cheap and ugly or more expensive and totally of the wrong century! I don't 'want to get something old fashioned, or one that need painting to look better. tomorrow I'll check out some other shops. My Dad is in need of one for his room once he gets to assisted living. We don't have one he can use and there aren't any in his house that he can use. Perhaps I could put out an APB on Facebook to see if anyone has one they are willing to part with. I don't really want to be running around to everyone's house to find one. What a predicament. (The one in his bedroom is really tall and big---it would never work in the room).
  5. Sarah, I am so glad that everything turned out so well for your grandmother's party. I'm sure it touched your heart that she was so appreciative of all that you did. Your departure date for London sure came up quickly! I know you guys will have a great time! Carol, it sure is miserable trying to sleep when it is so hot. I spent many a night like that growing up in my childhood home. We didn't get central air conditioning until either my high school years or when I left for college. Up until then, we made do with fans. At least it cooled the sweat on my body! We had a great visit with my dad this weekend. We just got home at 6pm. He seems to be getting more used to the idea of moving.
  6. Sarah, I sure hope your grandmother's party is a smashing success! Enjoy your weekend! Our department at work had the annual picnic outing at a local park yesterday. It was great fun! In addition to feeding us, they had raffles, an auction and then games that we participated in. I played in the Corn Hole game. I'm horrible at it but it was so much fun! I also played Bingo. It was great to just relax a while and talk with my buddies. Well my sister and I have decided on my Dad's move-in date---it will be July 6th. My sister and I will always remember our birthdays for 2017. Mine is July 8 and hers is July 10. We'll always associate this life changing event for our Dad with our birthdays. We will spend it with him to celebrate. Marie is flying up here on July 4th and will be here until July 11th. So I've taken off from work for that length of time so that we can both handle this transition. I also found out something when Donna told me that she and her husband are interested in buying my Dad's house once that time comes. To be honest, I wondered if they might consider doing that. She didn't say they wanted to live there, so they may want it so they can fix it up and resell it, or perhaps buy it for Donna's grown daughter. Not really sure. I won't ask questions at this point. That's going to be in the future so I don't need to worry about it now.
  7. Hi ladies, I came back home late Monday. So Dad is still enjoying having Donna come over during the day. She is helping him to feel a little better about this upcoming move. She told him that he won't have to worry about whether or not he'll ever see her again because she plans to come and visit often. She really loves him dearly. That will certainly help him to feel better. We will be going to my Dad's every weekend until he moves to the facility. I already cancelled with the agency that his other caregiver is with since she (Francia) only came on weekends. But in the future, I plan to contract with her privately so that she can take my Dad to church every other Sunday. The facility won't take the residents to church, but they do have their own devotional time. My sister is planning to fly up here when it's time for my Dad to move so that he can have her visit to look forward to and have more support. Tomorrow our department at work is having its annual outing. We leave at 10am to go to a local park for games, catered lunch and a raffle and auction (where we get to use our accumulated "fake" money!). We are having a thunderstorm/downpour at the moment, and weather predictions seemed to indicate that there may be some showers in the morning. Last year's picnic had rain the whole time. I sure hope we won't have a repeat of that this time! After work, I had a chiropractic appointment, then came home. I hadn't been home long before Shelley called and asked if I could come over to watch the baby while she left to go pick up Charlotte at the daycare. She didn't want to have to drag Rosalie out in the rain since she already isn't feeling too well. So I went over and played with Rosalie. She was getting fussy by the time Shelley and Charlotte got back. I did manage to get her to stay in her play pen for a while so I could do a few dishes in the kitchen. According to Shelley, the baby barely slept last night due to post nasal drip and coughing so much. I guess that means no one got any sleep! She sure seemed tired to me while I was there, but resisted being in a lying down position. Her throat may hurt because she sounded hoarse. Alan's brother, Dave, was visiting us from June 6th until he left on the 13th (yesterday). He and Alan had a good time on their road trip to Connecticut to attend the wedding of one of Dave's former students. According to video Alan sent us, they had a great time at the wedding, probably too great of a time! The guests didn't have to drive as there was a bus taking the hotel guests to and from the venue. So that worked out really well so that they could enjoy the flowing wine. Well, that's about it from here. I did see on the news this morning that there was a horrible high rise fire in London and that so many were killed or missing. Time again for more prayers. Irene, you were lucky to get in that walk before getting drenched. Yes, you really seem to have to dodge quite a lot of rain all the time. Hopefully warmer weather is coming! Carol, I've done a bit of reading to see that my Dad's reaction to having to move is typical, and that my feelings are normal too. It helps to know I'm not going crazy. Sarah, good for you two taking that impromptu trip to the beach! That helps to make your life fun.
  8. Same thing here, Carol. All the candidates say they will reduce taxes and increase jobs. One person can't do all that! Loved your pictures on Facebook. I think the party was a success! Irene, is it typical weather you're having there, or is it unusually cold there for this time of year? i told my dad today of the assisted living plans I am putting together for him. It was very emotional. He knows we are doing what we ( my sister and I ) think is best for him. Now he's resisting and saying let's think about it some more. He is trying to talk his way out of it. The thing he will miss most: his caregiver Donna. She is sad but sees it's for his own good.
  9. All the killings in the name of Isis are hard to understand since our culture doesn't wish to wipe out all other followers of other religions. All I can say is that their propaganda must be extremely more effective than any of us can imagine and until we gain an understanding, I doubt the West will ever be successful in gaining the upper hand in this war. It's kind of like Nazi Germany with their desire to cleanse the human race. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about all this because it is so depressing.
  10. I was able to get a lot accomplished on Monday when I got off from work early. I decided to go to work today and will be there tomorrow, then am off Thursday and Friday as I have lined up visits with the top 2 contenders of the facilities that I visited a year ago. I don't really want to tell my Dad what I'm doing yet, but it's going to be hard to explain why I am in town on a Thursday and Friday. Perhaps just telling him I have some business I have to take care of will be all I need to say, but he may see through that. Carol, it sure is hard to keep a large secret like that one! She will surely have a lovely time once she sees it's a surprise for her. Long ago, a boyfriend I had at the time threw me a surprise party and invited all my relatives without me knowing about it. I was dumbfounded when we pulled up and I saw all those people. Sarah, my Dad has vascular dementia, which is a gradual degeneration of brain cells due to dwindling oxygen to the brain. He's had some mini strokes and 2 larger ones, so we know his brain is deteriorating. His confusion isn't all the time--it generally occurs during the night. It will never get better and I really don't want him put on any more medications. He's ready to go to heaven, but unfortunately, his body is a little too strong to grant that wish. In the meantime, I don't want him spending so much time alone anymore and being so vulnerable. I want to know he is safe. He won't be happy there for a while and I know it. So I'm trying to brace myself for the emotional roller coaster that is coming.
  11. Well, ladies, the time has come. After an incident that happened at my Dad's, then something that happened when my sister called him this evening, we have realized that it's time to place him in an assisted living facility. It's a hard decision but we realize it's for his own good. He gets so confused now when he wakes up from sleeping. Now he's starting not to know where he is at times. Plus, when I arrived on Saturday morning, I found that he had rummaged around in the cabinet and taken his AM and PM meds for Saturday between the time he went to bed Friday night and when I arrived Saturday morning. He told my sister this evening that he didn't feel quite right. We think he may have had a TIA or mini stroke. So I will begin tomorrow to find a facility that can take him, preferably one I already visited and liked. So the next few weeks are going to be challenging. To make things even more difficult, my brother in law is arriving late Tuesday night and he and Alan are going out of town this weekend. I am going to try like heck to not upset my husband's plans with his brother. But I told him, if an emergency occurs, I am going to need him. Also, my sister agreed that she would come up here when it's time to transition Daddy to his new living quarters, since it's going to be a very emotional time for him. I just wish I had put 2 and 2 together before I left there this afternoon, but I couldn't have known what would transpire after I left. I am trying to decide if I should take off some time from work tomorrow so I'll have uninterrupted time to call the facilities and ask the questions that need asking. Somehow, I don't see myself having the time or quiet space if I'm at work. There, I've talked myself into taking some time off tomorrow to do what needs to be done!
  12. ***where is everyone??*** I'm at my dad's. I put him in bed at 8:15 and now I'm just relaxing and watching stuff on Netflix on my phone. I took him to see a friend and his wife this afternoon. He thoroughly enjoyed the outing. Tomorrow is church, then after lunch I'll be heading back home. My time with him goes by so quickly.
  13. Welcome back, Irene! Your description of your time in the UK sounds marvelous...😀 It's always nice to visit family and have a change of scenery. Alan and I rode over to Shelley's this evening to take a birthday card for Jacob. He hadn't gotten home from work yet so we just played with the grandkids for a little while and came home. Shelley's mother in law was there. She has to babysit the children over the weekend since both parents have to work. We can't do it since I am going to my dad's and Alan must finish work in his shop by Monday.
  14. I sympathize with you regarding the party. I personally think it's better to acknowledge and celebrate their birthdays so they feel special. Everyone likes to be the center of attention on their special day. And if they say they don't, they are bluffing! Not much news to tell. Am just vegging out on the couch and getting ready to call my dad.
  15. Wow, that is great that you have gotten back the RSVPs. Now you can rest assured of how many to expect at the party. Do you think your grandmother will appreciate the efforts for the party? Some elderly don't like a lot of fuss. I plan to go over to Shelley's in a bit to spend some time with them and occupy the children so she can get supper started, so I will go for now.