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  1. We got home around 2pm today, Sunday. We had such a good time with her Charlotte. When her parents aren't around, she is so much better behaved! My dad enjoyed spending time with her. She doesn't really talk loud enough for him to hear her, but there are moments when they understand each other. This morning we all went over to the facility where Dad's brother is to have a visit. My uncle is extremely deaf and no one is really taking time to put in his hearing aids. It was tough being there. Then one of his Don's walked in, my cousin David. So we talked quite a bit with him. Charlotte tried to speak loudly to her great uncle, but he never heard her. He did speak a little but the things he said didn't seem to make sense. Such a sad situation. I don't think he is going to be around much longer. 😟 Alan and I are relaxing now after the 2.5 hour driving trip. We are looking forward to seeing the first episode of Endeavor tonight on public tv. People here are going eclipse crazy. It's said that around 2:30 is when it will be evident in our area. I don't want to ruin my eyes so don't plan on looking up.
  2. Carol, it really does sound as if there was a difference of opinion resulting in Mary Berry leaving. I love the on air relationship she had with Paul Hollywood. We've only seen it through the 3rd season. We've also seen some of the masterclass episodes with the experts making the items. We both want to start baking all the time now! I told Alan we simply can't do it because we'd eat all of our experiments! We are having fun with Charlotte at my Dad's. Alan is reading her a story right now. Time to shut down.
  3. Hi ladies! I got home a little after 2pm from our outing. The indoor glow golf was ok. Somebody is making a lot of money with some rinky dink miniature golf islands. The place is very dark and they only light it with black lights, so anyone who has on white will really glow! Plus each golf hole obstacle is outlined with glow in the dark paint. I have a feeling that if lights were turned on, people would realize how crappy the place really is! It was fun, but I don't care to go again. Then we went to the Mellow Mushroom. We had all sat down at a really long, tall table and we immediately realized that one of our associates would not be able to sit with us because he's in a wheelchair. So they moved us all outside on the porch. It's a very hot day today, so we all just kind of sucked it up and went along because no one wanted to make Zach feel bad about it. After a while, we began to feel some breeze and they had some ceiling fans going, but there wasn't one above our table. I got a gluten free pizza, which was pretty good. It wasn't the best I've ever had, but it was good. We all had a good time socializing together. Everyone loved their food. That place was extremely busy, too! And not too far from the restaurant was a new grocery store that had just opened, called Lidl. I understand it's from Germany. I guess they are trying to battle it out with Aldi's! I have not yet gone inside a Lidl grocery store. I go to Aldi's from time to time, but not on a regular basis.
  4. Irene, evidently the allergy that this co-worker has for seafood includes the fact that he cannot be around it or smell it. I've never known of a seafood allergy that was this bad. It must be hard for him to stay away from it when he's out in a restaurant! Your information about the link with Vitamin D and psoriasis is interesting. Did you find out when your next doctor's appointment will be? Or did you already have it? I must be losing my marbles! Hope you continue to have an enjoyable visit with your friends. How long are they staying? Sarah, I can see why things are so prickly with your Mom where your brother is concerned. You've got to do what you must to have a happy life. You can't live it by only pleasing others. You'd go mad. Your mountain trip can't come too soon...... I can't believe you've been married 2.5 years already....where does the time go??? Our team at work is going on another quarterly outing tomorrow. I can hear you whispering "when do they actually work?" We go out 4 times a year, so these outings do come around fairly quickly. This time, we're going to an indoor miniature golf place called Glow Golf. We've heard it's fun, so we shall see. After that, we're going to lunch at the Mellow Mushroom restaurant. They actually have gluten free items!!! Yay!!!! The team that sits across from us is also going on their outing tomorrow. They are going to Tangier Island, off the coast of Virginia. I've never been before. It will be quite a long trip for them. It takes about 2 hours just to get there! Traffic near the coast is always horrible, too.
  5. Hi everyone, I just finished a 15-minute walk on the treadmill, so decided to sit down and check out the site for any new messages. I guess everyone has been busy! Today at work, one of our managers asked me and CH if either of us would consider flying out to Chicago to learn a new process. I immediately said no. First of all, I hate airplanes. So that's that. He understood. If CH doesn't go, then they may have to fly someone here to teach us. I'm glad it's not mandatory for me to fly for my job. The fact that the Chicago site is closing in December would also be hard to deal with. I can't imagine the mind set of the folks who must train us and know we have a job but they don't. We also found out today that one of the new hires on another team has a seafood allergy, so a broadcast email was sent out telling everyone that they must refrain from eating any seafood at their desks any longer. So now we have a person with a seafood allergy and 2 with severe allergies to any fragrances. I know it's for the health and well being of these people. But I can't help but think that they would be better off in offices of their own. Alan and I are considering taking Charlotte with us this weekend to visit with my Dad. Alan will be the busiest person since my focus must be on my Dad. I know he will enjoy seeing her. Updated: Carol, I see we both posted at the same time! Glad you are enjoying your time with Poppy. I've enjoyed the pictures on FB.
  6. That tour sounds like fun, Sarah. When Alan was out in St. Louis this past July for his piano technician's convention, one day he went with the tour group to a brewery out there. I think it was a Budweiser brewery. He said it was very interesting. Plus they got samples..... Yes, I can see where yoga would help you to de-stress and become more centered. It's good you have that class. Today at work, several of us on the team were able to get our managers to realize that we need to be able to offer overtime this week because our work is piling up (for various reasons). So they agreed to it. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to get in more hours this week. A little more in the purse is nice! Where are Carol and Irene??? I "see" Peggy on Facebook all the time. She recently had a birthday. Carol and Irene, I sure hope all is well with you. It's raining here at the moment. We do need it. Alan is at karate class and I was trying to sort out sending payments for our long term care insurance policies, so when I went to get the check book, I found that there were no more checks in the book AND I could not find a box of new checks. We so seldom write checks, so evidently we failed to order a new set when we were supposed to. Luckily I was able to go on the website of the company and pay online.
  7. Sarah, I bet you love unsolicited advice from your Mom....... I guess she's just thinking about how your brother and his wife must feel. To be honest, it sounds like something I'd do........Shelley and Sara let my advice just run across their backs like water if they don't like it. I appreciate that they don't argue. They know it's coming from a place of love, or else I wouldn't say it. I try NOT to do it, but sometimes I can't help myself. It's a Mom thing..... Anyway, I bet you and Shawn were beyond fried after being around all those children! It's nerve wracking at a party when they are all running around, squealing and yelling. The extra sugar doesn't do much to help the matter either! I hope you and your Mom will get back on even footing soon. I see you guys have a list of things that need doing. It's always something with a house. Have you gotten a chance to rest up a bit from your weekend? I am sort of protesting at work over a matter of training. Our supervisor threw out this training schedule which has me starting training this week on the MOST complex process our team handles. Right now, only 3 people handle it. I actually was in charge of it probably 6 years ago, then it got handed back to the woman who had had it for a while. This woman (CH) is so tired of being the point of contact (poc) that she is ready to look for a job elsewhere outside of the company. The process is fraught with tiny details and endless meetings to hash out problems and legalities. It was that way when I had it. Long story short, I have to cover for LM when she is out from Aug. 21-Sept 1, and her work isn't a piece of cake either. I am very slow with it, so I won't have the time to be thinking about learning that complex process all over again until LM gets back. I can't understand why our supervisor didn't think about this when she set up this random schedule. CH and I have decided we aren't going to get together and if anyone says anything, we will give our reasons. I told my manager today that it makes no sense and she agreed. So I have her backing. It's crap like this that make me really want to retire today.
  8. We all had pizza for lunch on Saturday and the the kids played a while. Charlotte had WAY too much sugar during the day, so she was a pistol by mid afternoon. So Shelley took her kids home and Sara and Colin had a low key afternoon. Colin didn't nap, but he was content to watch cartoons and play with some toys. We all went bowling in the evening. Anyone watching us must have thought we were crazy! Charlotte and Colin quickly bored of the bowling, so they spent a lot of time in the arcade room with one of us supervising. But we ended up having fun, then got back home around 8pm. I gave Colin his bath so Mommy could relax a moment. She then put him to bed and it wasn't a struggle since he was so tired. Alan, Sara and I watched an episode of The Great British Bake Off (not sure if that's the title) on Netflix. We really like that show. I love to see if Mary Berry and the guy (I can't remember his name) are going to like any of the contestant's goodies. They are brutally honest. If it doesn't taste good, they will say so. Carol, I imagine you are very familiar with the show. Sarah, I know what it's like to have a busy weekend and then try and rest up when you go to work on Monday! I think it's been one of those for me, too. We went over to Shelley's around 10:30 this morning so we could watch Rosalie while Shelley took Charlotte shoe shopping. Alan did most of the babysitting while I washed dishes and did some laundry, to help Shelley out. We didn't get home until around 2:30. My right knee has begun to bother me, and it worries me. Going up or down steps brings on the twinges, mostly. I don't like this turn of events. So how was Oliver's birthday party? Did they invite lots of little kids, or was it mainly a family event? This September, Sara is having a separate party for day care friends. She's doing a family gathering on Sept. 16. That way, our family gathering will be a lot less stressful and a fairly laid back. Well, I must go and rest up from our eventful afternoon. **waves to everyone**
  9. Sarah, I imagine the traffic is quite bad there. I think all the big cities have problems with high volume traffic. The D.C. area, IMO, is the worst. But then, I've never been to Boston or many of the other large cities. I see on the news that traffic is quite bad in L.A., too. I am glad I live where I do. I could not take all the stress of the traffic. My commute is 9 minutes at 45 mph! Speaking of eyebrows, I don't' get that done very often, but mine aren't wild either. Plus I wear glasses, so my brows are not prominent. But I know several ladies at work who must go quite regularly or else they turn into UniBrow! Women have it so hard, trying to look pretty..... I bought some hair removal lotion at the drug store and do my own upper lip to save money. What a conversation! So today after work, I had to go to the library to return my two audio books. I listened to one of them (a Charles Todd novel, with recurring Inspector Ian Rutledge as the main character). I tried to listen to the other book---I purposely chose one by an author I hadn't heard of, and it just never got any better as I continued to get into the story, so I decided to chuck it and go get a new one by Charles Todd that I hadn't heard yet. Then I went to the grocery store (along with about 400 other people!) I mostly bought ingredients to make some frosted brownies from scratch for Shelley. Her birthday is tomorrow and she loves sweets. She will appreciate these! We aren't going to the beach tomorrow after all. Rain is in the forecast, so we decided to have a family bowling party with pizza tomorrow. So I am definitely looking forward to that! I am also glad to not have to drive for hours and hours to get to the beach and have to deal with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel! It's my worst nightmare, going through that thing, and it's famous for long back ups and hours of waiting when traffic is really heavy.
  10. Awwww, "Craigie Mack", as Josh used to say. I remember him fondly. It's good to see he's doing well. I like some of the Goo Goo Dolls music---sounds like aside from the knuckleheads beside you, it was a fun time. At least you are saving money by only coloring your hair twice a year! It can really get expensive! Back when I used to color mine, I mostly did it myself, but I did have the beautician do it once and I about fainted at the price, so I vowed to never do that again! Pretty soon after that, I decided to quit coloring altogether and go gray. I can't believe Oliver is 2 already! Time sure does fly - I can't believe Rosalie will be one in November! There was a big announcement at work today: they are closing down the department that assists us in Chicago, so this will affect around 400 people. It was a solemn occasion during the phone conference call with our director and all the teams in the department here. She was in Chicago to help people get through these first few tough days after the announcement of losing their jobs by December. They will be given the opportunity to relocate here and apply for positions here, but they are not guaranteed a job here. It's always sad when these announcements are made. But that's corporate America for you. It's all about the bottom line.
  11. Sarah, are you particularly close with this cousin? Is this aunt the mother of the girl to be married? I wasn't clear on that. It was nice that you were able to have dinner with your aunt. I bet she appreciated you coming over, too. You mentioned that you have a hair appointment on Friday. Will you be trying something new? Or just getting a trim? I got my hair cut today after work. Feels so much better! Before my appointment, I had time to go shopping in JCPenney at the jewelry counter. I bought a new silver chain necklace. I've been wishing for a prettier one for a long time, but just never got the notion to go and buy one. So now I have! The chain is much brighter and interesting than the others I have. I was also eyeing the rings and pendant necklaces. I'm afraid if I had a ton of money, I'd be in there all the time getting items I don't need..... Well, I need to call my Dad, so I will run for now........
  12. I think Josh would look good with a close cropped mustache and goutee. I don't really like fluffy beards like that on men. I like them neatly and closely trimmed. Alan has a goutee and mustache and I love it. A friend of his posted an old picture of Alan and me on FB a week or so ago and we looked so funny with our dark hair! Our girls must have been around 6 and 9 at that time. I started going gray in my mid 30's. Poor Sara is having the same occurrence. Her hair looks good with her gray streaks - I think it makes her look distinguished and very wise! She is actually a very intelligent girl/woman. Not sure how she is my daughter because I'm no mental giant, but she caught the reading bug at an early age, so I guess that helped. When I need someone to talk to about an issue, she is the right person because she is good at bringing things into perspective. Sarah, Boston sounds like a very diverse place for all manner of entertainment. I know that Richmond, VA has a lot of interesting things to do, but we never seek anything out. We're fuddy duddies. Work consumes our lives at the moment. Have you guys used your new fire pit since it was installed? Alan and I talked about wanting to possibly make our deck into a screened-in porch. But it is low on the totem pole of things that need doing. First of all, we need to have vinyl siding put on the front and side eaves of the house so that they will no longer need painting. We've got some places where the paint is chipping off and it's beginning to look bad from the road. We also need new shutters and front and back doors. With a house, it's never ending.
  13. Sarah, you and Shawn do the most interesting things! I can only imagine how funny that Shakespeare show was! We accompanied Sara to Walmart so that we could be in charge of Colin and allow her to shop with no interruptions. It also allowed Bobby to get some more sleep. He gets up at 2:30am so he can get to D.C. before the major rush hour has begun, then he rests in his car until his shift starts at 6am. He uses Sundays to catch up on sleep. We had fun with Colin in the store. We took him to the tool aisle where he was mesmerized by the drills and wrenches. Then it was over to the toy truck and car row, where he pushed all the buttons to hear the various sirens. He was sad to see us go, but we shall see them on Friday when they spend the night so that we can all leave early in the morning for a day trip to the beach for Shelley's birthday. She and the children are going too, obviously. We have a large tent cover we plan to bring so we won't be in the hot sun.
  14. Sarah, it seems that having your brother in law there has been a positive experience for everyone. Of course, I know many things go on in life that we don't mention here, so I do hope he is appreciative of having your place to live for the time being. Carol, I had to chuckle when you said you would starve if Peter were in charge of cooking! I know a lot of men like that. I am thankful Alan cooks for himself now since we eat different things. Sounds like you and Poppy will be having fun together! Irene, I never even followed Josh on Twitter but I feel as you and the others that with his stalled music career and no new music, that he is almost being forgotten. On another subject, how are the dogs doing? We are still at Sara's and had fun with him yesterday. Having a lazy Sunday morning here. I got up at 6:30. A little later I heard a little voice calling out "Ahna ". That's his name for me. So the day is up and running now!
  15. Sarah, sorry to hear that your Dad hurt his foot. Will he be hiking again when he joins his girlfriend? I hope he takes care of that foot. I don't blame you when it comes to buying concert stuff. Looking back on the Josh concerts I attended, i could kick myself for spending such exhorbitant prices for those t-shirts! I hardly listen to his music anymore. Isn't that awful to say? I can understand your feelings towards your cousin. It does seem that she is really taking advantage of her parents by making them pay for this big wedding. Most people I know nowadays who are getting married are already working and pay for most of the wedding themselves. Many parents can ill afford such a steep wedding bill like that later in life, especially if they are nearing retirement. I did want to ask a question: what is a CSA box? Irene, yes you get on out there and enjoy those walks---be careful of all the tourists! I bet the locals get tired of them at times, but the area probably benefits greatly with all the money spent in the region. Any news yet as to when you will get to go in to see your doctor? Alan picked up Charlotte from daycare yesterday so that he could take her to a karate class. She's been missing several Saturday classes for one reason or another, so Alan wanted to get her caught up with the curriculum since she just advanced to a yellow belt. anyway, when he got to the daycare, he told them he was there to pick up Charlotte (last name). Well, they took him to the 3 year old class and brought up a girl named Charlotte. He told them that it wasn't his Charlotte! So they finally found the right one. After karate class, they came back to our house and by then I was home from work. We were all eating a snack and Alan was saying that Charlotte knows the Grandmaster's Motto for class: thinking before acting. Charlotte then said "I'd rather think that act up". We all had a good laugh! I don't think she truly understands the meaning of the motto yet, but little by little we are trying to explain it to her. This weekend, we are going to Sara's and will babysit Colin Saturday night so his parents can go out with friends. (If I've already mentioned this, ignore it!) We're spending the night, so will get a chance to visit a while. I am really looking forward to this change of scenery and not having to go to my Dad's. Francia will be caring for him over the weekend.