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    Drawing all the time yay. I love swimming, volleyball, walking, picking my nose.

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  1. great sketch!
  2. been a while here's something mushy
  3. hey robin! I'm ok, just trucking along trying to take it a day at a time. why was it locked?? thank you! i don't draw as much these days but i do try to get some in here and there. i came across this painting called the dizzy spell by emile levy and loved the composition. so it's not josh but figured i'd share anyways. take care and have a lovely week!
  4. i know i don't really post much anymore but i was listening to Dulcinea and was inspired to draw If I reach out to thee, Do not tremble and shrink From the touch of my hand on thy hair. Let my fingers but see Thou art warm and alive, And no phantom to fade in the air. i love that part lol
  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia

    1. honeybee


      aw thank you patricia! :)

    2. thevoicefan


      U r very welcome dear, hope u had a great time :)

  6. maybe something comet theme?? i was looking forward to seeing the play but just found out how much tickets are. i hate money.
  7. have some ideas, so expect stuff soon! yaaaaay *fart noise*
  8. couple of drawings i started merry christmas!
  9. also it should be noted i carried that tree into the house...MYSELF. i am woman hear me roooooar *cough cough*
  10. my sister and i finished decorating the tree! i promise to post some actual drawings...ive just been in a funk. a lot of crap going on. and thank you carol. i hope you are well
  11. yesterday was my bday and it was hard for me because i miss someone a lot right now. and probably always will. but i'm trying to have hope and keep moving forward. because there's no going back.
  12. point me towards tomorrow