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  1. Brenda I am so happy that you are positively going to do something for yourself. Sometimes we lose sight of what is happening in our lives and need to take stock. I know how concerned you have been about your father and have been a wonderful daughter caring for him. I know you wouldn't have it any other way and that makes you the special person you are . I am sure better times are coming for you soon. Peter and I are fine. Peter has dizzy attacks every so often since his stroke. I think they are probably due to his blood pressure medication . His memory isn't great either but he is happy physically fit and glad to be alive ! We have enjoyed having janine over here and it was sad seeing her go back to Canada . Lily and Poppy are in Rome at the moment and having a whale of a time! Poppy will come back to stay with us in a couple of days before she goes to Canada for a month.
  2. Good to see Sarah is enjoying her stay over here. Her photos look as if she is having a lot of fun . Brenda I hope you have a good weekend at your Dads . I am sure you will find life far less stressful. It is very sad that you have lost your joy of life and I am sure your husband will agree that you need to stop and reassess what is happening . I told Peter about all your responsibilities and he agreed you need to start caring for yourself . Once your father is settled can you both manage to go away for a vacation together were you can recharge you batteries . I am full of admiration that you can work full time and do everything you manage to fit in. However I am concerned that you will become ill if you continue to burn the candle at both ends and I am really concerned about you
  3. Sarah 70 degrees in London is really warm believe me . It is still forecast to be very hot for the next few days . I guess it will end in thunderstorms. We really need our fans on at night in order to sleep ! Hope you have a wonderful holiday and get to see some of the sights before you leave . All you need will be summer clothes with a cardigan if it gets cooler and as Irene says a light mac in case of rain ☔️ Brenda it is good your dad has had time to get used to the idea of moving from his home. I am sure it will go smoothly and he will have people around him and it is bound to be safer and comforting for you to know that . irene how is your sister in law now ? is she still out of extreme pain I hope the injections have been successful
  4. Sarah. It is really hot here at the moment and is lasting for the next few days. The temperature drops next weekend and we have rain forecast for Saturday. . In London it is always hotter . Lily lives and works in London And has had to go out and buy a fan ! She can't sleep it is so hot overnight . At least you will have a couple of days good weather hopefully it will last for your week here. Brenda would it be acceptable to you for Donna to buy your dad's house. ? You would have to do it with the right price in place. I suppose it depends if there is very much to do in improvements needed . I hope your fathers move goes well and smoothly for you and your sister . Hopefully he will be able to have all the things he treasures to move with him Irene. I presume you are having the same weather as us ? Too hot to sit out but really lovely to have unbroken sunshine ☀️ but the nights are just so hot sleeping is difficult
  5. Sarah you and me both. Today it is a dress as warm and sunny. I think we are in fir a few days of good weather. The forecast changes all the time so better to just look out of the window ! I think it will be warm enough for summer clothes though yes Brenda hope all is ok with you and your dad perhaps you are just very busy ?
  6. Brenda it is natural for your father to resist a move we are all frightened of change. I think in the end he will thank you as he will feel secure and well supported when he moves please don't feel guilty as you are doing the best thing for him . Life will become much easier for all of you knowing he is safe and sound. Irene yes it is interesting times over here. Heaven only knows what will happen . Teresa May has been badly advised. Her campaign was terrible. Whereas Corbin promised things he couldn't possibly carry out as he would have the country bankrupt ! Time will tell ! Sarah with a bit of luck it may be warm when you come over. Mind you if you blink it will probably rain ☔️ but hopefully you will be lucky especially on the wedding day .
  7. Well I have been at my sisters house putting up decorations and photographs of janine from babyhood to present day. Tomorrow we all having our hair done and nails manicured before going to the party. Janine thinks she is just going to Dots for a pre dinner drink before going to the pub for a meal. She will be so shocked to see all her friends when she arrives. I hope she is happy with it. Alison's John is doing all the catering. He really enjoys it . So not a lot for us to do. Just hoping the weather is dry as we are having gazebos in the paddock . The British weather is unpredictable . I am fed up with the news today it is just going on and on about the election. I guess it will quieten down over the next few days but at present each side is slagging off the other I can't be doing with it . All parties promise the world if they get your votes and they never keep their promises anyway !
  8. Brenda I am sure if you explain you are concerned about your fathers safety and medication and that he will have company and someone around at night if he needs help. It will be such a reassurance for you knowing he is cared for . I hope it all goes smoothly for you My daughter Alison is so sad at the moment. Her friends niece was killed at the Ariana grande concert in Manchester and now another friends nephew was stabbed in the London Bridge incident . He is in an induced coma having had his spleen removed . There are so many tragic stories coming through . These terriorists have got to be stopped. I am tired of the race card being used as a threat when people say we need to to more thorough in weeding these people out and deporting or locking up for life .
  9. Brenda I am sorry you have to make this decision for your father to move to assisted living but pleased that you really have no option as his safety is paramount. I think you have been wonderful in the way in which you have cared for him and in the end this will be a weight of your mind to know he is safe and well cared for. Your father is lucky to have spent so much time at home . I hope your sister will come and help you. You are sensible taking time off to sort things out . Good luck with finding the rght accommodation for him . Sarah I hope your party goes well for your grandmother. We are having a surprise party for Janine's birthday on Saturday. She just thinks we are going out for a meal but we are having it at my sisters house which has extensive grounds so hopefully weather permitting it will be in the paddock . It has been hard keeping it as a secret . We have managed to arrange for her English friends to come as a surprise . She goes back to Canada at the end of next week. You will be fine coming to London . We Went to america two days after 9/11 I was really scared but when I arrived I just forget all about it and had a great time touring around . Irene welcome back. I hope your sister in law's pain eases and that she doesn't need further treatment . If you can sleep I think you can cope during the day .
  10. Well just back from Portugal spent the day washing and ironing wondering why I have do much washing after only a week away! Had a lovely time great to have sunshine and having breakfast on the patio every morning! Then we saw the news from Manchester and were heartbroken. We have so many memories of concerts at the arena . Have seen josh there twice Lily went to university there and we went to see her graduate with her law degree. I am so glad Arianna is coming back to meet the children in hospital and to perform a benefit concert I respect her for not letting the terrorists win . Sarah. Don't be worried about coming to England and going to the wedding. You mustn't let it spoil your trip. That is what the terriorists want to do to strike fear in the hearts of people. They will not win. Brenda that was a wonderful present to your daughter and son in law . Giving of your time is more important than money. I am sure they must be so pleased with their nice clean home I wish someone would come here and do the same !! However I haven't got the excuse of working anymore so have to get on with it I really liked the sound of you chicken dish but unfortunately haven't got a few of the ingredients they are not sold over here
  11. Irene I do hope this injection works for your sister in Law the way in which it did for my friend. Another option would be to take amitriptyline it is used for nerve pain. I had to ask my doctor for it as I wasn't sleeping at night and kept on waking with this pain and it worked like magic i slept all night for the first time in ages.It is worth bearing in mind if the pain continues. Brenda I am reading When Breath becomes Paul Kalanith an American neurosurgeon who at a very young age develops lung cancer it is written by himself and is beautifully and honestly written , I agree that it .is very hard deciding who should and shouldn't get a school place. Bearing in mind the school is already full there has to be good reason so not many do get their wish of getting in a high achieving school. I can understand parents wanting the best for their child.
  12. Brenda Happy Mothers Day I hope you have been spoilt as you should be. You are a very attentive Mother and Grandmother. I hope you enjoyed your breakfast this morning. Yes The appeals are held in the Civic Centre ,. Very formal- 3 of us are on the panel the Education Department state their case that the school they want is full. unless the parents can prove the education dept have made a mistake by not giving them a place of their preference they don't have much chance. The problem is that the secondary (high school) school they want to attend IS over subscribed because it is the best school in the area but wanting the best education for your child which is natural is not going to do it for you sadly. The reason is they receive over 750 applications for a place at this school and have only 200 places. These have all been allocated . Sarah Don't go rushing around trying to catch up . If you have been unwell take it easy and believe me the housework will still be there in a hundred yearsd and you wont.. It wont matter being left for a while. Just look after yourself first!
  13. Brenda I didn't realise you had a starring role in a video that should be fun for people to watch next week ! It sounds like a fun thing to do and I am sure everyone will be impressed . Glad you had a good babysitting evening and now hopefully you are having a restful weekend. Yes it was lovely to be cooked for in my own home! We do have meals at the girls houses sometimes as well on special occasions . I have been doing school appeals and feel shattered at the end of the day it is very tiring sometimes ! I am also doing Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I have to get organised as we go to Portugal on Saturday for a week which will be a lovely rest in some sunshine .
  14. Irene my friend had an amazing injection in her spine after suffering terrible pain. Well it really worked so succcessfully that she has been painfree for three years now ! So hopefully your sister in law will be the same . Oh the election is driving me mad I just switch off as I can't be doing with all their arguments and promises. I know how I will vote and I am happy with that. To be honest I don't think many people are floating voters and know how they will vote as they have done all their lives! Brenda you have been really busy time for you to relax I think! Sarah your weather sounds like ours at the moment as we have had a cold wind then all of a sudden beautiful sunshine . I was thinking of wearing my summer clothes and tomorrow rain is forecast ! Today janine and Poppy came complrte with ingredients and cooked our tea of steak , mushrooms and onions and sweet potatoes 🍠 afterwards Poppy made pancakes with lemon and sugar. Delicious and how lovely to have it all made for us !
  15. No Brenda I don't have osteoporosis the acupuncture is part of the treatment it is supposed to ease the pain of bad backs, balance hormones and I can't remember what the ones in my head meant, some people swear by it as a relief of pain and lots of other things . I have to say I am not particularly impressed. The needles are put in certain areas that pertain to different health problems. We certainly sleep well afterwards ! I hope you have a good visit with your dad . Your story about Alaska was interesting. My friends son was married to an Inuit Eskimo . Apparently they have a terrible history of drug addiction and alcoholism . She gave birth to two damaged children the little girl died very sadly . It really broke my friends heart as the mother wasn't interested and the grandparents supported their son. The little one was in St. Louis children's hospital when she died . The family live in Canada I think that is where the couple met. The older child a boy was left with learning disabilities and has been a problem . How long do you think it will be before you can retire?. You seem to put so much effort into your work whilst whilst some of your colleagues fail to do so. It must be very dispiriting for you. Irene hope all is well with you