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  1. Nah, I won't stop living my life out of fear of that kind of thing. Not that I go to much in the way of crowded anything. Well, as it turns out, the brain is more complicated than simple male or female. This is also complicated by nature. The more children in your family, the more likely one or more will be gay. You only need so many males and to prevent fighting and strife within the family, later kids have a tendency to be less aggressive, which is a theory they've had for a while now. Plus there are so many errors that can occur in development, especially now that people are having kids at an older ages now. It was thought that sperm were the same no matter how old the man, but as it turns out, that is not true. Old men make old men sperm and are much more likely to have errors than younger men. Gender in many species is a fluid thing. Some people really don't feel like either and some people are born with male/female parts and are actually the opposite sex. To most people here, how you look has to match a strict gender standard of the modern age. Most societies of ancient time has places and purposes for those who were somewhere in between. We have grown very far away from such acceptance. I am up way too late. Tomorrow is going to be a long day indeed.
  2. Wow, bomb in Manchester at an Ariana Grande concert. Lots of people killed, young folk. Not great. Just wish people weren't so stupid. What a waste.
  3. This turned into a book, so skip at will. We will be in Lexington for Breyerfest, so we won't get to see much else. My niece is super excited about Breyerfest. All three days of it at the Kentucky Horse Park. I hope to catch a couple nice places to eat though my niece won't eat much in the way of not her regular foods. If you have suggestions, I am all for it. We will be eating mostly at cheap places. I hope to maybe hit a Taco Cabana and Church's on the cheap side. Also, have to be careful about what I chose to eat with stomach too. I miss being able to eat whatever whenever. I also check into seeing what places have kids eat free. That's always a bonus. I plan everything to the last detail I can think of and that helps a lot with the budget. I know exactly how much hotels and attractions are going to cost, we are driving my huge car, so we can bring a lot of stuff with us so we don't have to buy it on the road. I am really looking forward to my time away from work. It will be fun for sure. I hope to actually get to see the ponies, but I don't want to go near them. I am supposed to bring my niece back in one piece. I think that's being picky. I have got the kids always thinking about budget. I spend a lot of money on them, but I can't afford everything, so they learn to wait and pick what is most important to them. That way we get to see a lot more things. DC is really expensive, so I am hotel shopping right now and it's not easy at all. Have to balance being as close as I can get to the metro station with being in a safe area and a reasonably priced hotel with eating venues around. We will be staying 20-30 min metro ride away from the center. Also trying to book through the airline website to get points. That will save me on flight cost for next time. I saw the Newseum and would love to go see it. I have told my nephew to look and see what he might be interested in and he probably hasn't done it. I will talk to him when I see him tomorrow night. I don't want to rent a car for the whole time, so I may just fork over extra money and get a hotel closer to the metro. I will probably rent a car for the day to run around and see a couple things outside of the center. What I really need is to get that new job, which I still haven't heard anything about and it feels like forever, but I know it's a slow process here. Takes a long time as there are a lot of hoops to jump through. Waiting is hard. I love history and have been all over the south and seen battlefields and lots of monuments. I guess my feelings on it are really don't mind them so long as they don't glorify the war and those who did things that were not so wonderful. I really think it will be good when they move on from the Civil War, since they've been stuck there since it happened. I cannot believe people were upset about the removal of the Jefferson Davis monument. He didn't have slaves, but so what, he committed treason against his country. The statue wasn't about that, but celebrating the war and his part in it. People were threatening the lives of the removal folks who had to wear masks for their own safety. They have a laundry list of talking points and 'reasons' why this or that monument shouldn't be removed, which are all basically the same. I think the fact that they are still so attached after more than 150 years really shows us there is a major problem. It's turned into our own 100s years war, or longer. I love learning. Always have. I am excited when one degree is done, but then get bored and start working on another one. I would be doing that now if I could get into a Phd program. Hard to do here, even as an employee. Wasted a lot of time and money applying too. Your chances are better if you are married to a faculty member or happen to match something one of the faculty are working on. Should have figured that out and put that in instead of my actual interest area. I have thought about getting another degree in something, but mostly I have been so busy that I haven't had time to really even think about it. Now this weekend, I am taking extra days off so I can get my floor put in and my bathroom remodeled as much as I can at this point. Mom is picking up my cabinet today. I am going to make sure it fits and then paint it white to match the vanity, which I am also painting white. I just have to figure out how to put the shut offs underneath my sink, as it will be about three days of not having a bathroom. It takes a couple days to put the floor in with drying time and the floor runs underneath the vanity. I think my mom has finally had enough of the handyman she hired. He's is just a guy from nearby and he's kind of a pain. He doesn't listen and does things we either didn't tell him to do or told him not to do. It takes him forever to get anything done and he isn't careful about it. Weed whacked my vine and I am not happy about that at all. He also weed whacked the electrical cord too. He didn't cut through the inside wires, so I repaired the cord and untangled and untied the knots. He comes to the house almost every day. Asks for money. He tried that with me a couple times and I turned him down, so now he doesn't do that if mom isn't home. He was supposed to paint the house, but mom didn't get in writing how much she was going to pay and what and how long he had to do it. Well, they managed to paint most of it with just one gallon. They even repainted the part that mom already painted and told them not to paint. Then she told them we weren't trying to paint the entire place with one gallon of paint, so they went around and painted more. Did some caulking and I don't know what they did, but I was over them a long time ago. Can't have a nice evening because I have to wait for them to finish when it gets dark, or they show up about an hour before dark to start painting or something. Then mow the lawn thinking they are going to get paid for it, even though they weren't asked. Then they text my mom because they need more money. Then they stop by because they are out of food again. There are two adults and at least two kids of working age in the place. Within walking distance there is a people in need center that helps with all of that. The exciting thing of the day it that I am going to finally get my crowns put in today. Two of these temps fell out and I bit one and broke it. So since they aren't hurting, I just decided to leave them out. One step closer to being done with the teeth for a while. That will be very nice.
  4. I think nature is getting all the rain out of the way for the year. It's been raining for days. Supposed to end tomorrow sometime. Maybe I can get in the garden next weekend too. It was a dull day at work today. I didn't get much done and the report I really need didn't arrive, but will hopefully be there on Monday. So I spent some time finally picking a date to leave for DC. We will be there from Thursday to Wednesday, so we'll have five days instead of four to run about. I now have to find a hotel that is within walking distance of a subway station and is safe and reasonably priced. It's not in the budget to stay in the city, which is ok. Thanks for the info Who is JG. I should clarify that I am taking two trips. One this summer with my youngest niece to the south and east US and one this fall with my youngest nephew to D.C. We are going to Breyerfest in Lexington this summer, which my niece is super excited about and Monticello is about halfway between Lexington and Chincoteague. I think she should see it. Fantastic place. Then we will head to Chincoteague and up to the beach at Assateague to see the ponies. The rest I haven't gotten down pat yet and am working on it. We are going to Baltimore to the fort and aquarium, and then Hyde Park, but we could stop in Philadelphia for a couple hours and hit the highlights, then to Niagara Falls and the Erie Canal and then I need to find some stopping points for the long drive back. For the DC trip, we are flying, thankfully, no driving. Definitely going to see the Holocaust museum. I was in DC in 1995, just when it opened and we couldn't get in, so this time we will. I also am going to see if we can get a tour of the Whitehouse and congress, though I don't want boy to be mixing with any of those people. I just hope the weather is reasonable, as it can go either way that time of year. I told him to get online and do some research to find some stuff he wants to see. I'll just get tickets and we can make it back at whatever time. Both these trips are on a shoestring budget, so I am trying to plan them to the last detail. Trip planning is something I really enjoy.
  5. Wow, congrats to your daughter Jenny! I know the bar is not easy at all. Did she get to keep her job from before? It's good to hear such good news these days. I had to look up non-binary too. Yes, I am glad they have someone in there to finally put a nail in the coffin. I really hope that some of those other smarmy people get nailed too. Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar, which means she's really smart, for those unfamiliar with that program. I really like her. I really like Windows 10. You do not need to pay extra to play DVDs, just need to go to the app store and get an app, or use windows media player. They call the programs 'apps' now. I had it for a while now and have it at work too since they replaced my computer. I didn't care for Windows 8 much and 10 seems to have a good mix. You can also change the desktop to look like you want it too if you don't like the tiles. I wish they would go through that with people instead of just throwing a new operating system at them. I also love the touchscreen on my laptop. I didn't think I would use it much at all, but I totally do. So when you need to get the computer re-done in the future, give 10 another try. 7 was good to though. I am going to DC in October and trying to manage to get four days with the boy. Fall break is only Monday and Tuesday now for the school kids, so I don't want him to miss too many days, and doubt his dad would let him. Break used to be a full week. I am hoping the weather is good. And yes, definitely we are going to the new museums. I want to see the Holocaust museum too. We also have to travel out and see the space shuttle. My nephew is 11, so he's old enough to remember this stuff and learn, hopefully, from it. I don't want to run him ragged though. I've been trying to get the best flights, but they all suck, arriving late in the day. I just with stuff was open later. Like have a different museum open until 8pm night. I don't think I will take him the Arlington as I don't think he'd get much from that yet. I am actually pretty excited myself. Maybe, if she's up to it, we could manage a dinner with Carol while we are there. Just got to get the plans to fall into place with my budget, which if I get the new job, could be a better budget. Either way, I am going. Well, passed out tonight and took a very long nap, so I am awake too late right now and must go try to go to sleep.
  6. Man, I have been booked up again. I am trying to get a bunch of stuff scheduled for vacation. I go in next Monday to get my caps put in. I will be happy not to have these temps as I won't have to worry about them falling off all the time. I have never had good luck with the temporary glue. Then I think I have only the retainers and I am done! It's been really hot, then yesterday we had major thunderstorms and hail and now it's going to rain for a few days. At least it will be cool out. I lucked out and I didn't have to stay with the kids last night, but I still didn't sleep the best. I am still working on being able to stay unconscious for the entire night, or most of it. I was up too late working on stuff. Today I am going to book the flights for my trip with my youngest nephew in October to Washington DC. The prices will do nothing but go up from this point on. I am planning on being there four full days. The flight are all bad as they arrive late in the day, so by the time we get in and to the hotel, everything will be closed. We can go look at the monuments if it's still light out or something. Right now I just have to get the flights reserved and finish planning my summer trip. Both are on a pretty low budget, so I am just working on each one bit by bit. D.C. is pretty expensive, but all the museums are free, so it's mostly flights, hotel and food. I think he will have a good time. Gets to spend some time on the subway too. He'll be a professional. The one day we can be at Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's home), they are having a media event. They are filming on the second and third floors of the house. I finally get back there and the one day we are there the upper floor tours are blocked off. This was not even an option last time we went. Amazing house. Congratulations to your daughter padlig! Yes, there are so many ways to have your body disposed of nowadays. I just don't like the idea of dead things in the house. I know a lot of people are comforted by having the remains there though. I would keep a lock of hair or something. Because of the costs of burial, cremation is becoming the most common choice. Thousands of dollars cheaper. Yes, I do miss the lively conversations too. Don't know what the impetus was, but something definitely shifted and now it's just one side against the other and little meaningful back and forth between the two. I am quite thankful though, that we have so many people willing to fight so hard to keep our country alive and free for everyone. Netflix wants to raise its prices again. I don't watch much now, so it may not be worth keeping. I can get it when stuff comes out and then cancel. There are so many other services that even if you are trying to cut the cost of cable, having to pay for several streaming services is getting to be a royal pain. I will be taking a few days off at Memorial Day to put in my bedroom flooring and remodel the bathroom. My brother gave me a gift card to Lowes for my birthday, so I used it to get a wall cabinet to go above the toilet. It's 12 inches deep, so I will have to see how high I need to put it to prevent head whacking. I am going to lose the storage behind the tub whenever I actually get the new tub, so I need some space. I am going to paint it and the vanity white. I will be glad when those projects are done for sure. I still just use Windows Media player for my stuff, but I don't have Apple products. You can transfer your stuff to Media Player via TunesGo (just an example, not a recommendation), or some similar program. I've switched media the other way. Used to buy itunes songs and turn them in to mp3 files. I just don't understand itunes and the erasing thing. The first time that happened to me, I complained, and I had to re-buy the same song again if I wanted it back. I was not happy. After that, every single song I got from them, I made it into an mp3. That was a total rip off. Total. I have a hard drive that I have back ups on, plus the cloud, plus another hard drive. Probably now that solid state drives are coming down, I will switch over to that. Less likely to have issues and you can rewrite each block 1000 times, in theory. I think I have the Honestech VCR thing. I had to get it when I changed computers and accidentally donated my TV card with the computer. I've gotten rid of almost all my vcr tapes now. Started out with Standard 8 film, to video tape, to DVD. And, I guess, whatever else comes up. The sun poked out for a bit. Yeah, men hate housework. Dishes. Scrubbing the bathroom. Haven't heard back on the job yet, but it's only been a week. Just really want it. Want that better paycheck.
  7. Gosh, so busy, and tired right now. Have been working on words today and having to go back and do stuff. I got my application completed and in yesterday. Now I have to wait. They want a quick hire though, so I should have to wait long to find out one way or another. Was at a symposium yesterday, but left halfway through. Had to come back to do my application and, really, just not in the mood for the symposium at all. Did get a lot of tchotchkes. I think everyone likes the free stuff. It was hotter than Hades on Monday, beautiful yesterday and cloudy and stormy today. Spring, mostly. We chose our tickets to the to the arts center for next season. There were a few things I would like to see, unlike last year. I also got tickets to a couple things I am iffy on, but we'll just see how I feel at that time. I don't pick too many as it gets to be too much. This year there aren't really any repeats from last year, like most of the years have. Yes, Jenny, it's hard enough to do something with contractors right there, but across the country has to be a pain. One you get down there and get on them, I am sure you will be fine and get the place all nice and fixed up. How long before you are going to retire? Yes we are down people, but it seems this last election broke the country, so it will probably be some time before people recover and move on. It's just all personal right now. Also in your face every single day and night. I limit my news now because there is only so much I can process without losing it. I had to stop taking my water pill as my blood pressure was dropping too much. I think I would rather take less bp pill and take the water pill again. It wasn't very strong, but it did clear me out. I can't wait to get my vericose veins done. I do believe that is the cause of the ankle swelling. Apparently they veins are quite large. The doctor will not do them until I lose some weight and that isn't going well so far. I like food a lot. I don't like exercising a lot. I haven't played my records in ages. I also haven't just laid down and put the headphones on and listened to my music. I have cds for the most part. Two cd carousels. They aren't worth any money and neither are cds here, so it's not been worth messing with them. I would like to get rid of one to clear up some space. My mom, brother and middle niece are off to the archery final down in Kentucky. They are taking my car. That means I have to drive her car, which sucks. Don't like it much at all. Can't see out of it, no rear camera, no satellite radio and worst is the horrible hard seats that are wedged up on each side. They are leaving in the morning and will be back on Saturday. My niece has no chance of winning anything. They drive down, hang around, she shoots for 10-15 minutes, and they are done and drive all the way back here. It's an all day drive. Ugh. Also means we have the twins to watch. I believe I have them fobbed off on their sister for at least part of it. They have school tomorrow and Friday and soccer and baseball on Saturday. Don't care for sports. I have so much to get done and spending half the day at games is a lot. I wish he would just lay off signing up my nephew for baseball. It's a summer league that starts in April. They have practice or a game three days a week. Then there is soccer. He has one day off a week. He just passes out at night. So, another fun week around here. Have to really get to finishing my trip planning.
  8. Well, I suppose a nice record is better than a jar of ashes. I don't want anybody's ashes hanging about my house. I got my semi-permanent caps this week and one fell off. I have to call first thing in the morning to see if I can get it glued back on right away. I left it off as I didn't want to lose it, or swallow it. I've had those horrible aluminum caps for over a week while we waited for these to arrive. They fall off all the time. I've always had that problem with them. These were supposed to stay on for weeks or even months, but one only lasted a day. The tooth is dead, had a root canal, so it doesn't hurt at all and I am not chewing on it, but when stuff happens on Friday, you aren't getting anything done until Monday. I also have an appointment with the doctor for a follow up for my blood pressure. I have been taking it every day and it's staying down pretty much all the time. The water pills aren't too bad and I have dropped a few pounds. I believe that to be a combination of water pill and not being able to eat very well with the temp caps. I wanted to leave these on for a few weeks to make sure the inflammation on the left side would go away. Lots of abuse on the that side, so the TMJ is flaring up. Hopefully that will heal up quickly. I don't mind that picture of Josh. He's not really exposing anything and he seems happy. Plus I bet the better pictures are of him trying to get on the duck. I just hope he's happy enough to get to work on an album. I hope he wins a Tony too so he can have a trophy finally. Also not a fan of the beard, but I believe he will keep it, though I hope it does get trimmed back a lot. You can look online at ebay or such to find out what things are worth now. Or you could find a record shop and see what they would offer you for the lot. It won't be the actual value since they have to make a profit, but it would save you a lot of time and effort. On the upside of life, I have found a job to apply for. I meet and exceed almost everything they want almost like the position was written for me. It would be a raise of over $15,000 a year. It actually requires less than I do now, which just confirms that I am way underpaid, just like many of my peers at my college. The Deans aren't happy, as if I leave, they may not be able to replace my position at all. I would feel bad about it, but I don't after what they did. They saw the posting and now they are worried. That's good. It's not like they don't know I have been looking for a job for all this time. However, you have to be careful about what you apply for, as many positions are either grant funded or not permanently funded jobs that can get cut at any time. Then you are out of a job, end of story. Sometimes, as a first level employee (the lowest level) you don't even get notice and they only give you a couple weeks pay, if you are lucky. So, two years later, I finally have found one I would like to go for. I also have to find who would be the best references. The Dean's volunteered when I started looking, but now I don't want to use them because they are upset. Not that they would do anything, but if I don't get it, then I don't want that stress. I am actually pretty excited at the prospect. My co-workers are all pushing me to go for it. Our career services person is helping me revamp my resume and create a cover letter. Then we can practice interviewing since I haven't done that for 17 years. I really hate job hunting. I need to go double check my social media and linkedin settings. I really hope I get it. It would be so nice to not have to pull strings to make ends meet. So excited at the possibility. It's hot here. Hot and humid. Then later in the week, cool and rain. Need to put my a/c unit in as it's going to be 90. Man, I will be super thrilled when we finally get the paperwork done on the house and finally be able to get a/c put in. Thought that would be last year and maybe this year, but maybe not. Whatever at this point. I just hope the thing still works.
  9. Wow, radio silence again. I've had quite the busy week. Too much stuff going on. Need some slow time. Not going to get it for a bit though. That's good news arrow. Good job on the autographs too. I am now 50. We went out to dinner last night to celebrate my birthday. Since I still have my temporary tooth caps, I had a hamburger steak. I can't chew to hard stuff with the fake caps or they could fall off, so softer, non gooey, food it is. I get the new semi-permanent caps on Thursday. I will have those for several weeks to make sure that my jaw is correctly positioned before I get the real ones. At least with these, I don't have to worry about them falling off every day. Have to carry my tube of fixadent with me everywhere, just in case. The weather here has been rainy and just miserable and cold. Lots of wind. Even a couple freezing nights. Have to bring the plants in and hope the rest survive. It's not unheard of to freeze this late for us, but it's not something that happens a lot. We can have snow in to May, but that usually misses us. I am ready for warmer weather, but not too warm. I have to put the a/c unit in and that's a royal pain. I am considering an in wall unit that I won't have to take in and out every year. However, with a couple of trips coming up, I probably won't have the funds. I'd rather take the trips. I see so many good deals for international travel coming in, but no one in my family wants to travel as this supposedly isn't a good time. It's a fine time. Prices are dropping because many people are just not traveling. I have to work on getting my brother to get my youngest niece's passport ordered. I want to take her to Niagara falls and we have to step over the border of Canada to see the garden side. I miss the days of just having to have a driver's license. My passport is blank as I haven't used the new one. However, without someone else to go along, almost all trips are priced for two and the single upcharge is too much. I spent the week going to the dentist and doctor. Went in for blood tests on Wednesday and a bp check. Then got the results on Thursday and after talking to the nurse, she had me come in on Friday and bring my blood pressure cuff that I use at home to compare. Well, my bp cuff from home pretty much spot on to the regular one they used. There seemed to be some confusion about my medication. It turns out I was taking half the amount I was supposed to. I think that that was a brain fart on my doctor's part. He told me how much to take and sent it in while I was there, but then whenever I talked to the office, they kept saying 16 and not 8. Well, now I am on 16 and a water pill. I took the first one this morning and I don't expect to love it. The Home Depot had 75% off of house plants. My mom went crazy, so now we have house plants galore and I am putting up shelves for them in the living room. I am also putting up a second shelf in the front coat closet as I got tired of stuff falling on me. I keep cleaning out and mom adds more. That's just the way it is. I've been watching home improvement videos for the projects I have coming up. A lot of them. I have to replace the flooring in my room. I have some icky carpet and I am putting down a floating laminate cherry-look floor. It already has the pad on it, so that was nice. It was really cheap too, so even better. It doesn't look high end, but it will be fine for my room and the pets. I am going to half remodel my bathroom. My bathroom is small, so it's not a horribly big job. I am replacing the toilet and sink and flooring. What is in there is original. So, remove old toilet, sink and vanity, strip flooring, repair squeaky floor, sand and level as much as possible, put glue down, glue tiles, wait 24 hours, grout tiles, paint two walls, repair, adjust and paint vanity (I am reusing it. Good vanities are really expensive), replace toilet, vanity and install sink top. Wala! Done with that part. I have to find a cupboard for storage above the toilet as the over the toilet thing doesn't hold much and if I can find a new medicine cabinet that is bigger than mine for a reasonable price, I will put that in too. I am planning for when I finally get that new tub and I lose the storage space behind the tub. The current tub is square with the tub being oval crosswise in the square. It's also really shallow and short. So, bit by bit, getting it done. Or planning to get it done. I got the toilet and sink for my birthday last year. I've had the flooring forever. I was hoping to get the tub in, but the price of that is going beyond my planned amount this year. This is because there is a building boom here and plumbers are in high demand now. Bleh. I hope everyone is doing ok.
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      Hope you had a great time :)


  11. It's a beautiful day here, but it will be very windy. Spring brings us all sorts of weather. Tomorrow I am taking off for dental work. Then Wednesday afternoon it's off to the doctor's for blood tests and b/p check. Should be super fun. Been trying to get hold of my office manager in person, as she likes to be told that way I will be gone, but she's been gone and I still buy cd's and dvd's. CD's are really cheap at the thrift stores and since I am always looking for new music, that's a really cheap way to get it. DVD's can be found for a buck or two and that's cheaper than renting, so if I find something interesting, then I go for it. I've been tossing them in a cupboard and just didn't realize how many I have and haven't watched in ages and just don't have the desire to watch now. So I am going to sell them and add to my vacation fund. Any little bit helps for sure. I still have a few records and cassette tapes. I play them once in a blue moon, but my turntable hooks up to the computer so I can record the LP's, complete with genuine record noise. It's nice. They are so cheap and they have a free stack at the store, so I grab a few of those. You never know what you are going to get or like. The problem with Netflix and others is that shows come and go. If people aren't watching them enough, then they go off. Jess was watching Bones from the beginning, and a few episodes in, the month ended and the firs three seasons were no longer available. So, I think it's worth having your own copies of favorite series. Usually can find them for cheap somewhere second hand. I still love MacGyver, but I don't own the DVD's. I thought about it, but I wouldn't really watch them as I don't want to ruin the memory of the show. It was cheesy for sure and once they stopped focusing on him and instead turned to the troubled teens, it became tedious at times. I don't have enough time to watch the stuff I have on the DVR, so I don't get to watch stuff as much as I would like. I would be firmly planted in front of the tv 24/7 if I did. I do enjoy tv. When Calls the Heart is over for the season. I hate that they only make a few episodes a year. The Good Witch starts next week. Also a good series. Most everything now makes just 8 to 12 episodes. Problem with that is that people aren't able to turn down other work to star in a short series. One of the main characters for Heart was missing the last three or four eps as he was off doing other series. Wasn't even in the season finale. Rolling your eyes is a sign of disrespect. We weren't allowed to do it. I don't allow the kids to do it. I know all kids do it though. Adults too.
  12. I think cd sales are pretty low as most people buy stuff online now. You can buy just one song too. I buy a lot of stuff second hand, so that doesn't help sales. I have seen that singers make their money by touring now over sales. Too easy to copy stuff. I see a lot of Josh and such at the thrift stores too. I don't know if this stuff isn't popular, so much as there isn't a lot of new stuff worth listening to. I don't even know what is going on in music right now as there is too much other stuff going on. I just can't pay attention to everything, even though I am always looking for new music. I am having my happy mom free weekend. I slept in, then took a nap. Had to get up and let the dogs out. It's gone 1am and I am now doing laundry and am going to sleep in in the morning again. Mom isn't here to complain about me making noise after 8pm. Not that that stops me, but 8am isn't a bedtime, unless you are a kid being punished. I did manage to get a couple small things done today. I've gone thorough the giant pile of cd's I burned ages ago and tossed all the ones I don't want, which was most of them. They are all shows I wanted to watch, and did, but won't again. Not enough time. I also went through my DVD and blu-ray collection and am posting a giant pile of them for sale online. I buy many of them and watch them once and am done. I also looked online and they aren't really worth much at all. Sometimes I find them for a $1 and that's cheaper than renting, but I don't want to watch again. I have several series that I love and keep as I do a binge watch every once in a while. I am really trying to avoid a garage sale, but I have so much stuff again as I go through another layer of stuff that it may be worth it. I just wish we had a boot sale thing over here, but we don't, at least where I live. My mouth is still sore. I went out tonight and got some anbesol. I also stopped at the pet store and got Lindell a tshirt. She has a big bald spot next her her right shoulder blade. I think mom's cat and she are playing too rough. It's not a place she has scratched off. It's like the hair was pulled out. So, now she has a tshirt she is going to wear so that hair can grow out. She is so funny to watch her move. She acts like she has a weight on her back. Yes, you do have to train people how to treat you. It does take some time and effort. My mom is just always right, and then a victim is she's not. I wish sometimes I could roll my eyes back in my head in front of her. Forgot to press post again yesterday.
  13. I wear high heels and it will turn into a medical emergency fairly quickly. I do wish Josh would take some good advice from David Foster again and give us an album we would really love. I know Josh loves music and I know he likes to explore, but you have to give your audience what they want at some point. Broadway is great, but I just like the regular songs as most of the songs on Broadway, you have to know the story or context to really understand to appreciate them. I just hope after July 2nd, he'll get his butt back in the studio and get to work. Oh, padlig, there are times when my mom is lucky I have a lot of restraint. She pushes those buttons for sure. Mostly, I try to see her as little as possible. I live on a different floor of the house. She's in bed by 8:30pm or earlier. We both work and have different activities. She watches the kids on Sunday and Monday nights, so she's gone. It works. I make it work because I am not finding a better deal on housing anywhere near here, that's for sure. She is not my first old person either. I do understand staying away from family members you don't need to be around. I never understood why just because you are family automatically means you have to see and talk to each other, even if you don't like each other. Write a letter or a note or send a text. I know people who just put up with stupid crap all the time, 'because they are family'. You can train your mom on what your rules are. I hate when every single thing in the world is a negative. If your mom starts to criticize you, just stop her and either end the call, or simply state that that her criticizing isn't what you called for or need and if she doesn't stop, end the call. I've done that and my mom behaves much better now. There are just certain things that are none of her business and I didn't ask for her help or comments. It's not easy nor fast, but, man, it's so much better. I don't want to scream or fight as I am an adult, so when I tell you something, take it at face value. I do not want you to do that. I don't like when you talk about 'this or that' in such a manner. It hurts my feelings when you talk to me in that manner. You are being rude to me. Your criticizing does not help, what else is going on? Have to train people on how you would like them to behave around you. You would think that since they are your family, they would realize your boundaries. Hey, just because she's my mom, doesn't mean she doesn't have to behave in a civil manner. They often push back that they were just trying to be helpful and you should appreciate it. No, they are being rude and they know it. Plus I also have my best friend I I just go off and she talks me down when mom pushes it too far. Mom is also going to be gone this weekend visiting my oldest brother. I get to babysit the pets. I don't have anything planned, so I will probably be at home all weekend, if I am lucky. I have some gardening that needs to be done. We'll see if the body is up to it. Lots of seeds to plant. Also, have to add dirt to the raised gardens. I think I am going to plant a few carrots for fun and some lettuce and one tomato plant. The rest of the garden areas I am moving to just flowers. I don't have the time to mess with growing veggies so much anymore and haven't had too much success in the last few years, so flowers are great. I want to get a lilac bush too. Love lilacs. Very old fashioned plant. Want to find some chokecherry bushes too. Plus have to remember to buy a bird net so I can plant my flower seeds with half a hope they don't get all eaten.
  14. Yep, we aren't the lively room we were. It's sad. I went to the dentist yesterday and he drilled off two caps. I go back this afternoon and he's drilling off two more on the other side. I am going to have four temporary caps while they figure out how to set my jaw properly after the braces thing. I sound like Elmer Fudd. He really numbed the heck out of my face. Today it's sore and so I stayed home. Tomorrow will be worse, but I am still going in, at least for part of the day. I have the kids tonight, so I will be sleeping on the couch. It won't be fun. Then when they figure out my bite, then I get four new real caps. One funny thing is that they gave me my gold crowns and I am to mail them in in this envelope and some company will send me a check for the gold. I cannot imagine this will be worth anything, but the assistant lady is so excited about it, that I have been compelled to do it. I gave Endeavour a bath. He is so fluffy and pretty now. He didn't appreciate it at all. He put on such a performance, but the minute I put him down, he was fine and in his now expecting a treat posture. Had a fine Easter on Saturday, so everyone could be there. Lots of eggs and so much candy, that there was no fighting. Well, water balloons. It's unusually warm here for this time of year. We had the traditional ham. Mom made me buy this $10 cherry pie that no one really ate because there was chocolate pie. Mom also hacked off my Kordes Perfecta rose bush. They look dead, but then they come back. Now it's just dead as she's hacked it off to the base. Was such a good rose bush. I called her and yelled at her. She doesn't care. She said it was growing, but it's just one of those water shoots. They are weak, flexible and never flower. I think they also suck nutrients from the plant too. Now I have to track down another one of these bushes. They aren't easy to find. Kordes Perfecta was my grandma's favorite rose. It's a two tone pink, light pink and the fragrance is fabulous. So, keeping busy, but not really doing anything exciting this week. Just dental torture.
  15. Woke up in the middle of the night with a massive sinus headache. It's the first one I have had since I went back on the vitamin d. I've been feeling pretty good, even with the higher bp. Was in not dealable pain, so I popped some pills and when they wore off, I woke up, emailed my work that I wouldn't be in, dosed again and went back to bed, got up took more drugs and this afternoon was functional again. That is good, because the girls came over and we decorated easter baskets and brownie bunnies. Then I took them home, filled up my car with gas, got a few groceries and came home. Quickly put together the easter baskets now that they were dry, had a quick dinner, took more drugs. I really hope I am ok for tomorrow. We are having easter instead of Sunday as my brother has to work. It's been cloudy, windy and rainy here, which doesn't do much for my head. I simply cannot seem to overcome the sinus thing. I hope I just age out of it. I finally watched Star Wars Rogue. I liked it, but don't think I missed anything not seeing it in the theater. I liked seeing the Star Wars universe outside of the main characters. Not much other going on right now. I am tired, but I can sleep in tomorrow and try to get caught up after the easter gathering. I don't have to do anything else, so I am good to go. I am not making much headway into my piles of stuff.