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  1. I get my phone through work. It's still $70 a month with taxes, but only 1 year contracts and unlimited data. That's the cheapest plan too. I don't use that much data though. We have to have Verizon out here if you leave the city at all, which my family does. Hopefully your blood levels will come down again arrow. It seems like that test has you high a lot and then it comes back down. I hope you don't have to have chemo. Well, I got 'the letter' today. They were impressed by my skills and appreciate my applying, but they've offered the job to someone else. I hate getting this stuff on Fridays. Now I have a lovely long holiday weekend to stew about it. Can't talk to anyone about it either, aka whine, except my best friend on the phone. I didn't tell my mom I was applying as if I didn't get it and she knew, she would be listing all kinds of things that I obviously did wrong. I could really use that money. So, I will just have to keep applying for stuff. There problem is that there isn't much to apply for right now because of the hiring freeze and the budget issues that will last for years. I need to stay at the university to stay in the student loan plan I have, which Trump and his horrible people are trying to do away with now. It would be payment without end at that point. Their income based payments keep climbing and climbing. My payment last year went up 25% when I got a 2.4% raise. I don't know how that calculates out. This year, we just got our notifications online today as our raises start in the middle of the year as we are on the Fiscal Year, and I got a whopping 1.6% raise this year (note that this is a really good raise where I work). The cost of living is going up way faster than my income, so every gain I make is just almost enough to pay for the rise in prices. I make the same amount as people who have just started and have no degree. That makes me mad beyond measure. I know I will find the right job at some point, but I am so irritated right now. I will be fine, but someday, I will be good for once. So, now I just have to sit for a few days and pout. I am telling you, I am so beyond sick of Plan B. Everything I have planned for years now has ended up being Plan B as I can't catch a break. Not that I am starving or out of a place to live, but I am so tired of pinching pennies. I went years without vacations or doing much or going anywhere and it didn't help at all. One medical bill and that took years to pay off, even though I am fully insured. Now I have more vacation days than I know what to do with and just take them to hang around the house. If I don't use them, I lose them and I will be darned if I am going to do that if I can avoid it. I guess I am feeling stuck. Treading water. Seriously, when do I get Plan A? I also have to recalculate my vacation. I was putting it off, but since no new job, I have to pinch the pennies harder. We will have to skip a few more things. The cost of hotels is a lot and I've found some cheap ones, but on the coast it's too much, so back to the drawing board and I leave in two weeks. Since I am making a loup, I have found that there's not much to do in Ohio and Indiana. My youngest niece isn't into shopping, though we will stop at some antique malls. I love antique shopping. I don't buy much, but it's fun to see all the stuff. She loves the beach, but I just get to sit under an umbrella while she plays because I can't be out there for very long. I've started stripping my carpet up, pulling up tack strip and staples. I couldn't find anyplace that rents a laminate cutter and I am not buying one, so I will just have to cut each piece and make a lot of sawdust. I am now not in the mood to put flooring in my room, but since I had already started pulling up carpet already, so I have to finish it now. I just hope it goes quickly, unlike the bathroom. My bathroom is lots cheerier than it was, but I still have some touch ups to do. It's endless. Well, that is my long winded whine of grand disappointment for the day. I truly hope you all are doing so much better.
  2. I didn't mind Russell Crowe's singing, but I didn't really expect much I guess. I also love the musicals of the 1930-50's and there were some pretty not great singers there. Also with the almost instant need to scream every time Seyfried sang, Crowe was a relief. I doubt that I will watch the movie again any year soon. Here it was K-5, 6-9, and 10-12 for me, but then they changed to K-5, 6-8, 9-12 since. The sixth graders start at a different time and enter through a side door to reduce bullying. I always imagined from the movies I saw that high school would be pretty bad, but it wasn't really much at all. Junior High, or Middle School as they call it now, was like doing time in prison and it was dangerous. Bullying all around and you could get hurt. Drugs and alcohol and all of that. I still feel that I survived it more than graduated from it. I haven't done much of anything tonight, just setting here. Talked to the bestie, who has been sick for going on five days now. She's cranky too, so she got irritated with me because she though I wasn't listening, but it's more like I can't always understand what she's saying on the cell phone, so I answer what I hear. She'll get to feeling better soon, I hope. It's very unlike her to be like that. She's got Lupus, so that's been flaring and now she's got food poisoning or something like that today. She is only a couple weeks from vacation, so I hope that goes well. She needs a break. I think that she doesn't really like her job much anymore and hasn't for a long time. The state doesn't treat them well. They are always understaffed and underfunded. They don't allow overtime, but get mad when reports aren't done on time, when you can be called out at any hour to investigate a report, so you use up eight work hours, then have to leave work earlier in the week. However, she's been sick a lot more and tired a lot more than usual. I keep encouraging her to look for a new job, but she doesn't. She needs something where she's in one place all the time as this driving around all day and stuff, not knowing when she'll be where and on call for days at a time. I am bored with my jog, but that has to do with the fact that I do the same thing over and over again and for the first time, it's starting to wear on me. I just don't get to do the fun research that is half my job as I don't have time as I try to keep up with managing the scholarships and such. Hopefully I will luck out and that will change soon. I think it's hard to listen to some musicals without actually having seen them. Some songs just need context you cannot get without seeing them. I've listened to four or five of the songs from Comet now and none of them do much for me, but that could change whenever I get a chance to see the play. I can't wait to finish the Handmaiden's tale on Hulu. It's been quite good, but I need my internet fixed to do that. I can type and look some stuff up, but streaming media isn't working well at all.
  3. Well, it's cool and rainy here this morning. My internet went on the fritz this weekend. I didn't get most anything done as the speed was so slow it could have been dial up. Now they can't work on it because of the rain. I have a receiver on my roof. I haven't had any issues, but something must be blocking the signal now, like a new tree or whatever. Allo is coming here, but not until fall, so if they cannot provide service anymore, then I will have to go with something else, which will be annoying to deal with. I haven't had to think about my internet much at all since I got the service many years ago now. I like that. Now they aren't coming until tomorrow. I should hear this week about the job. They wanted to have someone chosen by the end of May, then July 1st. They aren't getting the letter out until this week, so then it's a couple weeks notice to the current office. If I get picked I also have vacation the last half of July, so yeah, they waited too long. They are having a lot of changeover with people retiring this year or moving to new positions. I just want them to pick me. That is the way it should go, but I am not letting myself get too excited as you just never know. I will be pretty disappointed though if I don't get it. It will mean probably months or so before another position comes open that would be suited for me. We are in a hiring freeze too, so only a few positions can be filled. It's really quite annoying. I get all prepped and do everything I am supposed to do and then, poof, hiring freeze. People go back and forth to stage and regular singing, so I don't think that will be an issue for Josh. Opera is a totally different animal. If you listen to Audra McDonald, she is opera, or classical, and sings other things, but they all sound like an opera singer singing something else. I do like her, but you can really tell the difference in voice training. Our Joseph was a small company. The coat was of different colors, but then had been tea dyed and was faded from much use. Not a grand coat, but one of many dulled colors. It was short too, which was good. I kind of liked the recent Phantom of the Opera, but I agree on Le Mis. I have listened to that soundtrack forever. I had the cassettes, then the cd's, which I still have. The thing that just drove me up the wall in the new Le Mis movie was the singing, in non-stop vibrato, by Amanda Seyfried as Cosette. It was like she was singing through a fan the entire movie. I couldn't stand it. It was awful. People complained about Russell Crowe, but he was fine. Every time I saw Seyfried, I just hoped she wasn't going to sing. Uck. Someone should have said something to her. I remember graduating grade school. However, back in my day, junior high lasted from 6-9th grades. It was pretty awful. They've switched it back since. We didn't have a funny play, but just a graduation type ceremony. I got a certificate, which I still have. I guess in the 70s, our clothes had to be funny enough for us. Did you get video? I wish I had more of our stuff from those days before digital cameras. It all goes by so fast. Ok, now back to waiting.
  4. Oh, I love musicals. Both on stage and screen. I love the music of Le Mis. South Pacific is about my favorite show. I saw a revival of it several years ago. It was pretty good. I have seen some duds too, but for the most part, they are fun and more of an in person experience. We had Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat here a couple years ago and it was pretty bad and I was very glad when it was over. Just saw Matilda too and I didn't love it. It was ok, but the girls were bored and I don't really blame them. The routines were quite good, but it just didn't work for me. I had been looking forward to it too. This upcoming season I am seeing Kinky Boots. Spamalot was pretty funny, especially if you are a Monty Python fan and get the humor of the group. I am years past ready for some new Josh music. Finally watched the GMA ep with him on it from around Easter and he talked about roughing his voice up for the part. I hope he unroughs it afterwards and does something more along the lines of Closer. He's tried all kinds of new things and they aren't really what his audience wants, so maybe he can scoot back to his path to us again. Thanks padlig. Now I could hear by tomorrow. Or not. There is no hurry here, except for those of us who are waiting to hear, of course. Well, back to staring at spreadsheets. It's the tedious time of year.
  5. Mom is leaving on a trip tomorrow with my middle niece and oldest nephew. He's going to see his dad and mom and my niece are going to shop. They both love that. After a few years, they've finally come and replaced our sidewalk. It will be nice to have it not be the only one left in the neighborhood that was all messed up. I haven't heard a thing about the job. The suspense is killing me. I am pretty sure I didn't get it since it's been a week and nary a word, but I would like to know for sure. Argh. I have seen several performances of various bits of Comet, but none of them have really made me want to go see it, not that I could anyhow it being so far away.
  6. Wow, that sucks. I hope that this saves lives in the future. Retrofitting buildings costs more than tearing them down and building new ones. So we have four dorms that are being torn down and have been replaced by new dorms. The new dorms are not towers now and are only four or five stories tall at most. They have several exits and fire escape windows and sprinkler systems. Here they didn't have to have sprinklers until a few years ago either. Plus many of our old building have asbestos and you go digging in the walls, you have that problem to deal with. I hope they remove that cladding from all those buildings. You have to know the people who made that stuff knew it was flammable. That is so scary. I also hope that this is the Titanic of fires. So much life was lost on that ship that no ship, a hundred years later now, goes without enough life boats. Whenever we talk about boat/ship safety, we always come back to the Titanic and how that can never happen again. I hope they clean all this up and nobody ever has to come to this end again because buildings are safer. I just cannot imagine losing everyone in one fell swoop. Here is a really weird thing, the day before the fire, on my facebook feed was a device made for towers where you put on a harness and this device lowered you down the side of the building to safety. I am cancelling my gym membership today. I cannot make myself go, so I don't want to keep paying for it. I think there must be something about the place that I don't like. I have belonged to other gyms and have gone, but not this one. Went once and I guess I really don't want to go back. Very odd. Hopefully I get my new job and will join the university or YMCA gyms. They are just more expensive and that doesn't fit into the budget right now. Cloudy here today, but no real storm damage. South part of town and surrounding towns got a lot of wind damage. Roofs off, trees down and electricity out. Don't think anyone got hurt though. Now back to cleaning more stuff. Lots of cleaning. Boring.
  7. Yes, for our building, they thought it cost too much to put sprinklers in, so they put in a different fire system that has this woman always asking for our attention. We ignore it. Heck, the other day when it was a real fire alarm, we all checked our phone for the alert and didn't go out. It was a faulty circuit that time, but since it goes off so much, it's not very effective. Now, we have a new residential hall that will open for the fall semester. The other two halls built back in the 50's were going to cost a fortune to retrofit, so they are tearing them down. I lived in one of them. They are taking the asbestos out of it. Great to know now. They are also tearing down two residential dorm towers downtown. It was going to cost too much to retrofit them too, so they build some more dorms and are going to implode the old ones this fall over break. Should be pretty cool. Don't know what they are going to do with the land though. Yes, padlig, I wish people would just talk stuff out too. We seem to have lost that ability in the last few years. It's just yelling at each other instead of listening.
  8. Well, I didn't hear anything this week about the job. This wait is killing me. Hopefully it will be early next week. One way or another, I just want to know. I am not good with suspense. My heart thumping is back. It went away for a few days and came back. My heart is fine, it's gerd related. However, new doctor, so I am having to suffer through more ekg's and stuff where they will find that my inflamed esophagus is irritating my heart and being able to feel your heart move in your chest is a really annoying thing. We've changed my stomach pills, but it's not helping. I really don't want to go back on the ppi's, but I may not have a choice if this keeps up. I had some chocolate milk tonight, which seems to have helped a bit. Why, I do not know, but I have lots of it in the fridge. It was on sale, so I grabbed a load. It keeps for months. For some reason, it helps. So, Monday after work, I get to have an EKG. I am sure it will be normal like all the others. Why these people don't listen when I tell them it's the gerd and if you ease the gerd, the heart thumping stops, I will never understand. I've been through this all before and like before, all my tests are normal. Not that I am complaining, as having a good working heart is important, but I need it to be under control so I can enjoy vacation next month. Yes, that fire was inexcusable. Especially telling people to wait in their apartments, putting in solid windows not made to pop out for escape or rescue. The siding was some form of plastic and the insulation underneath it burned like paper and climbed the building. The only people who really got out are those who got the notice and ran. I mean, where were the fire alarms? There were no sprinklers either. I saw video of people storming the city services building. They are still clearing the building. So very sad. I am sure they aren't going to be happy with what they find. Eb, we have cigarette fires too. Mostly from people falling asleep with them. Places are mostly smoke free now, or have separate buildings for smokers. Some bad weather just rolled through. Hopefully that is it for the weekend. Mom's dog was freaked out, as usual. Oh, yes, the 'white guy with a gun' problem that we have here. No, it will change nothing. They want even fewer rules now so more people there could have had a gun. It will make that terrible congressman seem sympathetic and he doesn't deserve that. I noticed the president was all on top of that, but missed all the other tragedies and had to be schooled into responding to them. It's not the gun. It's never the gun. Heck, if they didn't have a gun, then they would have used a knife or a bat. So, it's not the gun. The NRA wants you to know that and they pay millions to get that message to cancel out all the lives that are harmed or lost every day by guns. Guns were made for one thing and one thing only. I don't care if you use your's to target shoot only. It's a deadly weapon that we just don't need anymore. People have guns to protect themselves from other guns. It's stupid. So stupid. I may not be happy with our government, and scared of the total devilry they are practicing, but I don't want anyone to be harmed, no matter how much they may deserve to pay a price. Right now we have so many things to watch for in our government that we can't keep up. That is their plan. It will take ages to dig ourselves out from this fiasco. They released a poll today saying he has a 50% approval rating. I don't believe that for a moment. Now he has stepped back the Cuba rules and that will cost Americans millions of dollars. He's creepy and not a single one of the people he has put into place has kept, or ever had any intention to keep their oath of office. They are just destroying everything to give a tax break to the ultra wealthy and make it easier for businesses to make money by ripping off the citizens without any penalty. Heck, they aren't even going to bother to investigate discrimination anymore, so what's the point of having them around. I cannot believe people still believe in him at all. I especially note the folks who think his kids are off limits after all the things they said and created around the last president's kids. The presidential kids have been in the spotlight since they'be been around. Anyone else remember Amy Carter on Saturday Night Live? The internet is a great thing, but humans just can't help being humans. The Matrix was right. Something good is always going on in the world too. It's hard to keep that in mind when the bad is so in your face. I have to finish planning my trip next month. So much driving and so much to see. Should be fun.
  9. It's hot out and humid. Icky. We had a pop up thunderstorm on Monday morning. Just poured all day. Thunder and lightening. Flooding, hail. The whole shebang. Well, I made it through my interview. Stayed away from mom. I think she just ate something bad. Now I just have to wait to hear back. I saw a sheet and it looks like they interviewed two other people. I am sure they are nice, but I really hope they sucked. I want this job. I will be quite whiny if I don't get it. I should hear at the end of the week or the beginning of next week. That feels like forever. I would be annoyed too Jenny. I mean, if you pay you are committed. It should be made pretty clear what is going on for everyone. Don't let it get to you too much though. I did manage to get my bathroom done enough not to have to use her's. It was nice. Bathroom cost me more than I had planned, but yes, would have cost a fortune to have a professional do it. I only did the one half as the tub part is going to cost a real fortune. I re-used the vanity, just added a piece of wood to the front to make it an inch wider. But my body is sore all over from crawling all around. I have been to the hardware store non-stop for a couple of weeks because there was nothing I did that didn't require me buying some thing or replacing some thing or getting a different size of some thing. I am so glad to be almost done. I have to caulk and do touch up paint and replace a light bulb. Fixture was up a day and a light bulb went out. They came with the fixture, so were probably not the best quality. Every time I walk in there, I am just happy. I love the color on the walls. I love that it is almost done. I love that my floor is not patched with packing tape anymore. It was quite ghetto. Also, Moira, my cat, seems to like the floor. So, bonus. Now, I need to wash my dog, finish planning my summer trip that is a month away. Mentally it was really a long time from now, but it's not. Also have to give the dogs their pills. Have to get them in and get their kennel cough shots up to date as we have to board them for a few days. Stopped at Aldi's today and picked up a beach umbrella. They have them this week for $15. Last year I had to huddle behind a large regular umbrella at the beach and it was no fun. I probably won't swim or play in the water as I can't be in the sun that much, but I want to be comfy for the hours I will be trying to make sure she doesn't drown herself or the random kids she will pick up. Though the gas mileage sucks, I am actually glad we are taking the big car so we can haul all the crap we need with us instead of paying lots more for it on the road. The twins are off to camp next week, so I may not have to spend the night at my brother's house. Have to also arrange if the kids are going to stay with their uncle and aunt or not after my trip. So much figuring to do. Did anyone else read about that apartment fire in London? Holy gosh, that was just terrible. It will be interesting to see what the cause was and how they will work to make sure such things don't happen again. Well, have to let the dogs out and get back to bed. I took a nap tonight as I didn't sleep well last night and was just exhausted all day long. Ugh.
  10. Well, it's hotter than Hades here today. I spent the day inside though. Yes, working on the stupid bathroom. Really near the end though. I've only got to put the doors on the vanity and I am done with that. Lot of reorganization to do since my storage had changed, which will be nice once i figure everything out. I cleaned the tub and have just been hauling tools back downstairs. I also have to gather a load of stuff to return. It turns out that turquoise is harder to match than I thought it would be. I have been neglecting most everything else while I work on the bathroom. I've got so much stuff piled everywhere. Plus I have to wash my dog. He doesn't mind waiting. My old GP died. He was my doctor from the time I was a little kid until he retired. I'll have to send a card to his wife. I used to work with her. Nice lady. I slept in today and didn't get out of bed until 12:30pm. That's a lotta sleep time for me. I won't get to bed until late tonight as I didn't start laundry in time. I am also antsy about my interview on Tuesday. Mom is sick, so I hope I don't get what she has. Well, hopefully the washer is done by now. We are having our get together on July 3rd. I have to work, but we get Tuesday off. I will take Monday off if I can. Nice four day weekend. Maybe I can get my floor in. That would be nice.
  11. Well, the bathroom saga continues. So, I figured out why the drain was wrapped in black electrical tape. It's cracked. It doesn't leak just setting there, but if you run water, it drips. So, off to Menards to get another drain pipe set. $10. I did return a load of stuff. I will be returning a bunch more stuff too, once I get done. Gads. So, I got that put in after search for the nut and ring from the old pipe and, it was on the old pipe, which is a disgusting thing. Uck. So now I have the new drain on and it doesn't leak, but the sink does, so I maneuvered it around and it seems to be ok now. so now I have to work on putting the front of the vanity back on. It's an inch wider now, so I have to refit every piece. Had to cut an extra piece of baseboard about an inch in size. Now I have to attach that to the wall without splitting it. Get the kickboard (that piece of wood at the base of the cabinet that you don't really see, but it allows you to stand closer to your cabinet) back in. Now I am looking for the right size drill bit for my finishing nails. The front to the vanity is a hardwood of some sort, so drilling holes will be much faster and easier than trying to pound them through. I feel like everything I get done leads to 50 other things. When we did meditation, it was clearing your mind of all thought. I can't do that. I love to walk, but around here it's not much fun. I miss being out on the farm where i could walk for miles and see nothing but cows and trees. No hurry. Still thinking about stuff and talking or singing or whatever. The horse and dogs didn't seem to mind. I just really want this bathroom thing to be over. It does look better and more cheery even though it's not done yet.
  12. Well, that's interesting Jenny. They don't seem worried though if you can wait two weeks to get a cat scan. It surprises me when they aren't worried about blood coming from something it isn't supposed to. I've used social media for a long time now. Most of my friends and family use it to keep up with what is going on. I've been flamed and whatnot, and I just block those people. I don't need that kind of stuff. It's ok to disagree, but it's not ok to go on for ages about how they are better than you and you have a low IQ for not believing what they do, or not liking what they do. You shouldn't just take the complaints and news reports as all there is to social media. I have learned a lot from what my friends have posted. I like keeping up with friends from all over the planet and see what they are doing. I have my privacy settings and I also understand that what I put online is there and could be forever floating around. If you don't want to interact with everyone, then you don't have to. I don't have time for every type of social media, so I only really use this place and facebook. Oh, and if you ask a real question and someone throws a fit, tell them to find their manners and block them. They can post all they want and you don't have to deal with it. People online get childish. That's what it is. You cannot see them, so they post whatever they want, just like a little kid would. Most of them get lambasted, but sometimes you have to be the grown up for them. I've called people on it. Yes, your life is so perfect that you can just put other people down and be rude. Whatever. Then I block them after I am done messing with them. I will have to try that meditation podcast. I am not good at it either. Too much to think about. Yes, I would love to be able to just pay someone to do it. The tub part, at least, will be done by the plumbers since the plumbing needs moved. I don't mind doing stuff, but with my joints and soreness, it just takes longer. I will get my bathroom finished this weekend unless something comes up. I went shopping with mom tonight and picked up a few things.I painted the front of the vanity and touched up a door. I will put the second coat on tomorrow morning. It only takes a couple hours to dry, if that. It starts to dry before I can get a section painted. Everything is turning rustic. I could paint again tonight, but I think I will be going to bed instead. I will have to wait for the tile. Have to make up my mind and it's not cheap to buy or do. Just for around the sink, so it's not that much. So a few hours work tomorrow should be able to get me to the finish point I am aiming for. I got a metal wall thing to hold some stuff I use everyday, but it was grey, so I slapped a coat of bluish to make it pop. Mostly, just putting the tools and supplies away and picking up the garbage and stuff will take forever. Not to mention putting all the bathroom stuff back. I went to the doctor this afternoon. I've been having what I call the heart poundies. I can feel my heart beating in my chest. It's horrible. It's usually something that lasts a short while and involves pvc's (where your heart goes all kerflippidy). This time it just pounds day and night. I wake up at night when I turn over because it gets worse. I have to sit down and cool off a lot because of it. I thought it was a side effect of the bp med, but the doctor says it's more likely my gerd acting up, but in a different way. So, out with one and in with two. A new stomach pill and an allergy pill. We'll see if either of them help at all. I should note that I am not having a heart attack, or heart problems, but with gerd, your stomach irritates the surrounding area, which is next to the heart, so you feel your heart moving in your chest and it feels like it's banging around. Not racing or bounding, but banging. I hate it. Very annoying and the stress of it drives up my blood pressure. Hopefully the new drugs take care of that. On the up side, I got to leave work early. Got some errands run. My interview for my job is Tuesday morning. It's two and half hours long. I would love to know what I am going to do for 2.5 hours. I would like to be prepared, but since I don't have a clue, there's not much I can do. At least it's in the morning so I can get it over with. Monday will be long though. Well, I must get to bed.
  13. Oh, and exciting news not related to the bathroom, I got the in person interview for the job. So now I just have to wow them in person. I really want this job and will be very disappointed if I don't get it. I'll still have this job, but it may be some time before another opportunity comes up. This one took two years.
  14. I have had the most busy week or so. I cannot wait until these projects are done and I can get back to not doing much. Below turned into a novel, so you can skip at will if you like. This bathroom was only supposed to take me about three days. Now I am only doing half the bathroom as the bathtub is out of reach at this point. So it's been one thing after another. Last week was Memorial Day weekend, so I took an extra couple of days off to get my bathroom done and my bedroom floor put in. I stripped my bathroom down and was amazed at how much stuff was in there. My bathroom is 5x9 feet, so not big at all. The amount of stuff in there surprised me and I put it all there. So now I have stripped the place down and put it all out in the other room. Then I took the over the toilet storage unit out and started dismantling the vanity. I laughed as this vanity cabinet had so many little pieces. I think mom just kept adding to it. I won't be putting them all back. The old vanity top didn't go all the way across, so she added some trim pieces. Then she glued tile all around the sink wall area. I was lucky in that all the tiles just popped right off. I had to sand the wall, but I didn't have any drywall repair to deal with. Then I had mom shut off the water to the house and I put shut offs under my sink. The pipes were cut so short that I had to use the old nuts and compression rings because I couldn't get them off. If it need done, then a plumber will have to do it since it will require messing about with the pipes. I didn't want to do that as it's very expensive, so I just put the new shut offs and after tightening them up a few times they worked, thankfully. I should note here that you are not supposed to over tighten the things, but I have no arm strength, so I have no idea how much is too tight, so I just tighten them until they stop leaking. To do this, you really have to tighten them up, which must not be too tight if that's how much it take to stop the leaking. Yes, they are on correctly too. So after I got that done, I took the sink out and then the toilet, ick. I painted the two walls a nice turquoise color which dried lighter than I wanted, but we all know paint chips lie. I wasn't going to paint again though and most of it is covered up anyhow, so it will be fine. I had to tape around the whole area, as I am leaving the wall paper and the border up. My bathroom is a sort of under the sea theme as the vinyl wall paper is the ocean and fish. I just left the old floor in while I painted, which was nice to not have to worry about. I only had to paint once, which was great. Then I tore up the floor, swept, sanded, swept and mopped, which you have to do before you put the glue down. I will say that putting the floor down is the hugest pain in the butt. I used vinyl tile. Not the peel and stick stuff, but the formal tiles that look like real tile when you are done. The floor squeaked, so I had to find where that was and glue and screw that area down. It appears the subfloor may have been laid just touching the joist. So I had to find long long screws to reattach it. They look great, but ugh to put in. You put the glue down, then wait until it dries clear, which means it's sticky and ready to go. Then you lay the tiles down in a Versailles pattern which requires four different sizes of tile. I had to print out three samples to get it right and I still messed up a bit. I also hate that my best seams won't been seen and my worst ones are in the middle of the room. I had to do a lot of cutting and scribing to get them all to fit. So very glad that is done. One of my proudest moments was cutting the tile for the the toilet. It was a big tile that I needed to cut a round hole out of at just the right place. So, if anyone says you don't have to use geometry and a protractor after school, they are so very wrong. Nailed it the first time! Was very happy. Then you wait 24 hours for the glue to set before you can grout. I also had to go through and add more glue and put bricks on top of areas where the corners didn't stick. Grouting is the bane of my existence, so I am not doing it again if I can avoid it. It takes forever and I just end up using my fingers instead of the float. You grout around a tile or two, then take a sponge and clean up and wipe the tiles dry of the extra grout. So it takes hours to grout a little 5x5 foot area. Then you have to wait another 24 hours for that to set up and a week before it can get wet. I also have to caulk around the entire room after I put the baseboards back in. So then we come to the toilet, which I got for Christmas. It's been sitting in the garage ever since. I asked mom to help me install the toilet. She kept saying how easy it was. Well, we installed the toilet and it wouldn't stop leaking. Mom went downstairs to get some rubber washers, after which she wouldn't come back upstairs to help. I tried the washers, but no joy. I looked and the tank was tilted forward. This is the point in my life where I learned that there are differed sized toilets. I don't mean how high or what shape, but the toilet hole can be different distances from the wall. Yes. So this was a 12" toilet and my drain is 10" from the wall. So now, very irritated, I have to take down the old toilet and pack it back to the store and get a new toilet. Mom found the receipt for it and I wish she hadn't. This toilet was on sale and she got a $20 rebate. I would have gotten the whole sale price back in store credit if I hadn't taken that stupid receipt with me. So a 10" toilet ended up costing me over a $100 more than the old one did. Thanks mom. There was only one toilet in stock, otherwise I would have had to wait two to three weeks for it to come in. That is so stupid. Mind you, until my toilet is installed, I cannot put the sink in, so I had to get the stupid toilet that costs way too much. If I had know about that, I could have ordered it months ago at a much better price. This never, ever, came up in all my looking at toilets or instructions. However, when you google that specific thing, half the planet has asked that question too. The toilet in the main bathroom on the main floor is 12", which is the normal standard. No idea why this one isn't. So, now I have the new toilet in and it's not leaking. Thankfully. And we've kept drying the floor, so I hope it doesn't leak. I also have to look at if I can seal the floors at all or not. So, I've been painting parts in the garage this whole time. It's so hot and humid that the paint is starting to dry before I can even get one side done, so the paint job is less than perfect, but it's just me, so I will live with it. The cupboard I got to put above the toilet is a regular wall cupboard that was supposed to be ready to paint, so I didn't sand it, but it needed sanded as little bit came up. So now it's rustic looking. It was a pain to put up as we cannot find what mom did with the stud finder. Or really any tool that she uses. Picture a giant eyeroll here. She always tells me it's someplace, but there are some things we have never ever found, like like my cabinet handle template. I hate having to buy stuff I already have. So I recreated the vanity using 2x4's to support the vanity top and put one side in. I had to use screws, so I will have to do some touch ups for sure, everywhere. Then I put the faucet and drain in and I looked at the goop and you have to wait 72 hours before exposing it to water. What?! That's three days. Who does that? So yesterday I could have turned the water on and all that, but I ran errands instead. Got home late. I am going to try to work on it tonight. I was going to get more done over the holiday weekend, but my brother's girlfriend stayed over and so mom didn't have to go over and watch the kids. That means that I couldn't work and make noise past her bedtime of around 8pm. That really puts a stopper on the work. This three day tour has turned into an expedition. I started this on May 25th and it's now June 8th. I hope to finish it all up this weekend when it will be a 100 degrees outside. I haven't even gotten to the rest of the gardening yet. My next task is my bedroom floor. I really hope that doesn't turn into a forever project.
  15. Wow, Jenny, you have the greatest sister for sure. I am glad you COPD isn't worse, but the coughing up blood thing is really scary no matter what. I hope it's not serious. I would love to see your video arrow. I could never do that. I have been just busy. I took a few days off to remodel my bathroom and put the new flooring in my bedroom. Well, it's nearly a week later and I am still working on my bathroom. Have to get another toilet! Who knew they came in different lengths? Not me. I will whine at length later. Hopefully have pictures too. Had my phone interview today and hopefully will get the in person interview next week. I think I did ok, but even the people doing the job hunt don't have a good idea of what this job entails. I do, but not all of it. They asked if I had any questions, but then couldn't answer. Since I work at the U, and with the lady who is retiring, I didn't have much to ask. Man, I want this job. That extra money would make my life so much easier. Well, I really have to get to bed.