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  1. Islamic terrorists did it.Exploded a suicide bomb in the foyer of the theatre as people were leaving.Mostly beautiful young people killed.22 in all and over 100 injured some critcally with life changing injuries.Tye bomb was packed with nails,nuts and ball bearings.Terrible tragedy.Police think they have the name of the terrorist who was also killed.Aged 22 they think ,Asian descent and probably born in the UK. We must live our lives.I am off to the UK tomorrow for a week and this terrible act will not stop me from doing what I want and living my life.........Irene
  2. All these beautiful young people,mostly girls,at an Ariane Grande concert enjoying themselves and they were deliberately targeted by a suicide bomber.That venue held 22,000 people and it was fully booked.The bomb was set off in the foyer as everyone was leaving.One of the girls killedcwas aged 18 and the other aged 8.we don,t know about the others yet.What a tragedy. Don,t let that put you off going to the UK SarahBeth.It is not going to stop me going tomorrow.Life must carry on as usual,we must live our lives. Hope everyone is OK.I will contact you next week when Iet back.Take care.Irene.
  3. Hi girls.we are still having a little rain here and it is rather cool.One has to hope it will improve for the better. My Sil went for her spinal injection on Wednesday.Shevfelt really disappointed on that day as she was told the injection was really a diagnostic test to see if it was the C5 nerve in her neck.It might work and it might not she was told.She was told to continue with all her pain medication after the injection.She slept really well tgat night and when she woke up the pain was gone.She really couldn,t believe it.It must be the cervical 5 in her spine as it has blocked the pain.She will now get an appointment to see her consultant in 8 weeks time to see what happens next.The pain could return at any time or it might not but she says she will take any pain free days that she gets. I amvery much looking forward to seeing her on Wednesday and then I can judge just how well she is.Took the dogs out for lots of walks this week between the showers and went and had a hair cut and blow dry at lunch time today.Apart from that things are quite quiet around here.......... Irene
  4. Dung....."