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  1. I believe if Josh doesn,t get a shift on his music wont sell so well.Unless,ofcourse,he wants to take another change of direction with his career and stay on musicals,in which case I shall not stay around.When I think of all the fun and discussions we used to have on here it is now so disappointing.
  2. You do sound more lighthearted about it all nowBrenda.I am sure if you tell your Dad how difficult things have been for you he will understand but I think you have to try to be firm about it.I know it is all difficult but if he is happier in his own homeand he has good carers things should be OK.Best of luck moving him again at the weekend. We havehad a lot of heavy thundery showers for the last couple of days.Did have a long walk on Wednesday but trouble s I now have a long split under my right foot.No walking now for afew days.Never mind ,they have a big garden to run around in
  3. Brenda.I agree with everyone else.If it makes him happy to be cared for at home and it makes you happy too then that is what you must do.I think you have two good carers for him ,they sound genuinely fond of him.Itwas obviously a bad experience for him.As Carol says you must leave more time for yourself.Maybe you could see him every third week or even once per month.I am sure he will understand that you need more time now.I do hope so. Glad you enjoyed thedrag show Sarah.It,s is good to get out and your mini getaway sounds just the ticket. Phew,it has been warm these last fewdays but tonight we are expecting thunderstorms and heavy rain coming up from France.It shoud cool off a bit then.I don,t know how you girls in theUS cope with the heat you get.Went shopping today and finished off by having my teeth cleaned by the hygeneist at the dentist.I really hate that but today it wasn,t too bad.Hair cut tomorrow and boy does it need cutting.I have left it for too long really..............Irene
  4. Things to do.......( I have a long list too,I had better get on with it as I am running out of time)😲
  5. Talking of ants Brenda ,a few years ago ,a hoard of them started coming out rrom under my fireplace in the front room.I remember John putting poison down(which is always difficult with pets) it was in liquid form in a tube.You squeezed a drop out onto something flat and they would come out and drink it and then take it back to the ants nests with them.It was horrendous for a few days and it must have worked because we never saw them again. We have had a lovely few days,beautful sunshine and warm.Went to town for shopping today and hope tomorrow will be nice as I have a few jobs I would like to do outside.Have had a lazy afternoon and an easy chicken salad for tea and now I am finished for the day.........Irene
  6. Amsterdam......Holland
  7. Brenda,so glad they are doing a few things to make your Dad feel happier.I think now is the time for you to enjoy some me time and get back to a more normal life. Sounds like you are enjoying your life Sarah don,t overdo it having a good time now.😃 Went to the Doctors today about my hands and feet and he is writing again for je to go back and see the consultant dermatologist at the hospital.Meanwhile it is just back to ointments and potions and the usual things.Woke up to 2 more splits on my feet this morning.It is incredible how they open up over night.Never mind ,it had been a beatiful day today and I had to over the mountain pass to get to the doctors and it was beautiful up there.People everywhere taking ,photos of the wonderful views of the mountains and lakes.A good to be alive morning!...Irene
  8. Chicken and mushroom
  9. Hope your health improves Arrow.
  10. Golly John.very frightening.Hope you are better soon.