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  1. I know why you thought of it, because that's a well-known phrase. LOL I'm not sure that would have been the first thing to come to my mind, though. LOL cat (pole cat; I'm not even sure what that is :lol:)
  2. baritone Luckily you arranged the letters well. ltao
  3. Yes, it does make sense. How long was Timothy around? He skated around the time when I was not watching every competition for a while. I do remember when he landed all the quads, but I was not watching all the GP events with my mom. I was busy with school, and possibly a bit bored with Michelle winning everything (I admire her, but it took the suspense away too much). I did the same thing with the Price is Right. Now I watch it everyday that I'm off! And I never really got into ice dancing until Belbin & Agosto, though I did like Naomi & Peter. Actually, it looks like K & A's trip to France is skating related, but not sure how yet.
  4. So it seems that Jeremy has officially announced his retirement from competitive skating... not that I believed he would, or should, actually return. I do hope he stays with Stars on Ice for a long time! It's sad that certain other skaters drop off eventually. Or some tour every few years, or something. In other news, Kaitlyn & Andrew appear to be on vacation in France... together. Vaujany, to be exact, in the Rhone-Alpes...? It looks spectacular, however you say it.
  5. bass ebtlre
  6. Not your fault... year
  7. Not sure how we got from torn to fore, but oh, well... lure
  8. purse/super nsrigt
  9. cork
  10. grasp tclchu
  11. fort
  12. My sister helps out with more housework than I do, more because she volunteers than anything else. I'm usually home later than her, and so whatever there is to do, she helps out with, and by the time I get home, there's not much left for me to do other than my own laundry, or something. So, if I don't do any, it's because it's already been done! She then sometimes likes to brag about how much she does around the house and it really irritates me. She's also kind of bossy and scoldy, and even sometimes unkind. So I really would honestly hate to live with her the rest of my life. We get along okay most of the time, and go on trips and shopping (usually thrift stores! ) together. But while I don't particularly enjoy my job, I feel better about myself when I'm at work, because most of the employees there are nice and fun to be around. I realize that when people live together it's a little dififerent, but even then, I still feel like the rest of the world... minus a few hundred customers... ... are just generally nicer than my family. So yeah, my potential guy has to be nicer than them, too, or there's no point. LOL
  13. loot
  14. Well, I think I could be comfortable being by myself, if not for the vulnerability aspect. And that it might be a little boring. And because I can't do handy stuff. Yeah, I still live at home. I'd rather wait to spend money a place when it's something I actually want to live in, and an apartment just doesn't appeal to me. That huge apartment fire in London is still fresh in my mind; like my mom always says, you're at the mercy of your neighbors. So clearly my parents aren't desperate to kick us out. They're actually better off with us here, because my mom needs so much help with stuff, and my dad already does most of it. It would be worse without us! So I try to comfort myself with that thought. Still, I really want to have my own place eventually.
  15. You mean, skating boot! book
  16. arena (Josh usually performs at the Key arena in Seattle )
  17. share/shear ivgne
  18. Well, I'm hoping I'm not meant to be single forever, because I don't want to live with my sister forever (who does want to remain single), but I also don't relish the idea of actually living completely alone (I've never lived on my own, and have no desire to. I look like a 12 yr. old, so the idea of going home to some apartment alone at night with potentially questionable neighbors around does not appeal to me in the least). Those aren't the only reasons, but I do know I don't want to waste time dating guys until I find the right one. I'd rather just find the right one to begin with. I'd rather be single forever than be with the wrong guy. LOL It's a little frustrating though when virtually the only place I go is work, so I think I'll either have to find a fellow employee or a customer to go with.
  19. loop (back to skating again :lol)
  20. philharmonic
  21. Haha, I don't mind, and I totally agree with you! I've long thought of May as a better choice for me, because I like spring, and because I've long thought of using lilacs, which are blooming then (though they start in late April sometimes). Though I wonder if those would be too strong-smelling. LOL Not to mention June is too popular. Though May can be rainy around here, so I might have to forget any outdoor setting, because weather would be way too unpredictable! And strong flower fragrances can be a little much indoors. Another thought I've always had about what month to choose was that I wanted to choose a month where there were no family birthdays or big holidays. That thought doesn't seem that important anymore. But first, I have to find somebody to marry! Yes, I saw Eric's proposal tweet. I also saw that K & A attended Isabella's wedding... BTW, what's with ladies wearing black to weddings?? I would have thought that would be taboo. Unless it's a goth theme, or something. LOL Did not hear about Timothy, though.