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  1. swamp kymru
  2. rice ldefi
  3. clam
  4. stalk sbena
  5. glad
  6. Sure. Maybe we should stick to shorter words. LOL salad rocrta
  7. gram
  8. All I can come up with is mention, but with an extra T.
  9. nail polish
  10. brim
  11. Here is Jason Brown skating to his new free skate. I don't know what the title is. I listened to a recent interview by Golden Skate, and even he didn't say what the title was, but he said it was a new composition by someone named Maxim Rodriguez. It's really nice, though he did mess up a bit.
  12. trim
  13. crab
  14. shoes Couer d'Alene is very scenic. It's been a while since I've been there, but I took the tour around the huge lake, and it was very nice.
  15. sent
  16. C'ouer d' Alene (my aunt lives near there)
  17. sand
  18. bandage gnssride