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  1. I know why you thought of it, because that's a well-known phrase. LOL I'm not sure that would have been the first thing to come to my mind, though. LOL cat (pole cat; I'm not even sure what that is :lol:)
  2. baritone Luckily you arranged the letters well. ltao
  3. Yes, it does make sense. How long was Timothy around? He skated around the time when I was not watching every competition for a while. I do remember when he landed all the quads, but I was not watching all the GP events with my mom. I was busy with school, and possibly a bit bored with Michelle winning everything (I admire her, but it took the suspense away too much). I did the same thing with the Price is Right. Now I watch it everyday that I'm off! And I never really got into ice dancing until Belbin & Agosto, though I did like Naomi & Peter. Actually, it looks like K & A's trip to France is skating related, but not sure how yet.
  4. So it seems that Jeremy has officially announced his retirement from competitive skating... not that I believed he would, or should, actually return. I do hope he stays with Stars on Ice for a long time! It's sad that certain other skaters drop off eventually. Or some tour every few years, or something. In other news, Kaitlyn & Andrew appear to be on vacation in France... together. Vaujany, to be exact, in the Rhone-Alpes...? It looks spectacular, however you say it.
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  7. Not sure how we got from torn to fore, but oh, well... lure
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