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  1. Okay, time for a hint.
  2. ear-splitting
  3. Yeah, so apparently this took place in Miami, because Aliona's been posting stuff from there. I'm guessing it's because John Zimmerman works there? I'm not sure. But the French pair work with him, but I'm not aware that they train there. I haven't been following them long, but I don't think I've ever seen them post anything from Florida, usually wherever they're competing, or in Paris. John Zimmerman is their coach, but I'm not sure how much choreography he does, or even Silvia, for that matter. It does seem like a lot of the skaters are getting their programs for next season started already! Except the ones who've just competed in Tokyo; some of them are headed straight home for touring!
  4. Honestly, I wish they'd limit it to 1 or 2 quads per program. Like, 1 for a short, 2 for a long. But they probably won't do that. Meaghan Duhamel just posted a video of a 13 yr. old Russian girl doing a quad! So, looks like Aliona & Bruno are working with John Kerr, Silvia Fontana/John Zimmerman, and Christopher Dean for next year. Christopher Dean seems to be the popular one these days, with Madi & Evan utilizing him for their free dance this season.
  5. loaf
  6. LOL Patrick Chan is definitely always in the conversation, so I'm not sure why he would think that. There are just so many guys right now capable of doing at least as well or better than him, so it's not anything to do with him, necessarily. But I do think it would be nice if less emphasis was put on the quad, so guys like Jason wouldn't feel like they had to do one and risk messing up to succeed. Though I do wish he could at least do one per program, more often.
  7. cafe