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  1. pinkie dlemdi
  2. river Yes, I think short-term memory tends to go with age, hence the term, "senior moment". When they go into a room and forget what they went in there for. Not saying that never happens to me! LOL I have a great memory when it comes to details like names, years, music/titles, etc. Who was somewhere what year, what they wore, what they sang/skated to. But at my job, if a customer tells me at the beginning of the transaction that they are tax exempt, it's very common for me to forget that as soon as I'm done scanning their items. But in that case, it's because everything I do is pretty much auto-pilot, and anything even slightly different or out of order will throw me off. For example, if a customer has me scan their MyLowes card before I ask, then there's a good chance I will still ask them! I've been getting better at that, though. It's so embarrassing when I do that. I really have to stop myself from asking, even seconds after I've scanned it. Most customers aren't that well-prepared! So I don't even know if this is even a memory issue, it's just that my routine is so ingrained that it's hard to stop myself from doing it.
  3. So, I guess the GP assignments are out. K & A got Skate Canada and France. Apparently the France one has been changed to Les Internationaux des France now, instead of Trophee Eric Bompard (and Trophee Lalique, way back when). I can only assume T & S will be in Canada as well, which means the 2 teams will go head to head. So of course K & A won't win. I just looked, and Madi & Zach are there, too, so they might beat them, too, unless K & A start doing extra good. I do hope they improve on this last season, because I want them to do well. Of course at this point there's little to no chance they'll medal at the Olympics (I'm kind of expecting this year's Worlds to be the result). But I still want them to place higher than 7th, which is what they got last time. Maybe 5th wouldn't be out of the question. The line-up in France isn't much better for K & A. There's the French team, and Madi & Evan. So, they'll likely be on the podium, just no gold medals. And guess what, Skate America is last! First is Rostelcom Cup, then Skate Canada, then China, then Japan, then France, and then America. The top US ice dance teams are as follows: Shibutanis: Russia, America Hubbell & Donohue: Canada, Japan Chock & Bates: China, France And, I see that the Shibutanis are the only team that have a serious crack at the gold medal. They're the only US team who don't have a top team to contend with. Hubbell & Donohue have T & S in Canada and Japan. Madi & Evan get the French team in both their assignments too! And the Shibs are free of anyone else who would have a serious shot at beating them. Conspiracy? That means that the top 3 world medallists will all very likely win their GP events. Nothing new; this is how they worked it last time with M & C and T & S.
  4. outer It gets easier when the years fly by so fast. LOL I certainly don't remember every detail of my school days, just certain things. I think because I've had fewer public school days than most, it's probably easier for me to remember the years I was there.
  5. room I remember it because I remember all sorts of things, because I have a very good memory. To me it's weird that nobody else seems to remember much of anything! It really is quite appalling to me sometimes, and I sometimes wonder, am I the only one in the world who remembers things? Anyway, it was particularly impactful because it was when I realized I had erred because of my parents' improper use of the word! It's the only word I remember having that issue with, so I don't remember anything else about that test. However, I do remember what grade I was in and who my teacher was, and could probably picture a classmate or 2 (I was homeschooled from 4th to 8th grade, so I have fewer classmates to remember than most). I also remember during that testing period, I lost a green pencil, and I was very upset about it. And when my teacher found a green pencil, it wasn't the right one. MIne was a "sea green", not a bright green. Okay, enough school memories for one day. My sister values my memory when it comes to skating shows and concerts we've been to. I remember many of the skaters who were there, what some of their programs were, and what costumes they wore. Not everyone, but our favorite ones, or certain skaters we only saw at one event, I'll often remember what they skated. When we watch skating, I'll always remember whether I've seen them live or not. For example, I remember that the only other time I saw Adam Rippon skate live was at SA 2008, and he looked quite a bit different then. I do remember he was with Nikolai Morozov at the time, and his hair was longer, but straight instead of curly like he had it for a while.
  6. that's (enough) I once got the definition of enough wrong on a test in elementary school, because the context I'd always heard that word used in, it always meant "too much". The shout by a parent or teacher "That's enough!" seems to imply that they've actually had more than enough of whatever it is that's "enough". So before that test, I didn't know what the real definition was!
  7. LOL I don't even remember seeing that move in Jason's program. I do remember the "worm", though, because I think the commentators had something to say about it. Oh, and after his splits at the end, Carol Lane said, Now that's a way to end", and Kurt says, "... your career!" Speaking of which, Adam did a very painful-looking split pose onto the ice at SOI. He practically slammed himself onto the ice, and then got right back up afterwards. It wasn't even the ending pose! LOL yes, I love seeing Adam's posts and moves on the ice. I also love seeing his posts to, about, or from Ashley. Recently on Ashley's birthday, his post to her called her "the pain in my butt". His part in that Sound of Silence last year was particularly moving as far as the choreography. However, Patrick Chan performed the same part in Canada, and yet it was nowhere near as moving as Adam's performance of the same thing. In fact, Elvis Stojko was the only one in the Canadian performance that I found anywhere near as effective as the Americans'. I'm not sure, but I think Jason might be working with David Wilson (or someone Canadian), because he's spent the past few days in Toronto with his dad. Typically when a non-Canadian skater has been in Canada during training season, it's a choreography thing. Though of course Rohene appears to have already contributed his work to Jason's new programs. But of course, skaters tend to work with additional choreographers along with their main ones. K & A always had Shae-Lynn Bourne, but once used the work of contemporary dancer Allison Houlker of So you think you can Dance. Last season (15/16), they worked with Peter Tchernychev on their FD, as did the Shibutanis, I believe. And now they've worked with Stephane Lambiel. As for what they were doing in LA, the thought occurred to me that maybe it was Misha Ge. He lives there, and he choreographed one of Gracie's show numbers, so it might be a possibility. Also, based on a tweet they shared not too long ago, they might be skating to Paradise by Coldplay. They showed this list that said, "Fix you", "Evolution", "Paradise". Another thing that's gotten me wondering is that K & A have been tweeting photos and commentary quotes from their break out program, Je Suis Malade. Could they bring that back for the Olympics? That would be interesting, but I have to say, I'd prefer something new. Especially since they have a new coach, and the fact that their skill level has and still needs to improve, since that program.
  8. pick