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  1. It is still there, but only a few threads get a lot of use. All they ever talk about is that musical, and his Twitter stuff is boring as hell, because most of the people involved there are people I have never heard of. They have had some big glitches for about a week. Everyone's profile goes missing, so they are locked out. Tonight it was fine.
  2. Are you serious?? I HATE it. Wearing that Holter monitor is no big deal. I had to wear one last year. Other than one pad that kept coming unstuck, it was fine. Don't worry about that. yeah, today, my AC has been on all day and will probably be on all night too. Normally, I turn it off at bedtime and turn on the ceiling fan in my bedroom. I rarely leave the AC on if I am out either. Paranoia anyone? The temps are going to drop, but the damned humidity is not going away. 6:45 AM? Geez and I was feeling sorry for myself for having a neurology appointment at 8:00 AM. I am never up that early.
  3. I think most just lost interest. Hopefully once that Broadway stuff has died down and more is discussed regarding a new album, things might perk up. But I hope he doesn't wait too long.
  4. It is good to know what it is, but is just as good to rule out what it isn't. They will get to the bottom of it eventually. Hang in there, John.
  5. Well, if that is going to be how they waste my tax dollars, then I just might stop giving them any. I can waste it better than they can.
  6. Geez, John, sure hope it wasn't. That must have been so scary. If it happens again, don't wait - call 911 and head for emergency.
  7. Well, now I am officially a Justin non fan. Giving ten million and an apology to that terrorist Khadr?? For what? He got what he deserved, and that whole evil family of his should have been given the boot out of here. Too much kowtowing to special interest groups going on. That money should have gone to help wounded veterans. My MP is getting a strongly worded email.
  8. Ah, so THAT is where Justin is this week. Kind of hard to keep track of him. He is never here doing business - spends most of his time globe hopping and schmoozing. He is really good at that. Otherwise, the bloom is coming off the rose around here. He is also good at not keeping campaign promises and getting our country deeper into debt.
  9. Yeah - at last!! Now we can stop reading about plays and people I have never heard of and am not interested in - especially on FOJG. Bet Josh is relieved too. That had to be a real grind after a while. Sure hope he gets some new music out soon and that there are still people out there interested in buying it. Para - so sorry about the job. I was really rooting for you. Don't give up - you are a hard and dependable worker, and something will come along that deserves you. Other than the big rainstorm in Ottawa and the crappy security checks on Parliament Hill, the big birthday party looked like fun. Today's celebrations went much more smoothly. And no terror attacks - touch wood!! We are on the hit list, though. Yes, Padlig, some people are just nasty pieces of work from the cradle on. I think every family gets stuck with at least one.
  10. I forgot about Joseph - I used to volunteer at a theater here and Joseph played there. I saw it 6 times. Three with Donny Osmond and three with David Burnham, the guy who replaced him. It was a pretty good show. There were other ones that were pretty good too - We Will Rock You and Defending the Caveman. That had me almost falling out of my seat - hilarious. I hope he can unrough his voice. Sometimes you can't undo stuff like that. He said once that if he had chosen to go the opera route rather than pop singing, there was often no going back. I saw Ted Neely in the movie. Seeing him live would have been great.
  11. I have no interest in stage musicals whatsoever. Most of the music in them is boring and loud. Lots of what is on stage is recycled crap from decades ago - South Pacific? Hello Dolly? Sound of Music? Gimme a break! The only show that I saw live that I liked the music was Phantom. Hated Les Miz. Hope Josh gets back down to business soon. The last thing I listened to him doing was ATE. Need something new.
  12. If your rules are like ours, buildings built before a certain time are not required to have sprinklers. Don't know what the rules are in England - anyone out there who can inform us? My building was built in the 50s and has no sprinklers, but we have VERY loud fire bells. OMG - they test them all the time, and the dead in the cemetery up the street are complaining. The London fire must have spread so fast because of that cladding, which evidently created a kind of wind tunnel. I have never seen anything like that one. We have had high rise fires, but they rarely burn more than a floor or two. The codes are very strict and each unit is kind of like a separate concrete box. That London building only had one staircase for folks to get out - we have two. Many buildings have more.
  13. That fire was so horrendous. I have never seen anything like it. Jenny - evidently safety was a big issue in that building, and the tenants had complained numerous times. Of course, nothing much was done. Maybe now they will start listening to the people who have to live in these buildings. Here, many apartment fires are started by stupid people tossing their cigarettes off their balconies. We had one the same day as the London fire. There were two shootings the same day - the other one at a mail delivery company. The only politician that I would like to see get removed the hard way is Trump. He's evil.
  14. Good luck tomorrow! And stay away from your mom - don't need that. Hope that heart thing settles down. It sounds real scary.
  15. Or they confuse the two.