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  1. I have stopped buying common CDS and DVDs, even at Value Village. If the movie is on Tv a lot or on Netflix, I won't buy it. There aren't many I watch over and over. I do buy some box sets on occasion. I am in the process of reaming out my collection too. Hey, Para- I remember that you liked the McGuyver series. Do you have the box set of that? I am seriously looking for Homicide - Life on the Street. Great cop show that is not on our Netflix, nor has it been in reruns at all. I would love to see it again. It only came into Value Village once, and someone else got it. One reason people don't buy hard copies of music anymore is because there are so few stores left with a good selection to buy. Our last HMV store was a gem - three floors of great stuff, including hard to find things. It will be missed. They were a bit pricy. I don't know why rolling one's eyes at a person pisses them off so much, but it does. Used to really get my mom's goat. That was why I did it. We weren't allowed to mouth off, so that was the next best thing.
  2. Compared to the six million that his first two albums each sold, half a million is a big step down. People really liked that stuff. Now I see his albums all the time at Value Village. His sales on his real albums slowly went down. Then he did Stages, which was geared to a different crowd. His kind of music is not that popular any more, and similar artists like Sarah B, Bocelli and others are feeling the pinch too. But I think he could still put out a blockbuster album with hits on it if he worked with Foster again. They were good together. Sales proved it. Actual CD sales probably aren't doing that well, but people still buy online and stream a lot. They do listen to music. Since many music stores have closed around here - the giant HMV just closed down its last Canadian store last week - I buy from I-tunes too. Best Buy doesn't carry CDs or DVDs any more. Walmart still does, but the selection is limited.
  3. Age has nothing to do with it. Mean and controlling is a personality trait, and doesn't just come on or come on stronger as we age. With people like that, you have to jump right on them the second they start up, and keep doing it until they stop. I had an aunt who was a miserable critical b----, and everyone walked on eggs around her. My mom and sister just put up with it to avoid scenes, but I am mean too when I have to be, and she generally left me alone. I got on her case a few times when she was being nasty to them and told her to knock it off. Then she went into the 'poor little me waterworks'. I guess she figured that would get her sympathy, and it usually did. But I told her to knock that off too, because it was not going to work. I got in trouble from my parents for being rude, but I didn't care. It just felt good. I told my mom that maybe if she had got in her face early on, she would have avoided a lot of hurt feelings. Maybe just tell your mom that if she doesn't behave, you won't be driving anywhere with her, and then do it. Let her find her own ride. Once should do it. Once she sees that you are not kidding, she will smarten up. As for the other family members, tell them that your mom is lying and leave it at that. They can believe it or not - their choice.
  4. Yep, you are absolutely right, Para. Being family should not give a person the right to get in your face or push your buttons. If they don't cease and desist after you tell them to, then just cut them off. Life is too short to be stuck with nasty folks who just happen to be relatives. I know some people who keep allowing themselves to be abused, insulted and hurt, and put up,with it because they are family and you have to stick with family. NO! You don't. Family has to earn respect just like everyone else. Like Dr Phil says - you teach people how to treat you. Also agree with you about Josh getting another really good album out there. If this one lays an egg, his career is probably toast. My second hand CD guy doesn't even buy Josh albums any more because they don't sell.
  5. Yeah, me too, but i am a total cynic. I don't believe or trust most people because they are out for themselves and really don't care about others. But, being a loner, I don't worry that much about them. I just do my thing and am happy that I still can. Well, my baseball team is off to the worst start in team history. Woohoo to them! Smarten up, guys. On the other hand, our basketball and hockey teams are both in the playoffs, so good on them. The hockey team is made up of a lot of young guys who are amazingly talented, but are rookies. The three best players are only 19. So, I can see them getting knocked out early due to lack of playoff experience. Last year no Canadian teams were in the playoffs - this year five teams made it.
  6. I think they are discussing more sanctions possibly against Russia - our PM said something about that today. After the Germans were defeated, General Patton and probably others too wanted to keep on going and take Russia out too, but weren't allowed to because they were allies. He must have seen something the rest didn't, because he turned out to be right. I am for taking out the worst of the worst criminals and guys like Assad. The jury is out as to whether or not it is a deterrent, but you would make darned sure those people would never again hurt someone else. I am livid that a guy who beheaded an innocent stranger on a bus in 2009 is suddenly better and out of a mental hospital with no restrictions or monitoring. Not only that, he was allowed to change his name and nobody knows where he is. If this creep goes off his meds and does that again, whose neck will be on the line then? He should have been locked up - period. If he is well enough to be out, he is well enough to now stand trial for what he did. It was a horrible crime. On a lighter note, I have really enjoyed This Is Us - it hits all the right heartstrings. Scenes like this one keep me coming back.
  7. I read that Russia did get a heads-up about the strike - not sure if Syria did. I feel bad about Syria too, but these rebels who started this whole mess years ago should have known that they were never going to win against Assad. You have to cut off the head of the snake, or it will bite you or crush you or both. America needs to stay out of other countries' wars - it has never worked for them. Vietnam? Afghanistan? Iraq? Way too many young lives wasted, and for what? There is a Russian snake that would look good with his head removed. And a creepy little North Korean one too. Crazy and dangerous. I agree with most of what you said, Para. Many countries fought Germany during WW2, and it took all of them combined to beat them. i think many people didn't know about what happened to the Jews until after the war when the stories from survivors came out. And those who did were afraid for their lives because Germany was running roughshod over their countries too.
  8. It is not really his job to just attack another country - one that has not attacked his country. The world needs to decide what to do about Syria together, but can't seem to get their act together. The UN is useless until it stops allowing Russia and China to veto everything. The solution would be for Russia to get out of that conflict, and for someone to take out Assad. Then let the Syrian people put their country back together, seeing that they broke it themselves. Funny, isn't it, that the Donald is suddenly feeling bad about what is happening in Syria when refugees from that country are among the ones he will not allow into the US. Hypocrite.
  9. Yeah, I can see why you guys are concerned. Lots going on there and none of it is good. This guy who sees himself as saviour of something is not going to be happy until he has started World War 3. Unless someone comes up with a way of stopping him. And now he has removed your privacy protection when on the internet. What is he THINKING?? Oh, right, he is not capable of rational thought. Up here, they have pulled a former Prime Minister, Lyin' Brian Mulroney, out of mothballs to meet with his good friend, Trump and see what they can do with NAFTA. Mulroney was one of the guys who put it together originally. So that should be fun. we have had the crappiest day today weather wise. Rained hard all day with high winds, now is snowing with high winds. Second such day this week. Blech!! Imagine the February Blahs in April! baseball is back. hooray! My team lost the first two games, but won tonight 5-2. They are still not hitting much. One guy did all the damage with a grand slam. Our home opener isn't until next Tuesday.
  10. Talk about yer idiots! The cops pulled over about 20 people in high end cars who were stunt driving along a major highway. They got their cars towed and face a big fine. Their idiot lawyer is saying they were targeted because they all had expensive cars. Gimme a break. The rest of us have to deal with fools like this all the time. On motorcycles too. A bunch of them just got charged for incidents that happened a few months ago where one of them got killed. Stupid rules up here.
  11. Well, that was only really about politics, and mainly this past election. Wonder if any of them have changed their minds about things now?
  12. You got that right. I think everything is slowly winding down. Don't much like it.
  13. The cops around here who report on stuff like this to the media are saying that both drunk driving and distracted driving are going up, not down. This is telling me that far too many drivers are not taking this seriously and need a good boot in the butt to wake them up. Like drastically increasing the fines and also taking their cars away for a good length of time. Three days, which they do now is not enough. A month for a first offence might be better. After that, permanently. I see drivers on the phone all the time, and if you say anything to them, they tell you where to go and what to do when you get there. Nice. The other thing is that drivers do not drive according to the weather. Maybe driving tests should be done during a snowstorm or rainstorm - if you can drive safely then, you can drive in good conditions. Up here, they want us to report bad drivers. More and more of us use dashboard cameras, and that can sometimes be used in court. Yay - I am always complaining about cyclists who do not follow the rules of the road and never get caught. A cop was caught on video pulling three of them over for running red lights. Keep it up, guys!!
  14. Arrow - people can stop in time IF they are watching the road and are leaving enough space between cars. Far too many people don't know how much room to leave, and that the faster you are going, the more space you have to leave. Tailgating is why all those multi vehicle crashes happen. Many drivers do get stopped, and then some idiot comes speeding along and smashes right into them. The last one that happened up here, the guy was caught on video. People need to make driving their priority when in the car. If something is distracting you like a ringing phone, or fighting kids, pull over and sort it out. Kids are the worst distraction ever, but a car is only as bad as the nut behind the wheel. The accepted rule of the road is that you leave one car length for every ten miles per hour that you are driving.
  15. Good for her! But she should have called the cops on him right then as he left the store. Lay another DUI on his record to sweeten the pot. People like that never seem to learn, and maybe a good long stint in jail might smarten them up. We have some up here that have had over 30 drunk driving convictions, and are still out there driving. Disgusting!