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  1. One assumed Muslim guy did it - at least that is the report so far. Born in England of Libyan parents. Kind of an ugly dude. So many young kids involved. One was just eight. ISIS claimed responsibility, but they claim responsibility for everything. The cops don't yet know if this guy worked alone or with others. It is the home grown ones you need to be wary of.
  2. What the heck is going on with all this gender neutral stuff? There are two genders, and whatever you identify as, that is what you are called. People are hes or shes - but not its. Wonder who did that at the concert in Manchester? Disgusting. Really makes you think twice before going to any large events, doesn't it? You just never know what kind of vermin is crawling around there too.
  3. Sad? Not this person! I never enjoyed school much, so was happy to be out of there. I did my degree during night and summer courses, while teaching full time. I also did some ministry of education courses. That was enough. Some day, I would really love to go to the Smithsonian complex. I have been to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI. Terrific place!
  4. Padlig - I apologize for being so late in congratulating your daughter on her achievements too. I know how hard it is to earn that degree. On the day of my final exam, I danced off campus singing "Happy Days Are Here Again". Does she feel that same relief?
  5. Hi John! I joined here in 2003, so about the same time as you. When I found out I could download Josh videos to keep, I thought I died and went to heaven. happy long weekend.
  6. Yay for Sam, Jenny! Pass along my best wishes for her. That is one very hard exam. I think Trump is a sociopath - being a victim and a liar is part of that. He has never learned to just keep his big mouth shut and listen once in a while. There are people out there who know more than he does - he just doesn't get that. It is all about him, and only him. It is mind boggling that despite all the crap that he has done, his supporters still think he can do no wrong. I really hope they can get enough dirt on him to impeach him, although with him owning both houses, that likely will never happen.
  7. I don't know if Windows 10 comes with a backup program, but it probably does. I use a MAC, and they do. It is called Time Machine. You can set it up to back up what you want - contacts, music, photos, videos, etc. I don't use the Cloud. It puts things there that I don't want there. Or if you don't have a lot of media on your computer, just back up the whole thing.
  8. Padlig - do you do backups on your computer? Every time I buy new stuff or upload my own CDs, I back up onto a separate hard drive. Then if there is a problem, I can reload my stuff from my backup hard drive. Sure came in handy when my hard drive kicked the bucket. Just watched a very nice movie called A Street Cat Named Bob. It is on Netflix for those who have it. My baseball team is finally getting going - thank goodness. They had a dismal start. They just won their third series in a row and swept Seattle - something they have never done before. And they are doing this with three pitchers and three regular starters on the DL.
  9. I had to go off one of my water pills too because my BP was low for the first time in my life. I am going to ask him the next time I see him if he can do the same thing you want. Back on the two water pills and off the BP med, which I was only on as a precaution anyway. Diabetic. He will probably say no, because it is right where it should be now. Just when you think things are going to calm down for a bit, Trump the fool does something else to get everybody upset. When are they going to start looking to Impeach this guy? Even Nixon never fired the head of the FBI. Trump wants to put his flunkies in all the important jobs, so they can't investigate him for things. Like that press secretary of his - oh my Lord!!
  10. OK - I think I know what you mean. I am a big Clapton fan too. My sister still has her copy of City to City - one of her favourites. Cataloguing them is a great idea, so when you decide to sell, you have the collection at your fingertips. My friend got me to take a bunch of her old albums down to the flea market to the guy I deal with. She made some good money. I bought the Beatles albums on coloured vinyl from her. There were 7 of them.
  11. They are just on another thread. Jenny - Mobile Fidelity albums are all pressed on what is called "virgin vinyl", and the sound is supposedly better than a CD. Lots of people prefer vinyl because the true audiophiles claim you can hear every note clearly. I am not an audiophile, so it is all Greek to me, but I have friends who are. Only the best for them. Top notch equipment and records more than CDs. My home stereo is a Bose mini speaker and my iPhone. Works for me. Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs also produce CDs which are really nice too. They are gold coloured, and quite collectible. I do have a few of those. Right now on EBay, there is a MFSL copy of the Beatles white album, sealed. Asking $279.00.
  12. Good luck, Para!! I hope you get it - you deserve it. ISY - do you mean Mobile Fidelity albums? They are extremely high quality, and worth big bucks. Especially Beatles and stuff like that. I would kill to get some of those. I don't have any - can't afford them. Check on Ebay because you will get an idea of what to charge. If there is a record dealer in the closest big city to you, check with him. Some will make the trip to your house to get quality stuff. Too bad you don't live here. My guy would be beating a path to your door. Me too. LOL!
  13. Can't come soon enough!! Sure hope he gets back to being a recording star like he used to be. I wasn't a fan of the scruff, but that beard is icky. This would be a great time to sell your collection of vinyl. Vinyl is really in demand here - is it also over there? I have a small collection of rare records that I would never part with. Several Beatle albums on coloured vinyl. Disney picture discs etc.
  14. No, but that is not a bad idea. Divvy up the ashes and put a bit in each record that would go to a close friend. Then they can play the hell out of you, and you can't do a thing about it.
  15. Hi, Jenny! Glad you are still around. Well, Josh got his Tony nomination, and his show got twelve of them. Happy for him, and hope he wins. I am so happy that our Canadian show about the tiny town of Gander, Newfoundland taking in 38 plane loads of people who were diverted there on 9-11, and taking care of them for a few days until they could go home, got seven nominations. It is called Come From Away. It hasn't been on Broadway for too long, so the writers and cast are thrilled to death. I haven't seen it, but my sister did, and loved it.