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  1. murky yudmd
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  4. Good luck! 22501
  5. Yes, I usually do really well with Flonase and my usual prescription eyedrops for allergies. Maybe there is something new out there this year. We've also had some smoke from forest fires out west and up north, and the city has been doing a lot of roadwork right around here so there is more dust and also fumes from asphalt. It's probably just a combination of a lot of slightly unusual conditions. LOL about the Dilbert cartoons! I think I have leadership issues on the brain--I attended a conference last week and I may have been inspired (or something...!) by what I heard there.
  6. Eatons was great. I missed it for years after it closed. It always seemed to have the perfect professional clothing in brands that fit me well. They had interesting furniture, and I always thought their towels and linens were of excellent quality. In fact, I still have and use a few items all these years later. I had forgotten all about Metropolitan! I liked that store too--they had one here when I first came here as a university student. Woolworth's and Woolco were other places that I used to shop at occasionally. I think we used to have Marshall Wells and Field's and Saan also. And Zellers. I guess we are just about down to Sears, Walmart and the Bay for department stores here, and even they are not as complete and well-stocked as they once were.
  7. Thanks! 22497