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  1. treble enbatori (long but pertinent!! )
  2. banjo sabs
  3. Oops. My fault. A typo--I was going for "tore". Thanks for carrying on as if nothing happened. tear
  4. I was not a fan of Les Miz either, EB, and don't really care for the cheesy old musicals unless I know someone in them. A local amateur group does a musical at the start of each summer, and some of them are quite a lot of fun. It will be Spamalot this year, and I just might buy a ticket. I liked Phantom too, and I would go to see Joseph again. I actually saw Ted Neely in Jesus Christ, Superstar a few years back, and that was awesome. Yes, I am ready for some new Josh music as well. I have the sense that his voice is richer and more flexible thanks to his Broadway prep and work, so whatever comes next could be remarkable! Fingers crossed that you will get good news about the job, Para!
  5. string ratugi
  6. seize gprsa
  7. given kante
  8. defeat (yes, I am referring to "my" hapless team, lol!)
  9. And G, please.
  10. I heard tonight that the fire spread so quickly because of the exterior cladding, which was not fire resistant. Even then, the fire might not have been so serious and fast-moving except that the apartments did not have sprinkler systems installed. Horrible. Apparently the minister in charge of housing in the UK is a landlord himself, so there is sure to be a scandal. The death toll will be much higher than currently reported, too. Just horrible. There's been some interesting developments following the Republican baseball shooting. On some of the sites I read, it appears that people on both extremes of the left-right continuum have suddenly realized that they don't actually want to kill each other just because they disagree politically. That could be a positive development. If the rhetoric could just calm down a bit, and people could actually talk to each other about important stuff, everyone would be better off.