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  1. The new rule, according to the AAA defensive driving course I took is that you're supposed to have a 3s following distance -- 4s in bad weather. This is much easier to figure out than trying to estimate feet. The distance automatically lengthens when you go faster. You just find a post by the side of the road and count how many seconds it takes to get from the hood of the car in front of you to your hood. This is certainly important, and I wish I had a gadget to photograph and report tailgaters -- but it's not the entire answer. The fact of the matter is that we've been lecturing people on improving their driving == and we've been improving car safety, so that deaths in the USA have gone from 50k per year down to 30k -- but that's still appalling -- and there are several times as many wounded and maimed. The idea that we can turn human beings into perfect drivers needs to be smashed. If it were possible to do this, it would have been done by now. Cars have been around for over 100 years -- yet the carnage continues. The gun situation is similar, with at least half the deaths being suicides. article about reaction times. Still trying to find the one I'm looking for.
  2. Drunk driving is certainly an issue. But automobiles are inherently defective. They have the ability to transform a moment of distraction, poor judgment, or drunkenness in to multiple deaths or serious injuries. These things are all part of the human condition. Also, research tests have shown that people do not have fast enough reflexes to stop in time when driving at highway speeds. Blaming individuals for a technology that should be illegal is a distortion of the facts.
  3. Contrary to #45's allegations, terrorism is given huge press. I feel that this encourages terrorism. They have no hold over us if they don't get all this press. By contrast, the carnage on our roads -- from automobile collisions -- and with respect to non-terrorist related shootings completely dwarfs terrorism. This other carnage is only reported in local news, because it is so common. This is a total distortion and distracts the public from reforms needed for transportation safety and gun control. The lie is not with respect to hiding terrorism. The lie is with respect to hiding this much larger problem.
  4. Great new cover by Ruslan Sirota. I feel he shows great promise as an arranger and producer
  5. I can't take more than trace amounts of magnesium supplements. They give me diarrhea. If I don't take calcium I get cramps and restless muscles.
  6. Yeah. I'm going to stop douching. Also going to see my ob/gyn I take Caltrate plus minerals for calcium. Recently, they increased the amount of vitamin D in those from 400 IU to 800 IU. The daily recommended dose is 400 IU. I'm also taking multivitamins that have D. Now I've had 2 doctors say that my vitamin D is too high. For a while, I was also taking an additional vitamin D. Then I read that too much vitamin D can cause falls. I was noticing mysterious tripping issues, where my toes would catch on the street when I walked. I stopped taking that additional vitamin D and the mysterious tripping stopped.
  7. I'm trying: douching, taking baths in epsom salts, and using moisturizer for now. We'll see what happens. I went to my GP, but she is always in such a rush. I don't feel she's helpful. I did get a referral to my gyn, who I really like, but then I have to find time to go see her amid a flurry of auditions. I absolutely adore this new single of Josh singing for Beauty and the Beast (not being a Bad Grobanite) for this post. I notice it's got over a million views in a week already. There was also an interesting article that I read recently, maybe in the paper, that they didn't have Emma wearing a corset in this movie, which was a departure from the past where Disney princess actresses were made to wear corsets, to make their waists abnormally small. I was horrified to hear that this was an innovation. Corsets should have gone out with the 19th century I still haven't gotten back to Josh's show, which I've promised myself to do. I want to ask him about these forums after the show.
  8. My imaging was all negative. The oncologist is starting me on Femara to stave off estrogen sensitive tumors. Warning: the following might fall into the TMI category. I thought my body wasn't producing any estrogen, because my ovaries were removed. It turns out that the adrenal glands produce testosterone. There is an enzyme in the body called aromatase that converts that testosterone into estrogen. The Femara blocks the aromatase. The thing is that this ca-125 level can be caused by inflammation. My urologist, who I went to to check on the status of my bladder sling says that my vagina is dry and irritated. It seems to me like that might cause the high ca-125 level and that the Femara is making it worse. The standard remedy for vaginal dryness is estrogen cream, but I'm not allowed to use that because my BRCA2 gene makes my breasts sensitive to hormone induced cancer. Also my cancer, if it's coming back microscopically, is going to be estrogen sensitive and fueled by that. I need to figure out what alternatives there are to treat the vagina. It's bothering me more now. I'm remembering when I was in chemo that I was coughing a lot. This oncologist told me to take cough drops, but they made the cough worse, because the cough was due to GERD. Similarly, I got a rash that the other oncologist told me was shingles, but it didn't hurt, so I checked with the dermatologist, and he said it was hives and that I was allergic to the tape they were using. I'm concerned that I'm being treated in the wrong direction.
  9. I'm cheating on Josh, watching other performers.
  10. My mother had the unique ability to drive me insane with rage -- zero to sixty in a fraction of a second. She always felt that that was a mother/daughter thing. I always felt, but didn't say, "No. It's that you never listen to me and never want to hear what I feel." A narcissist.
  11. Such a brave girl!
  12. Lucia Micarelli will be performing 3/4/17 in San Pedro, CA. I wish I could go
  13. I feel DT is in clear violation of the constitution particularly of the emolument and foreign agent clauses; and, moreover, that he should be impeached by the House and tried and removed by the Senate. I fear that the Republican party values the party more than it values the country and will not have the will to follow through on this. In US history, two presidents have been impeached by the House, but then were acquitted by the Senate, which has to vote by a 2/3 vote to remove the President. In the mean time, the #45 is moving to destroy the intelligence services, which appears to be what his buddy Putin wants him to do. Also, he is moving to destroy the EPA and FDA, which is what his billionaire buddies want him to do -- even though these actions will poison the rest of us. I felt a bit sad that Jackie Evancho didn't have her best performance at the Inauguration. She was under a lot of pressure, and her sister was having gender reassignment surgery that day. She did much better in this clip I don't feel angry at her for performing. I found it delightfully ironic that her performance brought her sister's transgender journey into the national news. Josh said on twitter that he was asked to perform and "no comment" about his response. Of course, he has a decent excuse, being in an ongoing Broadway show, though he also has an understudy and could have gone. The understudy took over for several shows this fall and this winter when Josh was sick. Still, I'm glad that he had an excuse, so he could refuse gracefully, though I think it's pretty clear from his twitter feed that he in now way supports Trump. My CA-125 (cancer antigen) level jumped up to 217. That's high. It's supposed to be no higher than 35. It was 116 before I had my surgery in 2013. This is much higher. But they did a CT scan and didn't find anything. I get a mammo and brain MRI next week. The oncologist thinks that the cancer is coming back, but just isn't visible yet. I have read that these levels can become elevated due to other types of inflammation. I hope to get that checked out last week -- at least I suspect that the area around my bladder sling could be inflamed, because I'm getting a lot of intermittent pain from that area.
  14. I'm still really upset about Trump. Did you guess?
  15. Hopefully Josh has to leave the show July 2, so that he can go on a summer tour and see us.