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  1. I've been traveling a lot. I loved Josh's show on Broadway. There was a big group of hard core Grobies who went often. I met one person who I think went at least 20 times. For me, also professionally, it's really interesting to study what these people do with their voices. It's a lot more subtle than some other things I've seen. Also the music is fascinating. It's really very Josh. He's always been experimental in his music. Also, he matured tremendously in the role. By the time he did the album, his acting was superb. It does really hurt these boards that there isn't a link to them any more on the main website. I was supposed to be down in Philadelphia doing a music video today and tomorrow. It was cancelled. Very disappointing.
  2. Sorry I haven't been posting. I want to keep this board going. I'm not sure why, but I guess it's been part of my life for 7 years, so I want to hang onto it. This cancer stuff just makes me really frantic, trying to cram in everything I can think of. I'm constantly running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I'm going to Philadelphia next week to be in a music video.
  3. Sorry to be incommunicada. Travelling Yes, they know what is going on. They are persuaded that the cancer is coming back, even though they haven't seen it yet on the imaging. More imaging next month. The surgeon offered me surgery to see if spots could be visualized with the scope, but the hematological oncologist says that's useless -- as they both agree that it doesn't affect the outcome if they start the chemo before masses appear on the CT scan or wait until the masses show, because the cancer is known to have metastasized. It's just a waiting game. The levels have been consistently going up, except for 2 months after they started the Femara. It's not like they're really bouncing around. I feel ok, but I know I'm doomed. Very depressing. Still, they can stave it off for a while with the chemo, apparently, though the surgeon says it will eventually kill me -- though that one specialist said that they might keep me alive for 30 years. I auditioned for a rather big gig on reality TV. I had thought that it was too long since I had heard from them, but my friend who I auditioned with, says she communicated with the casting director and we're still in the running. It's a bit scary thinking about what would happen if I really became a celeb. I've written all this stuff under pseudonyms. Maybe I'll have to delete it??? Still, it's not so likely that I'll get it. The competition for these things is intense.
  4. Some good news on the political front with the healthcare repeal being postponed and Congress seemingly moving toward revoking #45's authority to start war on his own.
  5. I found out I could get a free phone upgrade and pay less per month to switch back to Credo mobile, plus they increased their network, so I'm changing back. Supposedly the camera is better on the iphone SE. I hope so. There are several things that have been disappointing to me about the prior camera (iphone 5). I also downloaded an app that's supposed to let me take photos at night. I also got a free 200 Mb upgrade for six months on my Internet service. I'm not sure I will be able to tell the difference. I often think that the speed that I experience is more a function of how fast my processor is working than how fast the Internet is working. I'm staring at pictures of Juliet Evancho and wondering how my son/daughter will look. I'm pretty sure Juliet must have gotten implants. My blood levels of cancer antigen have started going up again. I was so happy when they went down -- but that was only for 2 months, apparently. I guess I'll be in chemo soon again.
  6. This is the one with Josh, but it's not much different, because he sings only briefly. Denee makes more of a difference. She has a notably lighter voice. Britain and Amber are prominent in both. In any case, a very interesting piece musically. I love it. Also, I find the characters richer and much more intriguing than in other musicals. There are especially a lot more rich roles for women -- to be contrasted, for instance, with Hamilton, which is almost all male. Britain has a very interesting voice -- unusual tone. My yenta brain is reeling at the coincidence between her vacation from the musical and Josh's.
  7. The music in "Comet" is not like that of other musicals. I think most Grobanites, who liked the interesting pop/modern classical crossover aspects of Josh's music, would appreciate this musical. Here's an example of one of the more interesting songs This was accidentally the version with Dave Malloy, rather than Josh. Also, I think that it's not Denee singing Natasha.
  8. I think here in my area if you do an extensive renovation like that you have to put in sprinklers. I guess they'll change that now in London? Horrible tragedy I have not been a Bad Grobanite. I've been listening to the cast recording of Comet & blogged about it I went to my college reunion. I developed a flyer for my books, which I've been keeping secret & I passed them out to people. I don't want them to die with me. Coming out of the closet as a novel writer. Some fans are doing an event July 2 in conjunction with Josh's last performance. I finally checked out whether there were tickets still available, but they were $359. I decided not to splurge. There are some cheaper ones before then, but I've got the album and I'm getting a lot out of that.
  9. I went out and bought gaming computer that my kids and I can use, hopefully to create a VR background for my video. I got it home and discovered that it's an 800 W device. That's like a small space heater! I think I'll need a dedicated circuit for it and an additional air conditioner. I didn't anticipate this. My younger son had a work test today where he had to work in a hotel for half a day. This was sponsored by the state agency that is supposed to help people with disabilities find work. He found the test exhausting, but seemed to think it went ok. It's definitely progress that he's actually making and keeping appointments with the state agency. A few years ago the agency said he wasn't work ready, because they couldn't get him to cooperate. The older one was informed that he wouldn't be needed at work until July, so hopefully that means that he will be available to help me with the video.
  10. A lot of people make meditation too complicated, IMHO. I suspect Josh is already meditating, when he takes Sweeney for a walk.
  11. Para: good luck on the bathroom, congrats on the interview Padlig: when people flame me online, I point out that this is cyber bullying. It's not convincing. Often, when people are accused of cyber bullying, they back off. If they're really whacko, then I block them.
  12. Padlig2: thanks for your interest. The problem with linking to my music video is that I'm posting it in my real name, and I've been very careful not to use my real name on here. I suppose I could message you a link to a rough cut. I blogged about Wonder Woman (spoiler alert) I'm still processing this. There are so many metaphors. I feel like it can be looked at more deeply than your typical super hero movie.
  13. My son has a VR castle on Second Life that I'm anxious to use in my music video, but there are technical hurdles. I'm impatient to get through this, but as usual getting my kids to do things is like trying to herd cats. Jenny, I'm sorry to hear of your health issues. Sounds very scary. Went to see Wonder Woman tonight. I think I liked it. I went with my younger son who generally is disappointed with everything. Now he says he only wants to see Marvel Comics movies, not DC comics movies. He said something complex and erudite about it, something about being a combination of three genres and succeeding in none of them. I feel he's a natural critic. He could do that professionally, but I wonder if he'll ever get himself together to do anything professionally
  14. Lucia Micarelli has a PBS special coming up in Santa Barbara this Saturday. I wish I could go. She's getting great press
  15. Sigh. I've watched so many music videos that I wanted to do one. I just got fed up with my director. So I'm having to change directors midstream. Frustrating. Expensive