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  1. So here's my blog about re-seeing The Comet
  2. I think the other performers left the space in the middle over the title of the show for Josh to autograph. Josh waited for most of the other performers to leave and then came out with Lucas. I can just imagine those who allege that he's gay having a field day with that.
  3. I went to Comet. There was an even called GrobCon2017. I didn't hear about it in time to go to the dinner, but I did hear about it in time to get the last seat on stage for the show and I got to have dinner with some other Grobies after the show. I did stand by the stage door and got LOTS of autographs. I gave Josh a copy of my new single and I asked him to save the community bulletin boards. He answered "I should." At dinner, Marie told me that she had spoken with Gabrielle, who is now the support person for these boards. She apparently told Marie that she thinks these boards are going away soon. I need to write a review of this second trip to the show. I do like the show.
  4. Stages sold at least half a million copies and its peak position on the charts was 2 I don't think he's a has been yet
  5. Josh's last single topped the AC charts
  6. I'm surprised that people think Josh's albums aren't doing well. My understanding is that the recording industry isn't doing too well right now in general, but that, relative to the market, Stages did well.
  7. Here's an amazing cover of Josh's most recent song saw this on the "Musical Surprises thread on FOJG"
  8. Jackie has certainly learned how to swing her hips fetchingly when walking in high heels.
  9. I just saw Tariqh in this Jackie Evancho video I love her and all, but somehow it worries me. What if he's not available to tour with Josh this summer? So this MIT professor thinks that the the gas attack in Syria was staged Very concerning. Did #45 know it was staged and staged a responsive bombing of the Syrian airport to make it look like there was a rift between him and Putin? Or did the rebels stage the gas attack to provoke the US to get involved again? Hard to know who to trust these days.
  10. I guess they're having to drum up some interest in the show. They did the opening number on GMA. I really liked this show. I've got to try to get back before it closes
  11. Leeli: Sorry to hear of your loss.
  12. We live in what is being called "post truth society." Trust and honesty are hard to find, especially by #45
  13. A great recent recording of Lucia playing Kashmir while touring with Chris Botti. Fortunately, I don't think Josh is reading these boards any more, so I can say how much I miss her without distressing him, since that apparently doesn't sit well with him.
  14. Oh, another thing to be upset about: Concentration Camp for LGBTQ people in Chechnya
  15. Glad to see a bit of discussion popping up. I'm really upset about 1 revelations from foia that there was absolutely no basis for the stuff that comey did that wrecked hillary's campaign at the last moment 2 asian doctor punched on united flight for refusing to give up his seat because he had patients 3 bill introduced in congress to eliminate the epa entirely 4 republicans want to cut funding for amtrak which will eliminate train service for 220 cities 5 republicans complained that obama took expensive trips, but trump's trips dwarf his, and republicans don't care 6. trump claimed it was obama's fault that syrian chemical weapons weren't contained, but obama asked congress for permission to bomb, and they wouldn't give it -- not that that was a bad thing in and of itself, but trump bombs without permission 7 republicans don't seem to care that russians intervened in the election, that trump is in violation of the foreign agent & emolument clauses. they value party over country sigh I released a music single, but I can't put it up here because I don't put real name stuff under this pseudonym. Sigh. I wish I could somehow tell Josh. I guess I could tweet it on my real name account, but then he wouldn't know it was me, because I think he mostly knows me by pseudonyms. I did use my real name twitter account to tweet the link to some music producers -- not that that's likely to make much difference. I guess if I do go see Comet again I could give him a CD with my single? maybe