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  1. It's really painful and hard surgery and for my aunt it was harder because she has Rheumatoid arthritis. It makes her body so weak and It causes osteoporosis for her. because of this we should be more careful about her. Oh my God... encephalitis is a sign that there is something wrong , how they did not find out that there is a tumor.... I hope she get better soon.
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  3. Hi friends 22817
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  5. wow, a new puzzle A please ...
  6. Wish you good luck my dear friend I was not here these days. My aunt has a surgery today, on her backbone. We are so worried about her health. pray for her to get better soon.
  7. thank you Mary Moving to another city, another part of the country or another country is a great decision. Moving alone needs more powrful mind and more ability of fighting for your rights. As I know you are a brave girl and I'm sure that you can do it and you can have a good life there . wish you good luck
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