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  1. Looks like his last show has been changed from April 23 to July 2nd
  2. Laura, I'm in the same boat as you--have been a member since day 1 and have been having issues for quite a while with getting onto the FOJG boards. I have sent several tickets to the help desk and still nothing has been resolved. I really wish we knew what the problem was!
  3. Me, too--I wonder how many others are locked out, and also, if there are others that are actually able to log on to the FOJG message board?
  4. I just tried to log in today and the same thing has happened to me!!
  5. Oh my gosh...I am totally shocked and I am so very sorry to hear this. Malin was always so kind and she will be greatly missed! ((((David and Jessica))))
  6. Shantelle's dream comes true story is now posted!!

  7. Heyy

    My name is Nini. I'm in Thailand.

    Nice to meet you! Now I'm 14 years old(I think maybe I'm so young in this webboard ,What do you think? :D)

    I like Josh's sound so much!! <3

  8. Thank you! You too!


  10. Yeah, it turns out you have to change the color of the text so that it will show up in the quote box. I clicked on Multiquote, then Reply, then before the text I add and and after the text [/ color] (but leave out any spaces in each of the boxes) and it should change the text color to black so that it will show up in the white quote box. Thanks to Lexxa for helping me figure this out!
  11. Susanne! It's great to see your name here--Nancy and Malin, you too, and everyone else in this thread! I don't post much these days, but I still keep up with both boards all of the time. Susanne, under my name I also have the date that I joined FOJG--not sure how that happened. Gotta do more exploring around the boards!