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  1. Well, we were expecting to wait a couple of weeks for daughter's test report from the bar exam- but it came today. She only missed by 5 points! When I called to tell her, she just about screamed. Five lousy points! And the kicker is that she scored low on the section she was most confident about! On the part she thought she'd struggled with, she scored high. Oh well.
  2. Callie, congratulations on your new volunteer job. I hope everything works out. Right now my daughter is devastated. To be honest, I am too. She failed the bar exam and has to take it again. She won't know her score for about two weeks, but if she was close she stands a good chance on appeal. She feels really terrible because she called me a couple days ago with the news that the firm she's been interning with offered to hire her full time if she passed. Now she has to tell them the results on Monday. Work is going crappy still. Ms. "perfect" who criticizes everything I do while she sits around doing nothing, was backstabbing me again this week. Smiling to my face and then, behind my back, complaining that I snapped at "everyone". Yes, when I am running around like crazy trying to work on two different sides of the room at the same time and you sit at a desk playing on your cell phone, I probably will snap at you. In fact, I promise to do it every time.
  3. I'm a little late with my opinion about your hair Para, but I love the last option. I love the colors that girls are putting on their hair today. If I had a bit more guts, I might give it a try myself.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving Elaine!
  5. I only watched a few minutes of it and that's exactly what came to mind- Hawaii 5-0 all jazzed up. LOL....great minds think alike!
  6. Update: I just got a text message telling me that tonight they decided to hire another teacher to work with me. He's experienced and knows the job well. I guess getting really fed up, being bitchy, speaking my mind and refusing to be used any more did the trick! It's amazing how these things work.
  7. I have to say, I really enjoyed the bird videos. I'm more of a dog/cat person but those videos were sure cute. I watched the presidential debate but I just couldn't gather the desire or energy to watch the VP debate. I'm not a fan of either candidate so I guess I just don't care very much this election. Our superintendent came to our school to talk to us about a new plan he has to completely demoralize us and decimate our school. I'm sure that wasn't his intent- but it felt that way to 100% of those in attendance. Did you know that teachers are to blame for anything and everything in the universe? What an ass. When I raised my hand to say something, he all but called me a liar It's ok though because I have the proof to back up what I said. I'm still doing 3 jobs. However, after the superintendent's treatment of me yesterday, I made a firm decision to finish the rest of the work that I promised to do - only because I have a real 'thing' about keeping my word. I informed everyone today that as of Wednesday morning I will only do my job. If that means the school goes out of compliance with the government (and it will)- too bad. I'd like to see Josh on Broadway, but all the expenses would just make it impossible for me. Are any of you planning to go? My nephew and his wife had a baby girl! They have been trying to have kids for ten years. They had several miscarriages along the way so it's a real celebration! Everyone got woke up at 5am with the news!
  8. Elaine, I loved those British ads! Especially the one about the dog.
  9. I was going to make a joke that if I was stuck on a plane with 6 kids I'd probably get violent with one of them guys will understand but some lurkers here might think I am serious. Work has been pure hell this year! Suffice it to say, they took someone's full time job, split it in two and gave me half of their work load. Then they hired two special education subs and assigned them a list of students - the problem is, the subs don't know how to do anything so they asked me to do their work as well. They said it is only temporary. I feel like I am loosing my mind trying to do 3 1/2 jobs. I can't get caught up. i can't do my own real job. I'm working well over 12 hours a day and I wake up at 3am thinking about everything I haven't got done. The other teacher who had to take the other half of the job had a breakdown and was in tears last week. I broke down a couple days ago and cried while I was trying to eat my lunch at 3pm (I didn't have time earlier). But downtown administration just hired people to fill new positions to assist them. Brenda, that had to be such a fright for Sara! I would have freaked out to find a stranger standing in my living room. I sure hope they learned a lesson about locking their doors. I live in a high crime city so I have a security alarm even though I have a big dog. If someone broke in, Benji would probably bark like crazy and then run and hide. My dad is getting worse all the time. The doctor's said it is probably a matter of just a few weeks now. No amount of pain medication is dulling the pain now. I think we've reached the point where death would be a blessing. This week, my daughter visited my mother's grave at Arlington. She made me cry cause she called me from there and said she had just told my mother that my dad was coming to be with her soon. I haven't been here for a while. It's good to see that you're feeling better Para! How long did it take you to kick that pneumonia? Calli, I don't blame you about being upset at work. I know they like to keep employees in the dark a lot until decisions have been made because they think uncertainty will create too much grumbling, wrong-guessing and stress. But the higher-ups never seem to understand that NOT knowing is far worse! And whenever there is about to be change the employees always find out anyway, so they should just discuss it openly and at least let the employees have some say in what happens. (*sigh*) Bruce Springsteen just said this about The Donald, " Well, you know, the republic is under siege by a moron," I always knew I liked that guy.
  10. Hello ladies! I had a long post devoted to b*tching, but I decided to delete it. Oh well, I got some things out of my system.
  11. Sarah, there is nothing like a little Tom Selleck to dress the place up a bit. After all, he's pretty darn purdy!
  12. Sarah, the house is beautiful! The fire place and that huge deck are especially magnificent. Is that actually a wrap-around porch? I love it!
  13. Well, yesterday I got rather PO'd, but I'm over it now. I was supposed to go to the water park with my step daughter and kids. At the last minute she bailed on me. That's the third and last time she will do that to me. She is the one who asks me to go places, then she bails for no apparent reason other than she "doesn't feel like it". So why does she ask, then check again to make sure everything is set to go, just to cancel with no reason? I have no idea other than she's a little crazy. My daughter says she enjoys creating havoc and I'm beginning to believe her. Never again. Para, you are probably aware of this but this is something I learned the hard way during my trip to the Mediterranean a few years ago: Ask about all hotel amenities, including air conditioning! Things we take for granted are not standard. We assumed a top rated hotel had AC but evidently that's not always the case in Europe. We ended up in Rome with 100+ degree weather and the hotel was not air conditioned. After two sweltering nights we sucked up the hotel fees we'd already paid for the week and moved to a different hotel. We eventually got part of the fees returned, but it was a lesson learned. Para, your babies are certainly protesting and marking their territory! I have used Simple Solution Cat odor removal many times in the past. It works better than anything else I've ever tried. They sell it at Walmart now. Brenda, have a nice time at your dad's this weekend. I hope your husband can provide you with good company and emotional support. Having elderly, fragile parents is the hardest thing to deal with.
  14. Gosh Brenda, I haven't thought about the old web site in a long time. I used to visit there from time to time but I honestly couldn't even tell you the web site address any more. Can you give it to me? I'd love to browse there again. I'm going to a water park tomorrow and finally had to dig out my bathing suit. I bought a new one a couple years ago and I haven't worn it yet. When I tried it on today, it looked awful! I've gained a lot on weight and it shows every lump and roll. Ugg! I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it. I think I'll stick to my old one if the elastic can hold up. Yup, Monkees music was usually chipper and such a pick-me-up to listen to. I have Daydream Believer on my IPod and probably listen to it a couple times a week at least. That new one is interesting, but not as good as their classics. Para, I hope you get back to your usual self pretty soon. You've been sick for a while now. I went to visit my dad yesterday. You would have to understand just how unsentimental he is to appreciate what happened. He was getting ready to lay down and he knew I would be leaving as soon as he fell asleep. He asked me to hold his hand until he went to sleep because it made the pain so much better. He's never asked for anything like that before. I sat there in the dark, holding his hand and just silently sobbing. I couldn't let his see me cry because that would never do! I felt so bad. For the first time I could feel how scarred he is.
  15. You ladies have got to see this! Our home-town champ Claressa Shields just won the second gold medal in a row for boxing! She's such a great young lady! After she won gold in the last Olympic competition she came back to Flint and spent a lot of time speaking to schools kids- including my class. The video also shows pictures of Flint and touches on a couple of the issues here. Yes, it shows Flint as it really is. And I know a few of the people who appear in the video.