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  1. I've thought the same thing. Just like years ago when they wanted to come up with a generic way to address women, without reference to their marital status (because men aren't distinguished that way), and they came up with "Ms.". I just can't think of any pronoun that would be appropriate. He, she, hesh?
  2. Arrow, all I can say is that your family sure seems colorful! I had to look up non-binary. Congratulations to your daughter Padlig. That's quite an accomplishment! So is she going to make you call her "Doctor" for a while? They finally appointed someone to head up the probe into the Russia election scandal. He's a former head of the FBI so at least he's got a working knowledge of how to conduct an investigation at the highest levels. I'm going to look up more info about him because I'm curious just how impartial he can be. I've never seen anything like this mess we are in now. Every day, the idiot in the White House does more and more harm. I seriously think he's bipolar and a pathological liar. Lately I've been watching the Rachel Maddow show. I just love the way she cuts through the political BS and gets to the heart of the matter. She really digs into people's backgrounds and brings the dirt to the surface when it needs to be known. She's also a bit sarcastic and I love that. My daughter passed the bar exam!!! Yay!!! She called me, crying and just blubbering to the point where I couldn't figure out what she was saying. I kept asking her what was wrong. It took her a good 3-4 minutes to calm down enough to blurt out that she passed. This was her second try and she was so mortified the first time when she failed that she was almost paralyzed with fear this time. She gets sworn in next week so yesterday when she came to visit I surprised her with a shopping spree to buy a couple of good suits (she didn't own one). I felt like this was a great way to spend a little of my inheritance since my dad was so supportive of her going to law school. I upgraded to Windows 10 and hated it. So when they restored my computer I had them restore it to Windows 7 again. With windows 10 you can't even play a frickin' DVD without paying additional money. Crappy! I like Windows 7 so much better. Para, when you go to DC this summer you've got to visit the new African American Smithsonian Museum. It is absolutely incredible. What really astounded me about it was how inclusive it was and how accurately it depicted the full history. For the first time ever (and I've been to several African American museums) in displays of the underground railroad they showed that white people operated most of the stations. Usually there is no mention of that, and certainly no photos. When we went to the museum during this last trip, we thought we'd spend a couple of hours. We ended up there almost the whole day.
  3. Good luck to you Para! You deserve something better after all the crap you've had to put up with. It would be nice if the dean suddenly "found" some money to offer you a raise if you agreed to stay, but that's not going to happen. I'm glad you're going with something better where at least your paycheck will make you feel appreciated. Maybe they'll ask the front desk dingbat to do your job- then you could sit back and have a good laugh. Is she still there? This place doesn't seem the same without Brenda, Jan, Maggs and Calli. I wish they'd come back. We all spout our views from time to time, but we respect each other and I try not to step on people's toes. I wish some of them could realize that we were all stunned with the election results and genuinely fearful because of all the hate mongering that permeated the election rhetoric. I'm still fearful.......but I've always dearly cared for our Bad Grobanites, whatever their political views. COME BACK! I'm discovering that managing a place from a distance is no small feat. Contractors take their sweet time and just when you think something is being done, it isn't. I'll be going to Texas after school gets out. I guess I can crack the whip then. In the meanwhile, certain jobs need to get done and the caretaker keeps making excuses for the contractors. The whole idea of pressing ashes into records just grosses me out! I can't think of anything more disgusting. I would never be able to play the thing- I couldn't even touch it. Ew! I am so glad that Josh has been nominated for a Tony award. Out of all the entertainment awards out there, I think winning that one would mean the most to him. He's always said that musicals and live performances are what he loves the most. It would certainly be a full-circle moment since he has such strong memories of being drawn to performing after seeing musicals with his parents when he was a boy. I've never heard of Mobile Fidelity albums. What's different about them that makes them more valuable?
  4. I'm lurking a bit from time to time, but not much in the mood to post. Arrow, I'm glad to hear your test results are better than before. And Para, you still make me dizzy with all the things you do! Elaine is right- one can get exhausted just thinking about it. Back to lurking for now...
  5. Years ago a friend of mine was seriously hurt by a drunk driver. She had to have total reconstructive surgery to rebuild her face and had numerous internal injuries as well. The guy went to court and was basically given a slap on the wrist. Months later, between stints in the hospital, my friend was in a video store (remember them?) when all of a sudden she hears this very loud, obnoxious, drunken voice coming from the next isle over. There he was, drunk again while she was still suffering the effects of the accident. She watched as he left in his car and drove away. That afternoon she called a lawyer and did something she never thought she would do to anyone- she sued him and won everything. He tried to get out of it but she persevered and every chance she got she let him know what he'd done to her.
  6. I just got home from work and saw the news from London. What is wrong with some people? I've never understood how anyone can use religion to attack other people. I know it's happened all though history, but it just makes no sense. No radical group has claimed "credit" for it yet, but some nuts cases are behind it for sure. Sorry you've been ill Para. I'm just getting over a very nasty case of the flu that gave me a 103 temperature for 3 days. I went back to work today and I'm exhausted. It's been cold and damp here for the past two weeks. We are supposed to go to Arlington at the end of next week for my father's burial. I hope it's warmer or I may have to spend most of the time waiting in the car. I can't be outside in the cold for long without it affecting my breathing. Isy, I hope you have a nice time. I expect that you are visiting your sister?
  7. Thanks Para. I made sure to bookmark it just in case this site goes poof. There was a big fight at school today and we couldn't get the students to separate. A school patrol officer came running and sprayed mace out of necessity. I inadvertently got sprayed. Not a good thing with my lungs. Kids are stupid. It is quite cold and rainy here. As I left school, the wind swung the door open hard and it took two of us to get it closed. When I got home the cable was out momentarily. But, now, all is well. I'm giving up swearing for lent. You can't tell from this site, but I really have a sailor's mouth at times. It's gotten to be a really bad habit these last few years, so it's time to let it go.
  8. Whew!!! I tried to come on this site and I got a 503 message. I thought the mods had finally dismantled it for good. That brought to mind......when my computer crashed a little while ago I lost all my web pages saved under favorites. So Para, could you post the link to the site you set up for us once again? Pretty please?
  9. It's in a resort community with nice club house amenities, a library, a crafting center, health spa, saunas, pools, Jacuzzi's, it's own beautiful restaurant, hotel, etc. Lit palm trees line the boulevards (that's my favorite part). To be honest, the rest of Texas is ugly but that part is beautiful.
  10. It's a Shultz double wide permanent mobile home. It used to be very pretty, with rock gardens, cacti and fruit trees all around. I may be wrong to spend the money fixing it since the repairs will cost about 1/3 the cost of a new one- but I think it will be worth it. I may just fix it up and rent it out, since rentals are in very high demand in the area.
  11. Arrow, those test results must be very worrisome. I hope that it was just skewered results and that everything is really ok. If by any chance it is cancer again, at least they are catching it very, very early and in plenty of time to stop it. I could always talk to my mom about anything. When I was a teen, even my friends confided in my mother. I suppose that's why she was such a great psychiatric nurse- she was a great listener and never made you feel like she was standing in judgement. My father, in the other hand, mostly ignored or punished us kids. He seemed to be completely oblivious to how we felt, even as adults. I remember about 6-7 years ago when I was visiting him. We'd just sat down at a burger joint when I suddenly developed excruciating stomach pains from taking a new medication without eating first. He kept running his mouth while I actually had to lay down in the booth holding my stomach. (I'd never done that before in my life!) That continued for a good 5 minutes when strangers came over and ask him what was wrong. He leaned over to look at me and just said., "Oh, she's fine." Then he kept right on talking while the on-lookers just glared at him and one had to helped me up. Unbelievable! Isy, I hope all is well after the storm. How are your daffodils? Those are my favorite flowers but they get knocked flat so easily. My cat Lily used to love to sit on them. She used to also do that to the lily plants- which is how she got her name. School testing is done for now and I can get back to normal. What ever that is! I think I told you guys that I am repairing my dad's mobile home. Well, this week they tore out the whole underbelly, patched holes, replaced insulation, and sealed everything. It was the biggest and most expensive job that had to be done before anything else. It's hard because it's thousands of miles away. But, thank goodness for the caretaker who sent pictures of every phase of the work. Next comes the repair of numerous woodpecker holes and refinishing the outside. After that, I will be down there to supervise.
  12. Some days, it's just a real good thing that their mommas love 'em!
  13. What a beautiful cat! He is really something. I work with 12-14 year olds and they are a little squirly. One second they are all grown up, and the next minute they are coloring with crayons (so to speak). One I dealt with today really exemplified what most of them act like all too frequently. He came in the room throwing a fit because someone upset him in the previous class. He slammed his books around, yelled disruptively, then sat in a chair pouting- complete with the pouty lip, sound effects and crossed arms. When I walked over to him he said he didn't know why I was treating him like a little kid. Yeah.
  14. My dad left the house in a state of disrepair for the last few years. After my mother died he just didn't care any more. He used to be meticulous about things but when she died he started ignoring anything that went wrong. As a result, there is a crack in the ceiling in one room, mice ate through some of the wiring, the tub in one bathroom has a small crack in the floor, the faucet is broken in the other tub, and the house, rod iron scroll work, and hurricane shutters are in bad need of a power washing and paint job. The mice are gone (thank goodness), but we have an inspector coming in to do a total assessment so we know exactly what is wrong and how much it will cost to bring it back to the beautiful place that I remember. Once the repairs are done, I'm seriously thinking of buying it from my siblings for a retirement home. It's in a retirement community that is absolutely wonderful with so many amenities and lots of activities. Para, I've done that at the store before where I left a bag and had to go back for it. By the time I discovered it I was exhausted and none too happy. Padlig2, if I hear that expression "alternative facts" one more time I am going to scream. What a great thing to teach our children. We need to go back to calling a straight up lie a straight up lie. Euphemisms just encourage bad behavior. I spent the day completely wasting my time at work. I was scheduling the special ed students for testing and had worked for hours before I remembered that all the kids schedules change this coming week. So, I had to redo all my previous work. My coworker laughed and agreed with me when I said that I was stupid. I worked a couple hours overtime to fix my mistake. Now my sister was whining today that she has to pay a tax on her inheritance. We told her she didn't have to accept it. We'd take her share and gladly pay the tax. That shut her up for now, but I wonder what other kind of crap she's going to invent. She is a real piece of work.
  15. Yep, we have a republic, as we don't vote directly for everything. It's a good system usually, but it is certainly being tested right now. As for "snowflake", it always meant exactly what you thought Padlig- an innocent term. I've only heard it being used in a derogatory way in the past few weeks. I was gone to Texas with my older sister this past week to settle my father's estate. We thought it would take maybe a day or so to round up all the necessary paperwork, since he'd already provided much of it. But holy hell, we walked into a situation where my father evidently had not thrown out a piece of paper in years. Papers were crammed into every drawer and cupboard- even where the dishes were normally kept. I think his vision had become so bad that he was afraid to throw anything away. All we did for the first three days was sort and shred papers and try to piece together info on bank accounts and other legal documents. It was a frickin' nightmare! We worked day and night to get everything together, in between trips to the lawyer's office, the banks and investment companies (all over). In case we had nothing better to do, my greedy younger sister decided to really show her tail while we were down there. She wasn't there, but she was on the phone repeatedly making increasingly bold demands to us and thru other relatives. Example: First she claimed that my mother gave her all the figurines in a huge display cabinet. We knew this was wrong because my mother never once mentioned it, it wasn't on her list of items to inherit, my mom always kept gifts equal among us kids (it would have been completely out of character), and she changed her story several times about how she was told about this wonderous gift. When we agreed to send some of them to her (and other people), she then pronounced that my mother gave her the display cabinet as well. It's worth thousands of dollars so we knew that was a lie as well- and that's when the shit hit the fan. We started to tell the lawyer about her antics and she interrupted to tell us that my dad told her all about my lovely sister- and that he had some interesting clauses put in just to keep her in check. He amended the trust and the will to make sure that if she argues over anything, everything in the trust will go to probate and she will end up with nothing. All assets to the rest of us are protected. Since she was informed of this, she's been so sweet and cooperative. It's amazing. I feel bad because Brenda contacted me and told me that Jan, Callie and her no longer post here because of the political commentary. I'm going to try to talk her into coming back. I would never want politics to cost me a friend, and I think diverse views should be welcomed if they are stated respectfully - ours as well as theirs.