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  1. Well, yesterday I got rather PO'd, but I'm over it now. I was supposed to go to the water park with my step daughter and kids. At the last minute she bailed on me. That's the third and last time she will do that to me. She is the one who asks me to go places, then she bails for no apparent reason other than she "doesn't feel like it". So why does she ask, then check again to make sure everything is set to go, just to cancel with no reason? I have no idea other than she's a little crazy. My daughter says she enjoys creating havoc and I'm beginning to believe her. Never again. Para, you are probably aware of this but this is something I learned the hard way during my trip to the Mediterranean a few years ago: Ask about all hotel amenities, including air conditioning! Things we take for granted are not standard. We assumed a top rated hotel had AC but evidently that's not always the case in Europe. We ended up in Rome with 100+ degree weather and the hotel was not air conditioned. After two sweltering nights we sucked up the hotel fees we'd already paid for the week and moved to a different hotel. We eventually got part of the fees returned, but it was a lesson learned. Para, your babies are certainly protesting and marking their territory! I have used Simple Solution Cat odor removal many times in the past. It works better than anything else I've ever tried. They sell it at Walmart now. Brenda, have a nice time at your dad's this weekend. I hope your husband can provide you with good company and emotional support. Having elderly, fragile parents is the hardest thing to deal with.
  2. Gosh Brenda, I haven't thought about the old web site in a long time. I used to visit there from time to time but I honestly couldn't even tell you the web site address any more. Can you give it to me? I'd love to browse there again. I'm going to a water park tomorrow and finally had to dig out my bathing suit. I bought a new one a couple years ago and I haven't worn it yet. When I tried it on today, it looked awful! I've gained a lot on weight and it shows every lump and roll. Ugg! I don't know what I was thinking when I bought it. I think I'll stick to my old one if the elastic can hold up. Yup, Monkees music was usually chipper and such a pick-me-up to listen to. I have Daydream Believer on my IPod and probably listen to it a couple times a week at least. That new one is interesting, but not as good as their classics. Para, I hope you get back to your usual self pretty soon. You've been sick for a while now. I went to visit my dad yesterday. You would have to understand just how unsentimental he is to appreciate what happened. He was getting ready to lay down and he knew I would be leaving as soon as he fell asleep. He asked me to hold his hand until he went to sleep because it made the pain so much better. He's never asked for anything like that before. I sat there in the dark, holding his hand and just silently sobbing. I couldn't let his see me cry because that would never do! I felt so bad. For the first time I could feel how scarred he is.
  3. You ladies have got to see this! Our home-town champ Claressa Shields just won the second gold medal in a row for boxing! She's such a great young lady! After she won gold in the last Olympic competition she came back to Flint and spent a lot of time speaking to schools kids- including my class. The video also shows pictures of Flint and touches on a couple of the issues here. Yes, it shows Flint as it really is. And I know a few of the people who appear in the video.
  4. Para, how did your brother make holes in the basement? BTW, I don't blame you a bit for being angry with your mom. I would be spitting fire if my mim ever did anything like that to me! On a different subject: I know that you mention selling things on eBay all the time. Would you please be so kind as to message me and tell me how one goes about doing that? I have so, so many things I need to get rid of- stuff in great condition. Frankly, I'm tired of giving everything away to Goodwill. Calli, 135 lbs. is a perfect weight for someone 5'7"! For most of my adult life after the age of about 30 I was 140 lbs and am a little over 5'8", and people considered me to be thin. Sorry, but your mother is just plain wrong! We saw the video of you at the museum and you are absolutely beautiful. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Summer has flown by! I go back to work tomorrow for four days of 7th and 8th grade orientation. It should be fun, as it is a voluntary week for students so we won't get the problem children. The real school year for kids doesn't start until after Labor Day. I've been asked if I would be interested in being the building Chairperson for special ed this year. It's considered a promotion with more prestige, more work, but not much more pay. On the plus side, it means no more running from classroom to classroom as it is basically an office job (that should help if my COPD worsens). On the down side, it means more dealing with certain parents (grrr...) and doing a whole lot of scheduling for all the students and teachers. We shall see. I went to see my dad again yesterday and my niece from out of state was also visiting. I don't know if many of you recall me talking about my niece who was in a horrible car accident almost two years ago and suffered brain injuries requiring multiple surgeries. Well, I finally saw her for the first time since the accident. I had a hard time holding it together while I visited with her for several hours. Here was this girl who graduated from college summa cum laude just months before the accident, and now has difficulty following conversations. She can only focus on one thing at a time and her thinking is quite literal to the point where she doesn't get innuendos and idioms. She also has very limited memory and usually does not remember what happened to her the day before. What was amazing to me though is that she is very aware of her difficulties and she has no problem asking people to explain themselves when she doesn't understand things. She told me that she went through a long bad depression due to her cognitive loss, but she finally reached a point where she had to make a conscious decision to re-learn everything she could- and that she had to force herself to get over being embarrassed so that she could ask people to clarify themselves. I work with kids who have cognitive impairments and I can tell you, that kind of self awareness is very rare among people with brain injuries! I'm so proud of how far she's come, but it also saddens me when I think of how exceptionally bright she was before all of this happened.
  5. Is it winter yet?


  6. I just read this short article about a very unusual description of a wedding dress that a woman is trying to sell on eBay. I thought some of you might enjoy it. She sounds like someone I'd love to know- as long as I don't piss her off. Elaine, I loved the video! That little girl sure seems like the next Taylor Swift. Maggs, I watched Simon's Cat again, and the more I watch him the more he reminds me of my Lilly. She is convinced that she is the boss of the house and is so stubborn, just like the cartoon kitty. It's a good thing that cats are cute because sometimes it's the only thing that saves them.
  7. Maggs, I'm sure this is just the wordsmith nerd in me, but at the 1:32 mark, she says cats jump up on kitchen "work tops". Is that the common name? Just wondering because we call them "counter tops".
  8. The day after Carol left I headed to Detroit for my dad's 92nd birthday, so this is the first chance I've had to be back on here. The concert was spectacular! It was the best concert I have ever been to, bar none! Sarah sang for probably a good 45 minutes or longer and Josh sang for about an hour and a half. Both were in top form. Carol is right about their voices blending together. When the music started for Josh and Sarah to sing In the Arms of an Angel together, I even cringed and thought "Oh cripes, here it comes". All I could think of was the video they did years ago where their voices really clashed. Was I ever wrong- it was the most beautiful harmony ever! If it was put out as a single I would buy it in a heart beat. Carol, thank you so much for the great concert and for being such a wonderful guest and friend. What a great weekend! I'll have to catch up on everyone's posts later tomorrow. I need to get to bed because tomorrow I am meeting with attorneys about a class action lawsuit against the powers-that-be because of the damage the lead in our water did to my water main. It's a big firm out of New York that was involved in representing the ground zero first responders when they began suffering serious illnesses due to the contamination there. We shall see. Para, I don't get it. Got in trouble for what?
  9. Best of health to Maggs and Para! We need our Bad Grobanites good and strong! (((HUGS)))
  10. Brenda, my dad always listens to others better than he listens to his own family. We've learned to put a bug in someone else's ear if we really want him to do something. When I was a toddler I had severe problems with my hearing. Why they weren't so quick to put tubes in kids ears way back then, I will never understand. I have permanent hearing loss due to repeated scarring. My parents said I would stand on the table and scream loudly all the time and they finally figured out it was because that was the only way I could hear anything and communicate. I also lashed out at my siblings a lot. Again, the doctors attributed that to frustration because I couldn't hear. After I had surgery for my ears, my folks said my behavior got better literally over night. Colin is probably going to get much better once he can hear people. My older sister is bringing my dad home from the rehab facility. Actually, though I was against it, I can understand because the rehab place is so regimented that they can't respond to his needs. Anyway, we are looking at hiring help 24/7 to assist with his care. My younger sister balked when she realized how much it was going to cost and that it was going to eat into her perceived inheritance. She didn't come right out and say that but I can read her. I told her that was tough- it was his money and for his care. Sarah beth, I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your new house. Is this the first house you've ever bought?
  11. No way! Believe me, I feel the opposite. I am looking forward to your visit and attending the concert together. It will be the break I need to just relax and have some fun this summer.
  12. I loved the video Maggs. I'll bet there were more than a couple of very red faces when the true nature of the 'beast' became known! That would be startling to actually come across a real tiger. On a more important matter, I'll be thinking about you this Tuesday when you have your surgery. I hope all goes well. Para, pneumonia? I hope you can rest up and shake it quickly. I can imagine it was a real surprise for you since you've never had it before. I hate those huge pills! Why do pharmaceutical companies have to make pills so large they could choke a horse? I was supposed to go stay with my dad today but had to miss our visit due to complications from my dental surgery. I stupidly convinced the doctor that I would be just fine with Tylenol 3 even though it has codeine, which I am allergic to. The pharmacist also tried to warn me but I was stubborn. Yeah, not a good plan. I was sick as a dog for the whole first day from that. Then I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic the second day. For over a day my face stayed bright red and burned like a sunburn. It has not been fun the last few days. My daughter is moving to Washington DC this week. Too many changes in my life right now. She can be a pain in the behind at times, and you all know I whined about her when she acted like a twit years ago. But I am going to miss her terribly.
  13. I've been a little out of the loop so I had no idea that Kat and Josh were no longer together. I'm sure distance and absence had something to do with it, but I hope that both find happiness. Brenda, you must have such fun with Charlotte! She's right at that stage where imagination takes flight and they can be hilarious. They are also painfully honest in some ways and man, can they ever come out with things that everyone else is too polite to say! That's when it gets really interesting! Elaine, how dare you expect a teenager to actually do something so they won't be bored! Go places and meet friends face-to-face? Nah......I think they much prefer whining. Para, except for the 90 year old teenager, it sounds like you all had a nice time. I never would have thought to visit the horse place but it sounded interesting. Was it an annual event that you attended? I've never heard of it. I just got back last night after being with my dad for the last week. The first night I was there (at my sister's) he began bleeding profusely, non-stop. We finally had to call an ambulance at 4am and they took him to the hospital. At the hospital we were greeted by several staff, two emergency room doctors and two surgeons. They told us we had to make a decision about DNR. We hesitated a few seconds and then the doctor grabbed me by the arm and said they had to have a decision immediately because my father was bleeding to death. My sister and I signed the DNR papers. For an hour or so we were told he was going to die, then the bleeding miraculous slowed to a trickle. After he was somewhat stable they transported him to the hospital where he has been getting radiation treatments, so he could be where all his records are and doctors know him. It was touch and go over the weekend, but he lived. They also put in a feeding tube and ordered that nothing more be put in his mouth as that could trigger the bleeding again and the doctors said he would not survive another blood loss like that again. My stupid sister was still talking about taking him home even though she admitted he fell twice last week. It took family and doctors telling her that he HAD to go to a safe facility. She finally agreed to send him to a rehab facility that is affiliated with the main hospital. WHEW!!! He just got settled in last night. I am having dental surgery tomorrow, so I'll go back down in a few days.
  14. Hey, I like this! I signed in using my phone and it brought me right to this page. I have the thread saved to the latest page in my phone screen but usually when I click on it, it just takes me to that day's page. In other words, if I last used my phone to access the site on May 12th, then when I reopen two months later it's still on May 12th and I have to click "next" for every page until it comes to the last page. I hated that it never automatically updated. Well now it does! I also like the new look. Josh said his favorite colors are navy blue and gray, so I wonder if this color scheme was his choice.
  15. Whew.....I just got caught up on everyone's posts for the last few days. Para, I know from your Facebook post that your trip got off to a great start. Hope the rest of it is as much fun. I listened to the first part of Josh's new song but I'll have to play it a few more times to see if I like it or not. In general I can't stand musicals but I usually like the music if I'm just listening and not watching. I hope the show is a big success, as I know this has been a childhood dream come true for Josh. I love Barbra Streisand and I agree with Elaine. No one can interpret a song like her. I was a young teenager when I first heard her voice. It was so memorable that I can still remember exactly where I was standing in my bedroom when all of a sudden this voice like no other came floating out of the radio. I stopped in my tracks and just stood there and listened. I didn't know any human could sound that beautiful. Jason has certainly inherited some of her talent. I got called into work this past week to participate in training for a program we are implementing in the fall. I could have turned it down, since summer hours are at our discretion, but I like the project idea and the pay was good. It was very worthwhile training so I wasn't bored for a second. Three more TA days this coming week, then I go back to helping with my dad. He's going through radiation again and we are afraid that he's going to crash since he is already having problems. My nephew and his wife came to Detroit this weekend for the opening of his new art show, so we were able to spend some time with them. He lives in Brooklyn and has a very successful art studio there so I only get to see him every few years. He was happy to see grandpa, but I think he was understandably startled to see how far down he's gone. Several other relatives also came into town for the show and saw my dad for the first time in a couple of years. It was a relief to hear some of them comment that my sister seems to be in denial as to my father's condition- at least I know that it's not just me! Despite our meeting with hospice, she still insists that he's not "at that stage yet". My daughter is moving to Washington DC next month to work for the Department of Interior. She takes the bar exam next week so we are all crossing our fingers for her. I just pray that she passes! Those student loans come due very quickly. Arrow, I'm looking forward to hearing about your concert experience! Maggs, I hope that you are finally on the mend. You've earned some peace and good vibes to come your way!