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  2. Brenda..So sorry you are feeling down.Once your Dad is settled things should improve for you.Don,t let yourself get too down before asking for help if you feel you need it.I sometimes think we try to do too much and that people expect too much from us.You need some me time.You work all day,try and look after your Dad and also do so much for your daughters and grandchildren.You need to step back sometimes and make time to do what you and Alan want to do.Hope you feel better soon. Carole you are such a sensible woman,you are very perceptive andcseem to get things just right.Glad you and Peter are OK.Have you any more trips coming up.You asked about my SIL.Some of the pain has come back in her arm but it is not so severe.She is sleeping at night and as you know that makes a big difference.She sees the consultant at Addenbrooks in July.You will be missing your family for a while now. Sarah..glad you arrived safely.Have a great time. Weather has gone wrong again here since last thursday.According to the forecast we have a lot of wet weather to come this week...........Irene.
  3. I have no idea why I'm having trouble with 1 word. W?
  4. I've been disappointed in the most recent film versions of musicals, especially Les Mis and Phantom of the Opera. In the case of Les Mis, the supporting actors who were real Broadway singers outshone the Hollywood actors by a long shot. In the case of Phantom, I liked the silent film version with Lon Cheney and Mary Philbin the best (as it is also closest to the book). Some good news: Child #2 graduated from 6th grade and even got a nice award. The kid has some learning disabilities but still made some notable improvements and achievements. And speaking of musicals, the school managed to put together a musical that mixed up themes from "Beauty and the Beast," "Zootopia," and "Love Boat." It was hysterical, and the kids did a great job. Our child got to play Beast in a couple of scenes and brought down the house.
  5. alto peroa
  6. 3 Ms... " _O M MO N / S E N S E / I S / G E N I _ S / _ R E S S E _ / I N / I T ' S / _ O R _ I N G / _ LO T H E S . " R . _ . E M E R S O N _ B C D _ F _ _ _ J K _ _ _ _ P Q _ _ _ U V W X Y Z
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  8. Brenda I am so happy that you are positively going to do something for yourself. Sometimes we lose sight of what is happening in our lives and need to take stock. I know how concerned you have been about your father and have been a wonderful daughter caring for him. I know you wouldn't have it any other way and that makes you the special person you are . I am sure better times are coming for you soon. Peter and I are fine. Peter has dizzy attacks every so often since his stroke. I think they are probably due to his blood pressure medication . His memory isn't great either but he is happy physically fit and glad to be alive ! We have enjoyed having janine over here and it was sad seeing her go back to Canada . Lily and Poppy are in Rome at the moment and having a whale of a time! Poppy will come back to stay with us in a couple of days before she goes to Canada for a month.
  9. Carol, you are so sweet for your concern. I am touched. I know I have too much going on, so I am contemplating going for therapy. Also, once my dad is settled, I pray I can take off some weekends so I can either rest or do something that is fun. I do hope you and Peter are doing well. I always love to see your pictures on Facebook! Sarah, have fun girl!
  10. Tim started as a senior in 1999. I didn't know much about him until the 2001-2002 season though. I thought he was so adorable with his curly blonde hair. I know it was more technical than artistic but I still love watching his "An American in Paris" program. Unfortunately, all the quads started taking a toll so he only had about 2 or 3 good years before the injuries got to him. But hey, at least he saw the writing on the wall, unlike Plushenko, who stuck around WAY too long! I've always enjoyed ice dance. Torvill and Dean were able to compete in 1994 because they IOC changed the rules that prevented professional athletes from competing in the Olympics. I believe they finished 3rd but, of course, that introduced me to their Bolero program. Punsalan and Swallow were the top American dance team in the 1990s. From Canada in the 90s, I really liked Bourne and Kraatz. Naomi and Peter teamed up around 1996-1997. I think Punsalan and Swallow retired after Nagano and Naomi and Peter took over from there until, of course, Tanith and Ben. Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov appeared around that time, too. They have one of the few Romeo and Juliet programs that don't annoy me
  11. Good to see Sarah is enjoying her stay over here. Her photos look as if she is having a lot of fun . Brenda I hope you have a good weekend at your Dads . I am sure you will find life far less stressful. It is very sad that you have lost your joy of life and I am sure your husband will agree that you need to stop and reassess what is happening . I told Peter about all your responsibilities and he agreed you need to start caring for yourself . Once your father is settled can you both manage to go away for a vacation together were you can recharge you batteries . I am full of admiration that you can work full time and do everything you manage to fit in. However I am concerned that you will become ill if you continue to burn the candle at both ends and I am really concerned about you
  12. I forgot about Joseph - I used to volunteer at a theater here and Joseph played there. I saw it 6 times. Three with Donny Osmond and three with David Burnham, the guy who replaced him. It was a pretty good show. There were other ones that were pretty good too - We Will Rock You and Defending the Caveman. That had me almost falling out of my seat - hilarious. I hope he can unrough his voice. Sometimes you can't undo stuff like that. He said once that if he had chosen to go the opera route rather than pop singing, there was often no going back. I saw Ted Neely in the movie. Seeing him live would have been great.
  13. I know why you thought of it, because that's a well-known phrase. LOL I'm not sure that would have been the first thing to come to my mind, though. LOL cat (pole cat; I'm not even sure what that is :lol:)
  14. baritone Luckily you arranged the letters well. ltao
  15. Yes, it does make sense. How long was Timothy around? He skated around the time when I was not watching every competition for a while. I do remember when he landed all the quads, but I was not watching all the GP events with my mom. I was busy with school, and possibly a bit bored with Michelle winning everything (I admire her, but it took the suspense away too much). I did the same thing with the Price is Right. Now I watch it everyday that I'm off! And I never really got into ice dancing until Belbin & Agosto, though I did like Naomi & Peter. Actually, it looks like K & A's trip to France is skating related, but not sure how yet.
  16. treble enbatori (long but pertinent!! )
  17. Last week
  18. Hello from London! We arrived this morning but after some downtime this afternoon (and a nap omg) we headed out for dinner, meeting up with a couple of the other people who are hear as well, then met everyone for some drinks at a glow bar and grown up ball pit. Then we moved to a different pub and had another drink, then went back to the hotel. Tomorrow is another busy day!
  19. ***crickets chirping*** I know Sarah is in London having a ball......what are the rest of you up to lately? Any plans for the weekend? Alan and I are going to my Dad's. We are taking him to a family reunion on Sunday. On Saturday, I have to look at some of his important papers and get some information so I can complete the paperwork for the assisted living facility. Once done, I will drive over to drop off the papers and also see the room he'll be moving in to. He'll have a roommate. The cost of a private room is so astronomical. Alan and I will be moving the furniture over on move-in day ourselves. I'll put my sister in charge of hanging out with our Dad while all that is happening. It's going to be an emotional day. Move-in day is July 6th. Older daughter, Sara is coming to my Dad's this weekend with Colin so they can attend the reunion with him. Sara doesn't really want to go, but she knows it means a lot to "Pop". She's a good granddaughter. Shelley has to work. His other granddaughter, Lauren, lives in Florida, so she won't be there. When she was a little girl, my sister and her husband would put Lauren on a plane and send her up to spend part of the summer with Grannie and Pop. They adored her. Well, I'm going over to Shelley's in a little while. For their anniversary, we gave them 2 Fun Pack tickets that can be used at Busch Gardens or Water Country for unlimited visits this summer. I need to carry them over to them this evening and spend some time with the children. Well, better sign off for now. Hope all of you are doing ok!
  20. peat
  21. fishin' I have no idea why I thought of that because I hate fishing
  22. Yeah, as much as I miss Jeremy, I'm wasn't too shocked by this. I'm glad he realized that if he competed, he would be doing it for the wrong reasons. I'll always go back to Timothy Goebel, who I felt stuck around longer than he should have. It's better to know you're done than to try and recapture something that will be harder to achieve because skating changed around you but you didn't. I hope that makes sense
  23. So it seems that Jeremy has officially announced his retirement from competitive skating... not that I believed he would, or should, actually return. I do hope he stays with Stars on Ice for a long time! It's sad that certain other skaters drop off eventually. Or some tour every few years, or something. In other news, Kaitlyn & Andrew appear to be on vacation in France... together. Vaujany, to be exact, in the Rhone-Alpes...? It looks spectacular, however you say it.
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