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  2. Sarah, our insurance does pay a portion of our chiropractic visits, and we can use our health flexible spending account to pay for visits. I remember a time when chiropractic care wasn't covered. Uh oh, that is not good news about Shawn's needing another shoulder surgery. Was he getting along ok until the fall in February? Oh brother, that's all he needs. So sorry to hear about this. The rain finally tapered off this afternoon, so I got to go to the grocery store and get some much needed items. I talked to my Dad a little while ago. He's doing fine---he and Donna visited his friend in the hospital who is battling the after effects of not taking his diabetes seriously enough. He's going to lose another toe. My Dad's favorite thing in life now is visiting people, so Donna is very good about taking him anywhere he wants to go.
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  5. Wow, quiet in here. I have a few fast minutes of quiet at work so I thought I'd drop in. Brenda, sorry to hear all the drama with your dad's church. It sadly happens, especially when there's not enough people on any given Sunday to make it worth it. Hope they're able to straighten out the separation of the cemetery to the church. Glad your chiropractic appointments are letting you fall into a maintenance schedule. My dad swears by his - I've never been to one before. Is it covered under your insurance or no? It's raining here today and tomorrow, which is great since we could use it. We just put down some grass seed in our front yard yesterday (well, Shawn did). We spent Sunday afternoon raking out the beds and the yard. It was a gorgeous day. The last few weeks have been crazy in our world and it's just going to continue into Summer. We're pretty sure that Shawn will need surgery again on his shoulder once we return from London. We'll know for sure after he sees the doctor after Memorial Day but either way it's going to throw a wrench in things. He's in a lot of pain still from when he fell at work back in February.
  6. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia

  9. That seems to be the trend nowadays though. Travel to your choreographer, work with them for a couple of weeks then go back to your training base to work. I think it's a good thing to start at least thinking about your programs at this time. The longer you work on it, the better to fix issues before the new season begins. On their ISU bio page, it does say that the French team is training with John and Silvia is their choreographer. That makes sense since John has the pairs experience. I'm not sure Silvia does. If my memory serves me right, she was a singles skater.
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  12. Okay, time for a hint.
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  14. Yeah, so apparently this took place in Miami, because Aliona's been posting stuff from there. I'm guessing it's because John Zimmerman works there? I'm not sure. But the French pair work with him, but I'm not aware that they train there. I haven't been following them long, but I don't think I've ever seen them post anything from Florida, usually wherever they're competing, or in Paris. John Zimmerman is their coach, but I'm not sure how much choreography he does, or even Silvia, for that matter. It does seem like a lot of the skaters are getting their programs for next season started already! Except the ones who've just competed in Tokyo; some of them are headed straight home for touring!
  15. So here's my blog about re-seeing The Comet
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  17. Rain rain go away, come again another day...... I think I've seen enough, thank you. Irene, I don't know how you stand it all the time. The grass is growing, that's for sure. It will definitely be good for the new little grass seedlings at my Dad's. I had my chiropractic appointment today after work. The doctor is cutting back on my visits now so I can settle into a more maintenance routine. That's fine with my pocketbook! Work was good. I got to learn a new system of receiving work. I don't quite see the benefit of the new system. The old one worked just fine, IMO. Colin and Sara are coming this weekend. We are trying to figure out an outing that would be good for us. On Sunday, I'm going with my friend shopping. We're going to buy each other birthday gifts! We've never done this before.
  18. I think the other performers left the space in the middle over the title of the show for Josh to autograph. Josh waited for most of the other performers to leave and then came out with Lucas. I can just imagine those who allege that he's gay having a field day with that.
  19. I went to Comet. There was an even called GrobCon2017. I didn't hear about it in time to go to the dinner, but I did hear about it in time to get the last seat on stage for the show and I got to have dinner with some other Grobies after the show. I did stand by the stage door and got LOTS of autographs. I gave Josh a copy of my new single and I asked him to save the community bulletin boards. He answered "I should." At dinner, Marie told me that she had spoken with Gabrielle, who is now the support person for these boards. She apparently told Marie that she thinks these boards are going away soon. I need to write a review of this second trip to the show. I do like the show.
  20. It's a beautiful day here, but it will be very windy. Spring brings us all sorts of weather. Tomorrow I am taking off for dental work. Then Wednesday afternoon it's off to the doctor's for blood tests and b/p check. Should be super fun. Been trying to get hold of my office manager in person, as she likes to be told that way I will be gone, but she's been gone and I still buy cd's and dvd's. CD's are really cheap at the thrift stores and since I am always looking for new music, that's a really cheap way to get it. DVD's can be found for a buck or two and that's cheaper than renting, so if I find something interesting, then I go for it. I've been tossing them in a cupboard and just didn't realize how many I have and haven't watched in ages and just don't have the desire to watch now. So I am going to sell them and add to my vacation fund. Any little bit helps for sure. I still have a few records and cassette tapes. I play them once in a blue moon, but my turntable hooks up to the computer so I can record the LP's, complete with genuine record noise. It's nice. They are so cheap and they have a free stack at the store, so I grab a few of those. You never know what you are going to get or like. The problem with Netflix and others is that shows come and go. If people aren't watching them enough, then they go off. Jess was watching Bones from the beginning, and a few episodes in, the month ended and the firs three seasons were no longer available. So, I think it's worth having your own copies of favorite series. Usually can find them for cheap somewhere second hand. I still love MacGyver, but I don't own the DVD's. I thought about it, but I wouldn't really watch them as I don't want to ruin the memory of the show. It was cheesy for sure and once they stopped focusing on him and instead turned to the troubled teens, it became tedious at times. I don't have enough time to watch the stuff I have on the DVR, so I don't get to watch stuff as much as I would like. I would be firmly planted in front of the tv 24/7 if I did. I do enjoy tv. When Calls the Heart is over for the season. I hate that they only make a few episodes a year. The Good Witch starts next week. Also a good series. Most everything now makes just 8 to 12 episodes. Problem with that is that people aren't able to turn down other work to star in a short series. One of the main characters for Heart was missing the last three or four eps as he was off doing other series. Wasn't even in the season finale. Rolling your eyes is a sign of disrespect. We weren't allowed to do it. I don't allow the kids to do it. I know all kids do it though. Adults too.
  21. Wow, that seems like too many people to work with. Too many ideas can lead to disagreements. Negativity aside, I do hope they have some great programs this season. It seems like Christopher Dean has just recently started to choreograph seriously. I've heard of him choreographing before but I think he's developed a following now. Who wouldn't use him? He's amazing
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