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  2. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    grobiehugs :) Patricia

  4. Brenda, ice cream on a hot day is the best! It's been so hot here too. Our AC In the living room almost can't keep up, although its keeping the house around a comfortable 70 degrees which is a hair warmer than Shawn likes it but its comfortable for me. Good luck moving your dad on Saturday - I hope it goes well - stay hydrated! That set up for the facility sounds odd, that the dining room is essentially in the middle of the hallway. This weekend we'll be finally tearing out the old retaining wall on our hill and building a new one. Our plan is to build this on Sunday when its not as hot and somewhat overcast. I hope that we'll have a bunch of help. Many hands make light work. I'm excited about the stone that we chose, it was delivered early this morning. We're going to put a fire pit in that area too. I am really excited to see it all done!
  5. fun
  6. Yep, he's yours. Congrats! 22826
  7. sane
  8. 4 W's "WEAR/A/_MI_E/AND/_A_E/FRIEND_;/WEAR/A/_COW_/AND/_A_E/WRIN_ _E_." --_EOR_E/E_IOT _B_ _ _ _GH_JKL_ _ _PQ_S_UV_XYZ
  9. It is still there, but only a few threads get a lot of use. All they ever talk about is that musical, and his Twitter stuff is boring as hell, because most of the people involved there are people I have never heard of. They have had some big glitches for about a week. Everyone's profile goes missing, so they are locked out. Tonight it was fine.
  10. great sketch!
  11. justice roctu
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  13. Does anyone know how FOJG is faring these days?
  14. So, here is my most recent example of procrastination. I should be working on some bookkeeping tasks, but instead I am bumping threads here! Lots of good old threads have been archived because no one has posted there for quite some time.
  15. I enjoy Weird Al also, Libby! I do remember Grobunny, but I don't think I ever learned his/her true identity though I recall quite a lot of "informed speculation".
  16. So, what's new in the world of gluten-free cooking? Do any of you have to avoid grains of all types, or just wheat? I baked some muffins a while back that used ground-up rolled oats instead of flour, and they were quite tasty. But I was surprised to learn that one of the people I made them for was unable to eat them because I could not verify that the oats came from a gluten-free facility. I am glad that she was so diligent because I would have felt awful had the muffins made her sick.
  17. Irene, are you scheduled yet to begin your light therapy again? You cannot continue with those splits on your feet. Bless your heart. I can't imagine how that must feel. I wish you could send some of those showers our way! We haven't had any rain in the past 13 days. The grass is starting to get dry and crunchy with this high heat. You cannot stay outdoors for any length of time in the afternoon - it's just so smothering. Today at work, our department sponsored for the Mr. Softee truck to come at 1pm so we could each get a cone of soft serve ice cream. Couldn't have come on a better day! We had to wait outside in line so by the time we got our treat, we were ready for it's cold deliciousness to slide down our throats! I couldn't eat all of mine - it was just too much. We are going to try and get Dad's things moved out on Saturday between breakfast and lunch at the facility because the dining room is between Dad's hall and the one that leads outside. I think that was poor planning! When all the people are at the tables waiting for their food, it's hardly any room to get furniture through there. It was rough moving him in due to this. Plus, the weather will be even hotter, so I hope we don't faint!
  18. Oh my. It is more than a year since any of us posted about our grandkids or grandcats. Is anyone still here?
  19. Well, here is another good thread that seems to be well and truly dead. Just popping in to say how much I miss the good discussions we used to have before politics sent us off the rails. Any hope of reconciling?? I miss all of you...! (And of course it is all about me, lol!!)
  20. We've done a great job of procrastinating here! No new posts since JANUARY???
  21. So, has anyone been crafting recently? I don't know if it counts, but a couple of months ago I sewed a "Renaissance"-style costume for a program my daughter was teaching with. I simplified the pattern greatly and made use of some beautiful old drapery fabric I never got around to making curtains out of. Of course, I forgot to take any photos.
  22. Love, love me do~~~~~~the Beatles Bumping
  23. Your Song--Elton John Bumping...
  24. 22825 Mine?? Bumping this thread...!
  25. Oh boy. That throws me off! I thought I had worked it out but "my" solution had a few more appearances by the letter M! :-) How about W?
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